Happy Juneteenth? With personal connection to this Federal Holiday I have no idea about an appropriate greeting. What’s funny is that I was confused why I got mail, and the trash was picked up on Monday, assuming that Monday was the observance of Juneteenth.

In addition to zucchini, WLF has produced a good number of hot banana peppers. Up to yesterday I used most of these for pizza toppings, or as an ingredient to recipes. Yesterday I was reminded that I could make pickled hot banana peppers, and that is what I did!

With the exception of this space I have once again learned to ignore internet comments. The other day on YouTube I was called selfish by another viewer of a video for expressing my opinion that I hoped a content maker would not include “paid promotions” in their videos, since I pay YouTube (and thus creators) for an ad free experience. After all, continued the accuser, the videos were not about me, it was about them. Fuck ’em! I almost launched into a comment battle, but decided that I will just return to ignoring YouTube comments altogether.

Another baseball legend has passed. RIP Willie Mays.

Wordle: three, my starter was TEACH
Connections: perfect, Green > Purple > Yellow > Blue

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  1. Bob says:

    Internet commenters are the lowest form of life. You can read an article that is the most wholesome and uplifting story you have ever heard and there will still be an argument in the comments over some BS. Seth Meyers (late night comedian) does a segment on Fridays he calls corrections where he reads his you tube comments and makes fun of them. He calls you tube commenters Jackals, it’s pretty funny.

  2. Steve says:

    Wordless in 2!

    Debbie asked me to unhook her trailer last night and as I pulled away, Iheard an odd noise and realized I had failed to disconnect the electrical cable. F! That was an hour spent replacing the connector, but I am getting faster.

    No plans today, just errands and chores. Could actually ride 2 wheels of some description.


  3. Sally says:

    I woke up at 2:30 am to my fire alarm going off. That thing is pretty loud. I checked the whole house, including the attic. Didn’t find anything. Then I thought it might be Carbon Monoxide as it’s a combination alarm. I was afraid to go back to sleep, thinking I wouldn’t wake up. DOH! I replaced the batteries, hoped that was it and went back to bed. I am glad it didn’t decide to go off during the day while I was at work, especially if I had dogs at the time. Glad to report I’m still alive.

    • Barb says:

      we have a combo fire/carbon monoxide one that never needs a battery – its good for I think 10 years. Its connected to the one in the basement – so if 1 goes off, the other 1 goes off too.
      It was truly horrible when it went off 1 time & I was home alone (Steam from a hot shower when I opened the bathroom door)- trying to get them both shut off.
      At least I know I will not be able to sleep thru it going off.
      Glad you survived Sal.
      Glad you got

    • Gala it was nothing.

      Much like TPMS in cars I sometimes wonder if we continue to introduce spices of stress into our lives with things like smoke/CO detection. I guess it’s better than dying…

      • Steve says:

        I lived in a 1 bedroom apartment When I first moved out on my own. I was in a little 1 bedroom apartment. I had the bedroom door shut to keep it cooler. In the middle of the night the smoke alarm goes off. I roll to the floor, crawl to the door and check the doorknob- cool as can be. The damn battery just needed changing!

  4. Barb says:

    I picked some green beans from my garden – I decided to buy 1 packet of seeds this spring.
    I have enough growing out there – after the next picking, I think I’ll have gotten my $3 back. We may be losing money on the tomato plants this year – some are not looking that good. We will see what happens over time.

    Basil is growing well – I do have some jalapeños & maybe a banana pepper growing ok.

    Kristina & Libby joined us for dinner – she’s having freezer issues – so we cooked some steaks that she had. It was warm out on the deck, but not super bad with the fans going. After a month in Iowa not really drinking, I noticed the wine effects – have I turned into a lightweight? 😉

    • My beans have been awful. I think I will start with new seeds for the Great Self Sufficient Wee Little Farm of 2025, especially if the election doesn’t go as I hope.

  5. Barb says:

    Wordle took me 4.
    Connections – brain wasn’t there this morning

  6. On the last day of Spring my early zucchini season appears to over. I picked the only two fruit on the plants and each had worm holes.

  7. Barb says:

    Back at the dentist- 1st time I’ve been there when there’s a day game going on.
    They had a guy at the gate – I told him – I’m going to my dentist appt. He looked at me suspiciously. Whatever dude…….

    But – it would be a great free spot if you could sneak in.

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