It’s the Summer Solstice. I feel as if I have not taken advantage of the increasing amount of daylight, which starting tomorrow, begins to decrease a little every day until December.

The M6 has once again passed a Georgia Emissions Test! I may finish the renewal of my tag by visiting a Kroger with a Georgia Tag kiosk as one of my chores today.

Today was an unusual day of NYT gaming for me. I wish I could post my Connections color blocks because each line today was Green, Green, Green, Purple. I was completely fixated on what turned out to be the green category and failed. Then, because I was so wound up about Connections I didn’t check my starting Wordle word against my previous solutions list, FARCE is one, but as you will see, that worked in my favor today.

Wordle: two, my starter was FARCE
Connections: COMPLETE FAIL, X > X > X > X

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14 Responses to 2024-06-20

  1. I just remembered that I was considering going hiking today. Yes, it’s still early morning, but by the time I’d get my shit together and drive somewhere to hike (hmm, that seems wrong) it will be too hot for me.

    Oh well…

  2. Barb says:

    connections FAIL too – I was stuck on Yellow, then moved to Green – and got neither

    Wordle in 3

  3. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3. No connections yet and may not post if I take a shot.

    I removed the front end loader controls from the tractor to take in for service (not Service!). Unfortunately, I now have rear remotes that don’t work. Something about loss of fluid and air in the lines… oops. That will be todays’ project.

    I’m currently working, as I have a couple calls this morning, but once they’re done, So am I.


  4. Whew, busy morning, my whereabouts will be detailed in tomorrow’s blog. 😉

  5. Jenka says:

    Good morning from adjacent to the Air Canada lounge at Toronto Pearson international airport! First time flying an airline besides Delta in many years. We checked into the Air Canada lounge and it had no food (a selection of cups of yogurt), no alcohol, and not even any comfy lounge chairs! WTF is the point?! So we’re at some low-key airport restaurant near our gate.

    Had a great time in Toronto! Most importantly the Red Sox swept the Blue Jays. We also ate a bunch of food and toured the CN Tower. Like the rest of the east coast, there is a massive heat wave and it’s over 90. Walking too far was prohibitively hot so we didn’t venture too far. Today we head to Cincinnati, a new-to-me city.

  6. Bob says:

    I actually got Wordle in 4 without cheating 🙂
    Connections fail as I got impatient.

    Not too bad bowling last night but frustrating. The wheels started to fall off in the second game and I left like 5 open frames and only got a 130, then in game 3 a made some changes and killed a 229. Crazy that there was a 100 pin swing between games 2 and 3. Still good times, 7 more weeks of the league.

  7. I was over in Decatur and thought I had a Beavis sighting. The man always had his back to me, so I can’t be certain that it was him.

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