Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends

Argh, I was hoping to be in fantastic spirits today, but things are still not right with my world.

Read Along With Me
Today’s passage from Notes To Myself.

The more I consult my feelings during the day tune in to myself to see if what I am doing is what I want to be doing, the less I feel at the end of the day that I have been wasting time.

To all who have helped me — Thanks.

As If I Needed Another Reason Not To Return To FAU
You may remember a few months ago that FAU and I didn’t quite agree about a parking citation that I was issued. After paying the fine online I thought that matter had been put to rest. I couldn’t be more wrong….

At one point I received a letter from FAU telling me that I had failed to pay the citation, but being certain that I had, I ignored it. Last week I received a letter from Budget Rental Car telling me that because I failed to pay a citation while renting one of their vehicles that they had paid it (now $50 because it was “late”) using my credit card on file, along with an additional $25 for “administrative charges.” Further, and I’ve yet to be able to address this with Budget, they also charged me $30 the day after the $75 charge.

After blowing a gasket and calling FAU I finally realized something truly bizarre had occurred. According to their records I supposedly had two citations on two different days! I know this is impossible because if I had received a citation on the first day I most likely would not have returned for the second day, or at best made absolutely fucking sure that I was parking legally on the second day.

FAU has agreed to void the second (unpaid) ticket and have said that they would send me an email stating that. I think that I will call them today and ask for a letter on their letterhead because I know that I have a continuing struggle on my hands.

Today I will confront Budget, if for no other reason to find out why I was charged and additional $30. Then I have to figure out how to dispute charges with American Express since Budget’s $105 worth of charges appear on my current bill. I will also be preparing a statement to send to Budget that I will never rent a car from them if they fail to reverse the charges.

What. A. Fucking. Nightmare!

ITP Flickr Pic
One Ball, up close and personal.

Ralph In Black And White

I took a lot of photos last Friday night. Unfortunately I also had a lot of beer that night and I have yet to master my Nikon D300, so I don’t have many photos that I wish to share from that evening. This one I like because of its invasion of private space. I turned into a black and white because of the noise — black and white photos take photo noise much more gracefully than their color counterparts.

A Running Reboot
The past weekend was a huge running bust; I did not run either day.

Last night I gave myself a pass because I was cleaning up from the aftermath that was my Super Bowl party; which I have now discovered that I have gained a wallet, a black shirt, one gold hoop earring, a bracelet (know the owner, I also possess her baking dish), one camera (know the owner, he’ll get it tonight), one cookie dish (know the owner, will bring it to George’s tomorrow), and one black dog leash. Not a bad night! I only wish that I knew that the wallet was left behind so that I could have relieved it of all its cash. 🙂

Tonight I am scheduled to do a four-mile run. I am contemplating doing one of two things
– leave work early enough to vote, head home, and run.
– leave work and head straight home, run two miles my polling location, eat twelve Krispy Kreme doughnuts vote, and the run the two miles back to my house.

Either way I need to be done before ITP reader Gentri comes over to help me fix a leaky toilet that I discovered to be leaking while preparing for the Super Bowl party.

So Now What Do I Do With Facebook?
I’ve created a Facebook account
I’ve loaded and started playing Scrabulous.
I’ve loaded and started using Pandora (although I should probably just use Pandora’s website instead)

Now what? I am not a fan of all of the silly badges and quizzes. What Facebook apps do you feel are worthy of my attention?

CD Pick Of The Week
It doesn’t get much easier than this…

Bob Mould, whose work I’ve followed since the early 1980’s, releases “District Line” today. While I haven’t enjoyed every release of Bob’s since the demise of Sugar, I still buy each and every one. For those of you who like the live music, during which Mould now often plays a few Husker Du tunes, he will be at Variety Playhouse in March.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – frustrated with life
Current Music – listening to Garrison Keillor’s “The Writer’s Almanac” podcasts
Website Of The Day – You’re pretty smart, right? Want to put your vocabulary knowledge to good use? Go take a quiz at Free Rice where they state that they will donate twenty grains of rice for every correct answer you get.
Exercise (b)Log – nothing
Monthly Foot Mileage – 0 miles
Monthly Wheel Mileage – 0 miles
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car
Monthly Marta Rides – 0

February Goals
1) Run no fewer than 75 miles
2) Ride Marta no fewer than ten times (five round-trips)
3) Read at least one book

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends

  1. Gentri says:

    I like the One-ball shot!

    I’m afraid to even wonder about what kind of pics are on the camera at this point….

    Have wrench, will travel……..

    “one black dog leash” and you know the owner, Andy will pick it up tonight ! 😉

  2. Fear not, most of the photos were blurry. 😉

    I thought that leash may be Andy’s but since Nutmeg and Cinnamon (mmm, I’m starting to think of pumpkin pie now) were also there, I couldn’t be sure.

  3. Gentri says:

    HA! And I thought it was just MY eyes!

  4. The ones I posted were fairly sharp, but also very noisy. In a effort to reduce the noise I had to use a filter which in essence reduced the sharpness.

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