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Oh sure, I could have written this blog last night from the comfort of ITP-Readers Lisa’s and Randy’s house last night, but we watched Bridesmaids and then the end of the Oscars instead.

Since I am writing this at the airport this will be a patented ITP Short Blog…

Much Fun In Raleighwood
For the better part of the weekend the weather didn’t want to participate in the fun. I landed in misty, rainy skies on Friday evening and didn’t see the sun until yesterday morning.

We didn’t let this stop us, however.

We attempted to go bowling on Saturday afternoon but was stymied at our favorite bowling alley because they were having a charity event that day, and the second establishment’s alleys must have been paved with gold for they wanted $20/person for two hours (including the three and seven year old children). From the bowling alleys we chose to head to Frankie’s, which is like a smaller version of Dave & Buster. At Frankie’s we played video games, skee ball, and had a snack.

Saturday evening was adult night, Lisa and Randy had procured a sitter and I was tasked with choosing the restaurant at which we ate. I chose one of my wine-friendly establishments, Bella Monica, where we sat at the bar and stuffed our faces with delicious Italian food and wine.

With the sun out again we nixed the notion of bowling on Sunday and chose to play a little basketball with the boys prior to heading to the local YMCA. Lisa cajoled Randy and me into doing a Body Pump class. Did I mention that he and I were the only men in the room? 😀 I did fairly well for an old man who hasn’t done a workout class in some time. Unfortunately in the process of playing basketball, using an unfamiliar elliptical machine to warm up, or doing the Body Pump class I manage to strain the inside of my right knee. As you do, we followed up our trip to the Y with on to PR (Players Retreat) where we consumed a few beers and some snack foods.

All I Learned From Bridesmaids
I had seen bits and pieces of Bridesmaids before, but never anything close to the entire movie. While I certainly enjoyed it, all I learned from Bridesmaids is that in order for me to get a pretty woman like Kristen Wiig she will have to be completely down-and-out on her luck.

Okay have to wrap up in order to get ready to fly home.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to Mobile Blogging

  1. Barb says:

    not a bad weekend here, friday night I had dinner with 2$ Ho (wheelhopper that moved (back home) to Kansas City a few years ago that was passign thru town)
    Saturday was dreary, but managed to talk Allan into a 16 mile bike ride in Roswell by the river, we had to go by his parents house, so I figured it was time to test out the new to us bike rack for the Crosstrek.
    Sunday was gorgeous, finally some sunshine. Went for a bike ride with the girls at the SCT, nice 26 mile outing. I need to up my mileage, but it was a nice start.

    I stayed up for the end of the Oscars, so I’m tired today. I didn’t think Seth Macfarlane did a bad job, it is a totally thanksless job, the critics will never “Like” what the host does.

  2. Steve says:

    Where did the weekend go?

    Saturday, we took Lola to her forever home (a friend of Saddle Sores) in Avondale. Lola was the perfect new dog- immeadiatly showing lots of affection to the new owner and playing with her new brother. Breakfast at Thumbs Up and a trip through YDFM (!!) rounded out the trip. Oh yeah, as we were leaving the farmers market, we made a slight detour past Southern Sweets- gluten free be damned!!

    Sunday started with 32 miles at Silk Sheets, including a little cyclocross through the new bridge construction. Lawn care in East Point with my 2 sisters and niece. 3 hours of pulling weeds in the front yard will make you sore in odd places. Delicious salmon (YDFM) for dinner with a little early Oscar viewing before I crashed. I don’t think you’ll see Seth Macfarlane back as the host- what was that gag with William Shatner except way too long.


  3. Barb says:

    Steve – what bridge construction?

  4. Stacy says:

    From what I saw, Seth MacFarlane didn’t do any worse than anyone else in the past. I actually think it’s pretty funny how some folks I know are all disgusted with some of his acts (especially the “sexist” and “racist” remarks) and are acting all shocked and whatnot — um, do people not know who he is? That’s all Family Guy is! Not to mention Ted. And the argument that the Oscars should be classier than that should have been considered by the committee who offered him the job then, not expecting him to change who he is.

  5. Steve says:

    I’m just looking at the map- there doesn’t appear to be an actual creek crossing bridge- maybe just a low spot. On Cochran Mill, near the turn at Cedar Grove. The roadbed looked ready for paving, so maybe it will be done soon. We met the shop ride from Outback at that point and they were unconcerned.

  6. Martha says:

    We may be the only people on the planet that didn’t watch any of the Oscars (if facebook is any measure). We did manage to watch Argo Friday, before the big win, that might be a first for us.

    Semi active weekend for me, ran Charles Harris Saturday, the weather wasn’t perfect but it ended up better than I expected. That evening we went to a baby shower for my coach, then to the Elder Tree for a drink (the black currant martini was good, but it knocked me on my ass pretty quick)…I was ready for bed when Jerry got a text to meet a friend at Augustine’s…I didn’t want to fight so we went back out for one last nightcap.

    Rode bikes with Barb and the girls Sunday, it was really nice, much better than my first ride of the year back in Jan. Coach says we’re moving more to the bike now so I’ll be up for a lot more riding very soon.

    Steve, YDFM on a Saturday afternoon?? Wow!!

  7. Steve says:

    I know… it was fun in an International, glutten for punishment, sort of way. So nice to hear languages other than Spanish or English. Newnan isn’t exactly the crossroads of the world.

  8. Steve says:

    And if you’re going to get on the road with Ms. Tynes, you better come prepared- she was drilling the flats, and I gave her a prescription for improving her climbing.

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Wheels down!

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