Change Of Plans

I packed this morning to spend the whole weekend at the office (minus meal times). Then I remembered that I wanted to celebrate BetsyFest (we’re ALL BetsyFest), so I’ll be kicking around the ‘hood for at least tonight. I wouldn’t be spending so much time at work if I could figure out why the code I inherited won’t resize upon rotation correctly the way it does in the app from which I inherited it. Bored yet?

Man, the Jets suck. I’m glad that I forgot that the Jets game was on last night. Since I don’t get the NFL Network at home and I’m too large to justify sitting in Taco Mac for the game I just headed home and got a little extra sleep.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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11 Responses to Change Of Plans

  1. Martha says:

    No BetsyFest tonight, we are getting up (too) early for a training run at Pine Mountain.

    I’m working from home, the paint/new carpet fumes got to be too much yesterday. The one perk of the new office, I have a better view and caught a glimpse of two turkey vultures hanging out on the building next door, pretty cool (you know if you like vultures).

    The Jets suck? Really, they’ve actually won some games right? Try being a Colts fan this year.

  2. The Colts are horrible but at least they have an excuse. And, their ineptitude will allow them to draft the next Quarterback of the Future.

    Have fun down in Pine Mountain.

  3. bets says:

    Remember kids — BetsyFest is no longer about me or my silly birthday, although it may have started as such. It’s gone global (think Occupy Wall Street or I Am Troy Davis movements, although much less trivial). And it can be used as verb or noun. Today’s assignment will be to use BetsyFest in a sentence.

    “Did you hear the news? Steve passed the bar exam.”

    “Awesome! When’s the BetsyFest?”

    “We’re meeting at 8 but we’ll probably start betsyfesting a lot earlier.”

    You get the idea. So if Martha can’t betsyfest tonight, she sure as hell better betsyfest at some point after training run at Pine Mountain. And Paulie avoided violating the Principles of Betsyfest, which is not to work overnight at the office and skipping a Betsyfest in progress.

    If you think I’m kidding. Ask Steiger. Just called him at the office and he said of him and his co-workers: “We were just talking about BetsyFest.”

    Spread the word and betsyfest it up, kids. Life’s too short.

  4. Stacy Fox says:

    Jets and Colts fans? I’d be happy to loan y’all a win or two. 🙂 We’re not having any problems collecting them this year.

  5. Steve says:

    I was just dissuaded from posting “Large Dog free to good home” after the Farley had a night of wanting to be playful and not sleeping. He’s very lucky to be alive. I might have managed 3 good hours of sleep.

    And while we won’t be Betsyfesting with the crowd tonight, we will be there in spirit(s).

    Now Stacy, don’t rub it in that you have a professional team and Martha and Paulie root for… whatever they have 😉


  6. Stacy Fox says:

    LOL, Steve! I wonder if Paulie saw my “today in history” on Facebook yesterday. I always think of him when it’s something about the J-E-T-S. (<–I love how they spell it out like it's a dirty word)

  7. Jenka says:

    92 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. So there.

  8. Stacy Fox says:

    Huh. Now I’m totally going to think differently every time I hear “heavens to Betsy!” Which, seriously? is more often than you think.

  9. Lisa says:

    Sorry about the JETS, Paulie. You could always switch teams… it’s actually FUN being a PACKER fan this year 🙂 I say that with my breath held, fingers and eyes crossed! See ya in a few days. Try to get all this work out of your system!

  10. It’s a load of fun being a JETS fan when they are winning the Super Bowl. Of course I don’t remember having that much fun because I was a mere three years old when that last occurred (I would turn four later in 1969). 🙁 And I did happen to see the reference to the “Heidi game” yesterday. I don’t remember that game either.

    Hoping by end of Monday my major work push will be completed. Hoping is the most positive thing I can think of right now because things are going poorly. I’ll betsyfest tonight and the smurf on into work for the remainder of the weekend.

  11. Steve says:

    And of course JETS is a 4 letter word.

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