Twenty Minute Commute?

Years ago my friends and I would joke that you could get anywhere in Atlanta in twenty minutes, as long as you picked the right time to travel.

I guess leaving my house at 5:30am was the right time because I made it to the office in twenty minutes this morning. I had notions of taking Marta, but now I am so glad that I didn’t. Luckily for me there were also two unfortunate saps who had already been pulled over by the police, thus reducing my chances.

Doughz In Da Hood
Being a New Yorker (yes, that’s where I was born) pizza holds a special place in my heart (and will probably stop it some day as well).

I have always wanted to show love for my local shop, Grant Central East, but truth be told the last handful of times I have eaten there their pizza has sucked. Their crusts have been undercooked and have not risen nearly enough for my tastes. Great pizza is not easy, but it’s not brain surgery either.

Last night after getting my much needed haircut I decided to venture out and try the newest pizza joint nearby, Slice (Pizza) in Glenwood Park.

(As a side note I can’t figure something out. When I went to search for a website for Slice I came back with a place called “Slice” with two locations — one in Castleberry Hill, and one in Downtown. Neither of these locations seem to be linked to the place I ate last night which advertises one other location up on Howell Mill on their menu. Strange.)

The New Yorker in me wanted to try a traditional slice of pepperoni or sausage, but for some reason the Thai Chicken Pizza (I’ll leave my “Man Card” on my way out the door) won out. Let me tell you that this pizza was fucking fantastic! Their dough was incredibly developed and cooked to perfection. And for those hoodies who have avoided trying Slice Pizza because they had heard that no liquor license was in place, you may go there now. I washed down my individual pie with a delicious (but could have been colder) bottle of Sam Adams Boston Lager.

My pants are getting their revenge today…

ITP Flickr Pic
Fuck a duck!

Two Little Love Birds Being Bothered By The Paparazzi

I think that what this male Mallard was planning to do with the female Mallard, but there was this asshole who kept trying to get closer to take pictures of them swimming in the swamp.

Download It Like It’s Hot
For Mac Eyes Only…

Apple has released another OS X point-release, 10.4.9, which is poised to be their last operating system release before thrusting Leopard onto the world. I downloaded it last night and have seen no problems, or benefits truth be told, but it’s a free download and Apple wouldn’t have done the work if it wasn’t necessary.

And Flickr Missed The Hammer By One Day
Yesterday I was going to post that I was a bit miffed by Flickr. Sure the site has been functional, but in this Web 2.0 world I wanted more.

Their ears must have started to warm because they unleashed some new features yesterday including new layout functionality, the ability to create collections of sets, and the ability to setup email pinging when people have commented on your pictures or when your contacts have uploaded pictures. Cool! These new features don’t complete the punchlist of my desires, but they go a long way toward shutting me up for a while.

Find Me In Upper Midtown Tonight
“Upper Midtown”, like that realtor-speak? Tonight I’ll be haunting The Loft to see the Badly Drawn Boy show. I am not expecting more than a relaxed show containing music that I really enjoy.

If you are looking for me I’ll be the one with the day-old haircut, scruffy beard, < ahref="" target="_blank">Terrapin t-shirt, jeans which are bugging me, and old-school blue suede Pumas. Even though I should not be consuming there is good chance that I’ll have a beer in my hand as well.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – urgh! (No, I am not sure what it means either)
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Fugazi — “Do You Like Me”
Website Of The Day – Few website domains capture my attention and explain what they are all about at the same time. You Park Like An Asshole has succeeded.
Exercise (b)Log – nonealicious

March Goals
1) Lose two pounds. (starting weight ~205 lbs?)
2) Run no fewer than thirty miles.
3) Do twenty push-ups and fifty sit-ups at on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.
4) Finish February’s book and read at least one more.
5) Take Marta to work at least ten times.
6) File my Income Taxes.
7) Wear “nicer” clothes to work at least one day a week.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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15 Responses to Twenty Minute Commute?

  1. Stacy says:

    I saw the Flickr changes last night too. Mainly first from Kentwill’s site (thinking: woah! cool! how’d he do that?), then realizing I had options as well. Woo! I opted out for now because it would take some reorganization on my part and I’m just too darn lazy. But wicked cool for change, especially change that works.

    Speaking of haircuts and other such grooming procedures, isn’t it the time of year again where the beard should go away?

    In other news, I’m now craving pizza.

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Yeah it’s getting near the time to remove the beard. In years past I’ve waited until after Black Rock. Since that occurs at the end of the month I will have to wait and see if it will last.

    Mmmmmmmmmm piiiiiiizzzza…

  3. Gentri says:

    So you’re going to blow off the other photo groupies, eh?

    What: The Atlanta Flickr March Meetup Manuel’s Tavern

    When: Wednesday, March 14 at 7:00PM

  4. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Yeah, and there is a group meeting at Six Feet Under at 6pm as well. I purchased this Badly Drawn Boy ticket a few months ago and I tired of kicking myself for not going to concerts.

  5. Terri (SW) says:

    You will LOVE Badly Drawn Boy live…but be warned- he will play until people get tired of listening to him. Saw him at The Roxy a few years ago…played until 2:30.

    The opening band, Adem, is quite good as well. VERY mellow. If you don’t get a disco nap, you may fall asleep during their set.

    If it wasn’t a school night, I would be there.

  6. Barb says:

    I’ve seen the Slice Pizza on Howell Mill (when leaving Thrasher games, and not wanting to deal with downtown) and have wondered about it. Maybe next game we will have to stop & check it out.

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Hopefully Howell Mill will have the same quality that I experienced last night. Also, I hope that the Glenwood Park one also keeps the quality high.

    Soon I will be eating at the new Vickery’s in Glenwood Park. It’s not that I am against my East Atlanta faves, it’s that I need a little more variety.

  8. nplts says:

    So it will be nice this weekend …

    So you need to take one of your “photostrolls” at the following coordinates (across st from one another):,-84.468035&spn=0.002978,0.004093&t=h&om=1,-84.470803&spn=0.002978,0.004093&t=h

    Where you will find, in the middle of the woods, a long-neglected large 19th-20th century cemetery. Set hash through it fri night and it’s amazing.

    While in the area, hop the fence and go here for a killer shot of the skyline:,-84.458524&spn=0.002978,0.004093&t=h

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Cool, thanks Niplets.

  10. Stacy says:

    Woah! I am so in love with Niplets right now. (Does this really shock ANYONE who knows me???) Woo-hoo! Maybe I’ll do some cemetery photography before getting too messed up this weekend. 🙂

  11. It’s beyond me why the Slice’s haven’t started flinging lawyers at each other over the name. It’s rather confusing. The one in Castleberry Hill is my neighborhood joint, so I’m required by law to like them better. Also, the one on Howell Mill angered me about a year ago, because of their shitty parking lot, so I refuse to eat there ever again.

  12. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I think it’s only a matter of time Smoove.

    How is the pizza over in Castleberry Hill? Is it worth seeking out when I am in that part of town?

  13. Leah says:

    I loooooove Slice.

  14. Yes. The pizza is excellent (for Georgia).

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