Is It Friday Yet?

No? Dangen!

All Filled Up
As dental work goes, yesterday’s trip was relatively painless. I was prepped by a beautiful hygienist and the work was done by a beautiful dentist, both of whom at one time were hovering over me staring into my mouth. Hell, even the pain of paying the $215 for the visit was lessened by chatting with the beautiful receptionist. Sadly, I believe all three women are married. Oh well, trying to pick up women at a dental office is far more expensive than trying to do so at a bar… 😉

The tooth feels okay today. It never really hurt much to begin with, it just had developed some decay. I’m hoping that it continues to feel okay and that the dull pain in my cheek still lingering from the shots and work vanishes quickly. Hmmm, perhaps an Aleve for breakfast would help.

ITP Flickr Pic
Hopefully the last time I’ll lean on Cheddarhead 2012 for a ITP Flickr Pic
Cheddarhead Brain Trust
This is the Cheddarhead Brain Trust (oxymoron much?), Public Enema (left, or in other words the guy wearing the bowling shirt with “Public Enema”) and Pantywaist (right).

Lavanderia y Biblíoteca
Tonight is laundry night. And tonight’s laundry night I will also be biblíoteca night as I attempt to make further progress in the Steve Jobs biography. Who knows, I might even treat myself to a taco at Las Tortas Locas…

I’m dressed in “lavanderia clothes” today (read “fantastically out-of-date jeans and a t-shirt earned running the Tybee Island half marathon back in the days when we rented a house known as “The Captain’s Lady”). Luckily, or perhaps unfortunately, there is almost no concern for me meeting a woman at the lavanderia while being dressed so poorly.

RealiTV Update: Top Chef Texas — The Best Way To Stay In The Game Is To Leave The Game
Last night my healing mouth was made happy with some pho and tofu, bought from SoBa and brought over to the house by ITP-Reader Betsy. Betsy and I shared a wee little bit of wine as we consumed our meals, waiting for Top Chef to start.

I get a little annoyed at RealiTV when one of the contestants, cheftestants in this case, leaves a challenge for a medical reason and is spared elimination even though he/she clearly hampered the team with his/her absence. For last night’s elimination challenge Sarah was overcome with heat exhaustion and had to leave her team. None of that seemed to come into play when her teammates were railed for cutting their meats early — because they were down a person. I’m not saying that “Malibu” Chris, who happened to be on the other three-person team on the Top Chef Chopping Block (a term they can run with if they wish), didn’t deserve to be booted but I believe that Sarah’s medical evacuation should have also resulted in elimination.

It may be the wine talking when I say this, but this season’s group of cheftestants don’t seem to have the creative chops that previous season cheftestants did.

Happy Birthday, ITP-Reader Steve
As he mentioned yesterday (well played, sir), today is ITP-Reader Steve’s birthday. At least I hope so, otherwise I’ve been duped for the first time (of many) in 2012.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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13 Responses to Is It Friday Yet?

  1. Barb says:

    We got another truckload of wood chips dumped in the front driveway yesterday, good thing Allan has a day off to disperse them, I really didn’t think we needed more, so I don’t want to spread them.

    Happy birthday Steve!!!

    Oh, and some friends have been trying to get us to Peter Chang’s (Tasty China 2) for some time, so we are finally going there on friday night, even though I’m still a little tired of chinese food. I’ll let you know monday my report.

  2. Looking forward to it, Barb. I’m contemplating a trip to Heirloom for lunch tomorrow.

    Off topic: Has anyone heard from ITP-Martha recently? She’s not commented yet this week (atypical) and I keep forgetting to send her an email/text (typical).

  3. Barb says:

    I’m supposed to be meeting Joanna (aka Arbitrary) for lunch tomorrow 1245-1pm ish, if you want to wait until that late, I could maybe convince her to go there, or, you could wait until next week & I could meet you then.

  4. Hmm, I don’t think I do lunch that late tomorrow. I can go tomorrow, and next week too. 🙂

  5. Another off topic: I must have previously used “Is It Friday Yet?” as a title because as I look that the URL for today’s post it has a “-2” appended to it. Nerdy, I know.

  6. Barb says:

    okay- if you go, you can give me a report, and I’ll give you a report & we can meet up later in the week. AND – maybe Allan won’t be working & he could join us too. (with the new B shift switch, he isnt’ going to get quite as many hours at Hyox, so he will have a few days off now – good for him, but bad for the bank account)

  7. Well, at least the house is “finished.” 😉

    Hey, Amazon must have been reading the blog yesterday. My package, which was estimated to be delivered on Monday just arrived! 😀

  8. Barb says:

    sort of off topic – but food related – have you ever seen this before from Groupon? (I know, you cancelled your account, but curious) I guess I don’t look at them closely enough – but this is just for today only………. it is right near your office Paulie.

  9. I’ve eaten (and enjoyed) Sweet Tomatoes before. Hell I can even *walk* there. However, the problem I have with Sweet Tomatoes is really a problem I have with myself — it’s “all you care to eat” and I “care to eat far too much when I’m there” — and since they have pasta and such in addition to salad I eat too many calories.

  10. Stacy Fox says:

    Happy birthday, Steve!!!

    And hey! I’m loving the Cheddarhead pictures. 🙂 Sorry I missed it; sounds like it was a crazy kind of turn out.

    Speaking of cheese curds (er… I’m catching up on the week of your blogs I’ve missed!), there’s a place called Culver’s in Wisconsin where you can get them – ohmygosh, I think I gained 5lbs. on those alone when I was home! I actually brought curds back with me…. know anyone with a deep fryer?

  11. Debbie says:

    I played the role of Paulie yesterday. It was my second visit of the week to Taco Mac (I’m addicted to the buffalo chicken tacos and wifi) and the waitress remembered my order from a prior visit. I felt like I was at Cheers or something.

    We’re off to Cartersville for the big B-day Extravaganza!

  12. Steve says:

    Thanks for all the B-day wishes.

    There was a special appearance by Sal and Marty last night at Georges (just for Barb) and she was nice enough not to leave me in the dust on a couple walk breaks as we ran Sherwood. Certainly my longest run in months and my legs feel it today- partly that and partly the new shoes with better stability control from Phidipides (sp). Really great service from them.

    Martha has been on FB, so she seems to be alive and kicking.

    Off to Museumpalooza.. Debbie is thrilled beyond belief… not.


  13. I’ve not tried the buffalo chicken tacos, Debbie. Something I’ll look forward to the next time I make a Taco Mac visit.

    Good to hear about Martha. Perhaps she’s fallen into the 2012 resolution “I’ll not read InsideThePerimeter” camp?

    Have a great time in Cartersville.

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