Busy As A Proverbial Beaver

And those proverbial beavers are bus-y!

Today will be a day of much coding on two different projects as well as fun, fun, fun meetings so I shan’t be able to spend the time to wax poetically to you.

There may be a rare Paulie appearance at George’s tonight. I’d love to say that I am kicking off my Peachtree 2015 training schedule tonight but my left shin is still quite the bugger even three weeks after ramming it against a set of metal stairs whilst running up it (drunk) in Brussels. Perhaps I will walk tonight.

Okay kids, have a great workday. Tomorrow I will be back in earnest.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Busy As A Proverbial Beaver

  1. Jenka says:

    We had a great time in Milwaukee! Kevin did great at the USAT National Olympic Triathlon. And by “great” I mean that he finished. For not having trained at all, I think it’s pretty impressive that he can knock out an Olympic distance tri. Otherwise, we went to the PBR brewery and did a lot of walking around and seeing the sights. And eating a cubic ton of cheese curds and Usinger’s sausage. They are DELISH. Oh, and we went to a Brewer’s game, where my boot got us special sitting in the handicapped section. Yay for being handicapable!

    Did you call my realtor yet?

    I’m thinking about going to the revitalized Slider Night tonight but am not 100% sold on it.

  2. Steve says:

    The evening session last night had problems with starting blocks- odd devices that hold a bike for a timed event. So many problems that we didn’t use them this morning and went old school with human holders. And a rain delay didn’t help. We finally finished and managed to get to Ruby Tuesdays (ick) at 11:15.

    Debbie’s dad is on his way to the hospital at this time. Not sure what, beyond normal issues, is going on. Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.


  3. Not had time to call the realtor yet, hoping to make time today or tomorrow.

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