Rain Delay

You are probably expecting an in-depth account of my Texas affairs. I know, if I were in your shoes I would be as well. Please come back tomorrow for that.

Today I am in deep doo-doo as I need to get a demo out this week. In addition to the trip a really long car trip that got me into bed around 12:30am EDT and the rain-induced traffic have put me way behind schedule and need to jump straight into work.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to Rain Delay

  1. bob says:

    Rain rain go away! We are heading to Chattanooga soon and will play the game “how fast can you set up camp”.

    Glad you made it home safe, looking forward to the stories.

    And happy anniversary Steve and Debbie!

  2. Steve says:

    Glad you made it home safely, Paulie.

    Let’s see… went by the feed store Saturday and got a whole pallet of fenceboards, so it’s ON for this weekend. Either/Both days as I think there will be plenty. And if we get a bit ahead by Sunday morning, there will be Paris-Roubaix on the TV.

    Sunday, we shuffled some horses with Megan. She took one of the Connemara’s back and we took one that she sold while the new owner gets ready to take him. Knowing it would rain last night, we put 2 in the barn and have 2 swimming out in the pasture. What a soggy mess.

    The radar looks clearer to the west, so it might be better soon. Have fun camping Bob!


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