Wordle: Three, my starter was SLICE
Connections: perfect, Purple > Yellow > Blue > Green

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  1. Steve says:

    Wordle in six. I was running out of options.

    Good morning from a not so cheap hotel in El Paso. The plans for sharing a room with one of the other officials fell through when there were no doubles available it’s only money.

    Saturdays criterium was reasonably uneventful except the other pit had a crash and the woman showed signs of a concussion. The Official in that pit prevented her from returning to the race. The boss had a little problem with that afterwards. Apparently, there are no real concussion protocols in the UCI regs.

    Sunday’s road race was reasonably uneventful. A lot of windy roads with limited sight lines, but pretty country.

    Dinner last night at the Applebee’s across the parking lot. Funny after the discussions on the blog last week apparently this Applebee’s doesn’t put alcohol in their drinks or at least none that I could detect.


    • Jenka says:

      It has been my experience, and I haven’t been to Applebee’s in a few years, that you have to order a double in order to actually have alcohol in your drink. Unless you get a beer or wine, of course.

      • Barb says:

        I’ve never ordered a “drink” at Applebee’s (just a cheap beer) – but – I sat at the bar last time I was there & I didn’t watch her make a drink.
        When I go back again someday – I think I will watch closer.

    • Steve says:

      I had been in the mood for a margarita all week, so was sadly disappointed with it. I thought she might make it up with a simple bourbon and ginger, and I watched her pour, but it was using the measure and not straight from the bottle. There were no beers worth the effort.

  2. Jenka says:

    What a weekend. Demonstrations and sit-ins continue on campus with at least two acts of vandalism. They’re not going to call in the state troopers again but the atmosphere on campus is very tense and all the buildings are card access only. We are attempting to go about our usual business.

    I stayed away from campus all weekend. Saturday Finn’s Buddy Baseball team had a special night game so the kids could play “under the lights.” Finn’s been excited about it all week. It was a wonderful event and Finn was most excited about the cupcakes at the end. Yesterday I made another batch of that soup that Kevin loves: Italian sausage, veggies, and tortellini with a creamy broth. I will be having it for lunch one or two days this week.

  3. Barb says:

    busy enough weekend for me.
    Friday night the in-laws bailed on dinner – so we went to Tasty China.
    Wasn’t very busy – ordered a lot of spicy food.

    Saturday went to Stone Mtn for a hike (5.7 miles) with Kevin – I haven’t been out there in I’ll guess 20 years (besides Big Green Egg & Highland fests). There was a confederate rally of some sort on the big lawn – I think its around Confederate Memorial Day right now.
    Then – lunch with Paulie, Betsy & Little Willie.
    Rest of day I didn’t do much, just hung out around the house.

    Sunday was the Spring Dress bike ride –
    We went from Glenwood Park up the Beltline to Woofs – that was 6-7 miles.
    Beltline is sooooo busy. We were on the tandem – I’ve decided I’m just not that comfortable on it – my tailbone & low back are very sore today.
    Next bar at Ansley was American Eagle, then to Grant Park to The T.

    • Jenka says:

      The route went from Glenwood Park up to Woofs and then back down again to Grant Park? That is quite the haul for intown riding. It was Inman Park Festival this weekend so the Beltline would’ve been even more crowded-er.

    • David says:

      I don’t mind the Beltline, I treat it like a puzzle, but I would *NEVER* ride a tandem on the Beltline in the spring. That would a bridge too far for me.

    • Bob says:

      Definitely one of the longer pub crawls we have done. We really should have stayed north of I-20. The Beltline was nuts, it was like playing frogger the whole time. It was fun dodging people but had to get old on the tandem

  4. David says:

    Partying with hashers Friday night was an interesting experience, and included some time travel when I met up with Big Bore. We hung out a lot about 20 years ago when he was dating Ass Mint.

    I got twelve miles in on Saturday, riding from Ass Mint’s house to Columns Drive, and then on the gravel in the park and back. I got another 30 miles in yesterday on the Silver Comet with Lucas. We’re officially in training to do a Cades Cove century in August. I finally reached the tipping point on Saturday where I felt strong on my bike, all previous rides this season have been a bit of a slog.

    Lucas and I are going to aim to be comfortable riding half-centuries again by the end of May, aiming to be riding 60 to 70 miles by the end of June, and 80 to 90 miles by the end of July.

    I signed us up for the Beautiful Backroads Century ride on September 21. Lucas and I rode it two years ago, that was his longest ride yet at 67 miles. It was hard for him to make it through, but in the end he loved it. I missed the date last year, so I got out in front of things this year. We’re signed up for the 69 mile course, but depending upon how our training goes this summer, we could make a game time decision do to the 104 mile route.

    We had to go to REI first yesterday to get Lucas proper cycling gear (he’d grown out of his old stuff), plus I got him some non-clipping cycling shoes. It was an absolute slog getting to the Silver Comet from there, but we made it. Barb, I do not know how the hell you abide Marietta traffic. I thought Atlanta traffic was bad, but this was next level. Every stop light seems to let 2 or 3 cars through and then change.

    My starting word gave me 4 partial matches in Wordle. I can’t see what the word might be so I’m letting it marinate.

    • Barb says:

      where in Marietta were you?
      which REI did you go to? the one in Kennesaw?
      If that’s the one you went to – never ever go to Barrett Pkwy on a weekend. NEVER. EVER.
      That road is always a shit show. Always.

      • Bob says:

        NEVER EVER NEVER EVER go anywhere near Barret parkway on a weekend! Like Barb said it is a damn war zone up there

      • David says:

        I went to the REI near Clairmont. I didn’t want to go south and take I-20 because they’re doing all sorts of batshit construction on the interstate on the weekends, so Apple Maps routed me down to 400, across 285, over to 75, and had me getting off at North Marietta Parkway and heading west. I guess I ended up near the square, because traffic was pretty much gridlocked. I wasn’t anywhere near Barrett Parkway. Once I eventually got out of Marietta proper then things opened up some, but not great. We made it to Rambo and had a great ride, including a quick bite at Rails.

        • Barb says:

          Marietta Square had Taste of Marietta on Sunday.
          yes- traffic over that way would have been as bad as Barrett Pkwy.
          Parking is TOUGH for these big events – (why I always avoid them) so I’m sure it was crazy with cars trying to parallel park & streets closed for the event.

  5. Bob says:

    Pretty good weekend, got in a good ride Saturday morning then did a bunch of bike work before going out for wings. The bar down the road from me now has smoked wings, they were awesome!
    Showed up to wheelhopper with 3 bikes in my truck and left with only one bike and a bunch of cash. Freed up 2 hooks in the garage and paid for my RAGBRAI registration 🙂

    I have also secured another truck for BRAG to get me and my brother and nephew back from Savannah. Got room for one more if you need a ride Paulie.

    • You have a space in a truck for a ride before BRAG? Are you leaving a vehicle in Savannah too? If so, do you know where you will park down there? Franklin has identified parting for bus riders, but I’m not sure that will be open for all.

      • Bob says:

        Yeah man, bus parking and long term parking are the same. Laura and I are driving 2 trucks there and leaving my truck at the end. We are driving over on Friday night and staying in a hotel. We have room for you, its the same size truck as mine and we will have 5 people. Plenty of room.

  6. Jenka says:

    Connections perfect: green > yellow > blue> purple.

    Strands I needed one hint, then sailed through.

  7. David says:

    Marinating worked, Wordle in 2. Clean Connections. Strands was super easy.

  8. Barb says:

    new Amex came, they say they get it all changed to the new # for online payment stuff.
    I wonder what ones they will miss.

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