Good weekend culminated with a visit to Limerick Junction for Cinco de Mayo. I never expected 1.5″ of rain yesterday however.

Wordle: five, my starter was ACORN
Connections: one mistake, Yellow > Blue > Green > Purple

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  1. Steve says:

    Wordle FAIL! I had the 1st, 3rd and 5th letter in 2. There are a lot of options. My 5th guess was too obscure, but still in the list of words.

    Friday was a lovely evening working the race in Hapeville. Not too much work in the pit.

    We picked up a “donated” front loading washer from friends Saturday evening, which also included dinner at Taqueria Los Hermanos in Tucker. We also surprised Sani and Kevin (whose hash name I don’t remember) when they walked right past us at the restaurant. Sani reported Bunny is still recovering from the cooties…

    Sunday was 27 miles on the road bike. I had a route in mind and as I rode west, I saw incoming rain. I kept coming up with places to take shelter, but they were never needed as the rain went south of me. Debbie got wet as she looked in on a friends new foal, then couldn’t go ride herself. About an inch of rain.


  2. Sally says:

    I did some riding on Saturday as I volunteered for the Great Southern Endurance Run. Rode to several aid stations to help out. Did manage to get a lot of yard work done. I ran from Sope Creek on Sunday and picked up missed flagging from the race and then hashed in the afternoon. There were many border crossings. :). Was cool seeing the failed Mass Transit of the Future failed project in the middle of nowhere. Allan was kind enough to transport my butt to and from the hash.

    Wordle in 4. Had 4 correct letters but way too many possibilities for that 5th letter but I guessed right. Connections: Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue. Another easy Strands.

    Working today and then meeting up with the Smyrna Run group for a run from Stout Brothers.

  3. There is a “street sweeper” on my block this morning. It’s trash day, so many people, including me, have their cans out on the curb. WTF? Left hand, please talk to right hand occasionally.

    • Barb says:

      ummmm – it is City of Atlanta. come on……… really?

      • It’s a simple enough task. I’m wondering if the driver went rogue because I don’t recall seeing a sign on my block warning me.

        • Barb says:

          I’d guess it is 2 different departments – and from personal experience, the communication within a department is horrible most of the time. 😉

          • Agreed.

            Related: I think street sweepers are a gross waste of money. I moved my trash and recycle cans, and yet the curb wasn’t cleared after the machine passed.

  4. If anyone is wondering if it is humid outside today, I can confirm.

  5. Bob says:

    Crazy weekend! Friday smoked 16 pounds of pork butt for the Hooliduro race on Saturday.
    Saturday was epic! It was raining during sign in and we still had 40 riders show up. The rain stopped just before we started and never rained again, weather was perfect. The rain also kept the dust at bay and the trails were in awesome shape. 25 miles and 7 timed downhill stages and nobody had to go to the hospital this year! Post ride food and drinks at my house and they plowed through all the food I cooked. Best part about this crowd is you can’t even tell there were people here, everybody cleaned up and the yard is back to normal.
    Only down side to the day is my neighbors adult son who has struggled with addiction for years and has been sober for the last 6 months apparently had a bad day and fell off the wagon. He was very agitated about something and even confronted one of the riders. It could have gotten very ugly as other riders stepped in to see what was going on. Thankfully that de-escalated but later I think he pushed his dad around and that is when the cops were called. The neighbors thought the cops were called on me for the party. The police seemed to calm him down but got agitated again later and the cops showed up again. I really feel bad for that family, they have had a rough couple years.

    Sunday was yard work day, I was able to use my new flame thrower on the weeds in my gravel pad next to the driveway. So satisfying just melting the weeds away. Thanks for the recommendation David!

    • Barb says:

      how old is the adult son?
      I can imagine the fun of the cops coming twice. (did the parents call it in, or another neighbor?)
      And – how nice it wasn’t about the hooligans – right?

      • Bob says:

        I think he is in his mid or upper 30s. I really hope he gets his situation figured out. He is really a good dude but just makes some bad decisions.
        It was his father who called, probably after he got pushed around. Hooligans were perfectly behaved. I actually got a message from another neighbor that she loves this party and the fact we are so quiet.

    • David says:

      Oh fun! FIRE! That is awesome. I missed this earlier. Life is coming at me super fast these days.

  6. Barb says:

    Greeting from Cedar Rapids, IA.
    Arrived at almost midnight Friday night – pilot decided there “might” be turbulence so we had zero drink service – it was a perfectly calm flight.
    Got to the airport at 9pm. there was no one in the TSa line – barely had to stop for the digital ID, (1 second for it to recognize me) and then just the time it took to put my bag into the bucket to be scanned.
    If you don’t like standing in line, fly out at night. (but- concourses were still busy enough)

    nothing else exciting around here – my Dad never changes, but Mom is going downhill. She has zero energy, can barely get around, especially getting to the bathroom. We aren’t sure what to do next.

    Got a couple office chairs (with wheels) to make it easier to get them situated for the dinner table. And – a new TV for the porch (old one volume was on drugs & would randomly get load or quiet – so annoying)
    Now Tom can hopefully take a break from this madness.

  7. David says:

    38 mile ride to Stone Mountain yesterday. Other undisclosed activities. No Wordle today.

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