There’s Just Not Enough Time

With a full-time job, a car that’s misbehaving, a two-week intensive German course, and all of life’s other interruptions there is just not enough time in my day for blogging.

The quick update on the Jackmobile is that it appears the squeal was caused by some debris lodged in the brake. Lam’s fixed the problem for no charge. One of the benefits of having the car there was that they did an oil change. While it wasn’t that long ago that the Jackmobile had its oil change it was a convenient thing to do before my trip to Lake Hartwell this weekend.

The President’s visit did not hamper me at all, and I found out that Colony Square offers four hours of validated parking if you enter after 5pm, the reason I was charged $11 on Monday night was that I entered the lot prior to 5pm.

Two nights in and I am already overwhelmed with by the German course. If you are at Hartwell this weekend don’t be surprised to see me alone doing homework or muttering German phrases the entire weekend.

Okay, got to fix some major code problems so that I can leave work early enough to do tonight’s German homework before 6pm.

Oh, and Happy iOS 8 Release Day!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to There’s Just Not Enough Time

  1. steve says:

    One of the Games staff said he was on 166 trying to come north while the pres was on his way back to the airport and the popo had both south and northbound traffic stopped. Wow, that seems incredibly rude during rush hour for any president.

    I picked up some new CX shoes from Performance on the way to the meeting. I figure the ones I have been riding that I have glued back together might not take much more abuse.

    The Games will happen. At this point shear momentum will make it happen, as long as we get everything set up!

    And happy Third Wednesday!!

    Auf Wiedersehen.


  2. Barb says:

    I decided to ride my bike over to Roswell last night, we were meeting a friend for trivia & to pick up our Garth Brooks tickets. Allan was at Cycleworks & this way we wouldn’t have 2 cars. Its 18.5 miles from my house to Cycleworks. I decided I really don’t like riding alone on half way busy roads filled with commuters. While nothing happened, it just seems like it would be nice to have a possible witness, just in case. It took me 1.5 hours, but plenty of cars & lights definitely slow you down.
    Trivia went pretty well, the team loves when Allan shows up, he has so much useless knowledge that comes in handy. We ended up getting 2nd place. Here was the toughest question of the night – What are the 4 countries in the world with the largest Buddist population. And – I’d have to look up the answer, I don’t even remember all of them.

  3. Martha says:

    Traffic on 85 north was a parking lot last night when I headed home (5ish), folks were blaming it on POTUS but I can’t for the life of me figure out what he would have been doing on 85 north at rush hour or how him leaving Emory and heading to the airport would have any impact…but I guess everything is his fault.

    My first two guesses would be Thailand & Japan, I would put Tibet in the group it has a Buddist majority but it is such a small country… and of course China but that could be a trick question….

  4. steve says:

    China, India, Russia (?) and…. ?

    Looked it up… should have known.

  5. I think that there was an accident on 85N. I was headed down 85S (with many po-po on the road) and noticed the parking lot. My quick check of Google Maps showed an accident and since this is way north of Emory I figured the President was not to blame.

  6. bob says:

    While you are at Hartwell this weekend search out Gentri, he is fluent in German and would probably talk your ears off in the language.

    Glad your squeal was just debris, I am due for brakes on my truck. I am cheap though and will do them myself. Bad part is the rotors need to be resurfaced so it will probably turn into a full day job.

  7. Yeah, I talked with Gentri briefly before Black Sheep. Too bad The Colonel has moved back to The Fatherland.

  8. Martha says:

    Sarah T and I have a German friend, I also have a Swedish and Japanese friend, plus tons of Chinese and Indian co-workers…if you ever want to practice. Unfortunately my Filipino connection doesn’t speak more than a couple of words. I keep threatening to learn Tagalog so I will sound even MORE like his mother.

  9. steve says:

    Then you could talk about Jerry to them and he wouldn’t understand. That’s funny.

    Did anyone hear why the Colonel moved back to Germany? I suppose he still had family and all that…

  10. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    The Colonel moved for a job (if I remember correctly) and to be closer to family.

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