Merry Christmas From InsideThePerimeter

I left work ill and wound up sleeping a lot yesterday only to wake up around 11pm and star writing code that I’ve already started modifying this morning. I hope to feel immensely better so that I can completely enjoy “A Christmas Carole” tonight at Shakespeare Tavern.

I wish you all (that celebrate) a very Merry Christmas!

Next week’s blogs will be my traditional year-enders “The Good,” “The Bad,” “The Ugly” and hope that I return to better blogging (and photography) in 2012.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Merry Christmas From InsideThePerimeter

  1. Steve says:

    Feel better, my friend. I certainly understand the reduced level of blogage recently. but I’ll be glad to have you back to a normal work level and blogging level.

    Merry Christmas to you and all the ITP readers.


  2. Martha says:

    I was starting to feel run down yesterday. It’s no wonder, my co-worker has been sneezing and hacking up a lung all week…please, STAY AT HOME, or at least away from me. I worked from home yesterday, one to get a little rest, two to stay away from Typhoid Mary and three I knew traffic would be a fluster cluck all day.

    I’m at the office today but just until noonish, I think I’m the only one here (at least in my part of the building).

    Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!!

  3. Barb says:

    See you tonight – I HOPE – at The Christmas Carol- Allan is at his first day at the new station, so Becky is my date. Let me (& Sue) know if you feel the need to bail, we might be able to come up with a last mintue replacement, you never know.

    I’m here a half day, we will see if I can really get out of here. the boss says yes, but my customers may have other ideas (especially since they are shipping on the west coast)

    Then – I need to go look at the tree that came down last night – it fell so nicely not to hit the house or the neighbors fence, but I did see it hit a smaller tree that might be on the phone line. (no care about the phone line for the phone, but since that is all things U-verse, I do care, can’t be without TV & Internet!) I hope the lopers will be big enough, because I’m NOT using the chain saw.

  4. whiner says:

    Merry festivus to everyone,
    WLB, I hope you feel better soon. I really enjoy reading this blog and the following comments. It allows me to feel connected to ATL. I’ll enjoy a meal tomorrow with Sonya and her family but more importantly I’ll get some dog loving. This is the only loving I’m getting these days!!!
    Merry xmas to all. I may come down for cheddarhead.

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