I Am A Coward

But you’ve read this blog, so this is not news to you. I’m still busting my hump to get my work done. Deadline is approaching way too quickly. See you in the future.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Steve says:

    OK, then it’s up to us to carry the ball for you-

    Betsy- was there Top Chef last night and do you have a recap?

    Everyone else- weekend plans? Turkey day plans?

    Thanks to all for good wishes for Debbie- I’m sure she might chime in today. Yesterdays weather looked like it was about to be ugly so I decided to bring the horses into the barn- note to self: new horses should see and inspect the barn before it’s actually needed. Maxwell Smart was quite twitterpated to be in the barn for the first time- I was expecting him to take a few kicks to make sure it was built solidly, but he just twirled around until I could get Parker in the next stall.

    And of course, the weather appeared to clear up in the late afternoon, so I let them back out. After dark it rained again, so I can’t win.


  2. Barb says:

    Weekend plans – help/watch Allan install a door.
    Go to hopefully a couple different parties Saturday evening (hopefully becuase of the door project)

    Turkey Day – cooking at our house, anyone that doesn’t have plans, please let me know, the more the merrier. Allan is smoking & frying turkeys, and Allan’s mom is baking one – should be taste testing fun. Right now I think we have about 10-12 coming over, hopefully the weather will be warm & nice enough, we can sit out on the deck.

    I haven’t had time to get on FB – glad to hear Debbie is doing well.

    I saw the storm was bad down in Harris County on the news, was hoping it wasn’t bad for you.

  3. Martha says:

    On Saturday we are heading to Pine Mountain for a long training run. That will take up the better part of the day. Sunday will be recovering from said Saturday run and doing all the other things I didn’t do on Saturday.

    We are leaving for Indy on Wednesday, I really don’t want to go…I hate traveling for the holidays and spending time with family is always stressful for me. I’d much rather stay home, but the guilt of not going maybe worse than the stress of going.

    I managed my first post-marthon run last night. My foot was still a little sore but otherwise felt okay. Since I left the gym before my workout this morning I might need to run again tonight.

  4. bets says:

    I’ll do what I can to take the place of Paulie’s recap. Here goes.

    I was going to whip up some chicken saag for top chef night but decided that was too simple a dish so I went with this instead:


    Paulie loved it. (Even though it wasn’t vegetarian, which he usually prefers.) Right, Paulie? Oh wait he’s too busy to chime in.

    Here’s a much better recap of Top Chef last night.


  5. Martha says:

    Did I mention we have to drive there with a turduken in the car? I’m pretty sure I’m not going to like it much anyway….

  6. Steve says:

    I might just have to call BS on Betsy…

  7. Debbie says:

    Thanks for the healing thoughts y’all. I was hoping that pain pills would be my friend and these few days would be but a blur. Unfortunately the pain pills made me hurl – way not cool.

    My weekend plan is more of the same – sit stil and try not to aggravate the four incisions in my abdomen.

    We’re going to my niece’s house for T-day. The first time that generation has hosted. Might be interesting… or tragic, or both.

    Paulie, sorry that work has taken you over. We need you back in blog form or no telling what Bets will get up to.

  8. Barb says:

    MArtha – and why are you taking a turducken to Indy? Isn’t that a little….. hmmmm, what’s the word?…….. for them folk in Indiana? I can say that since Im from Iowa, I would say that about my home state too.

    I had a friend make that boeuf bourguignon for a dinner party I think last year – it was pretty tasty. So, if Besty wants to make some,I’ll come over.

  9. Stacy Fox says:

    Is it legal to carry a crazy mashed up bird across state lines? You might want to check that, Martha.

  10. Yeah, you best leave that turducken in Georgia. Might I suggest my house? When you drop it off I can return all of the things that I’ve never gotten around to return to you since March. 🙂

  11. Jenka says:

    What Martha said: “We are leaving for Indy on Wednesday, I really don’t want to go…I hate traveling for the holidays and spending time with family is always stressful for me. I’d much rather stay home, but the guilt of not going maybe worse than the stress of going.”

    Substitute Massachusetts for Indy and this is exactly how I feel, too! (Although I would also take out the unnecessary ellipsis, but that’s just me. Heh.) I have dearly loved aged relatives who could die between now and the next time I travel north, so the guilt would be crushing.

    This weekend I plan to cook up the bountiful harvest of veggies that Martha unloaded on me this morning. And watch TV. This is the last weekend THIS YEAR when I won’t have to travel somewhere. Sigh.

  12. bets says:

    I’m a terrible person for two reasons (well, more but I’m just listing two now)

    1) I havent’ been home for the holidays except once since 9/11 –because I realized how much I loved not traveling, stress of family, etc etc. I’m lucky for having a great family who miss me and still invite me every year, and I still don’t go. The guilt hasn’t overtaken me yet. With my parents (and myself included) rapidly aging, I’m sure this will change soon.

    2) I was B.S. ing about the Boeuf Bourguignon dish. (shocker)

    I still will make it for Barb if she wants!

  13. Barb says:

    I haven’t gone home at the holidays for at least 10 years, probably 15 years. I’m a terrible daughter. It is a 14 hour drive, or an all day airport fiasco, because when I buy a plane ticket to Iowa, there will always be delays for many, many reasons. I invite my parents & siblings down here all the time, but they use the exact same excuses & add it costs to much.

    Besty – let me know when you are cooking…….

  14. Jenka says:

    Well, I’m just as bad, because when my dearly loved aged ones die off (which I hope they never do), that’ll probably be the end of my trips up for Thanksgiving. It’s too much effort and expense for 4-5 hours of visiting time.

  15. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    You ladies make me feel a lot better about myself, specifically in regards to my lack of traveling to visit my mother.

    (I’m on a break from a meeting I’ve been in since 11am — minus a short break for lunch)

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