If It’s Friday

That must mean that there are only two more working days in my week! Yep, in addition to getting a much needed haircut tomorrow I shall be returning to the office to try and perform Herculean coding tricks to compensate for underlying sub-system changes that have occurred since I joined this project in February.

For fun I’ll probably be back in the office on Sunday working until I drive up to Greenville, SC where I will be attending [360|iDev min] on Monday and Tuesday.

File Under: I Need To Return To Better Filing
I recently received an email from the Hertz Stage at the Alliance Theatre thanking me for returning as a subscriber. In the olden days the day I received my theatre tickets I would have put in a calendar entry for each show to remind myself of my commitment. The email should have prompted me to double-check my tickets, but it did not.

As an afterthought yesterday I dug into my briefcase to get my tickets only to find that my ticket for the theatre’s current play, “Native Guard”, was for last night! Fortunately for me Alliance has a very liberal exchange policy for its subscribers, so I was able to exchange last night’s ticket for one next Wednesday night.

Well, That Was Unexpected
Last night the boss and I got in a 5.4 mile walk around the Perimeter Mall area before returning to Lucky’s (aka “The new Taco Mac”) for dinner and drinks. I must admit that I was the instigator since I had walked off my lunch and was desiring a beer for my efforts. What I didn’t expect was:

  1. Neither of our friendly female bartenders would be working. Blake, the man tending bar is a nice guy and knows us, but is not nearly as fun to talk to as Lila or Mai.
  2. Some sales reps from Bird Dog Whiskey would show up and buy people at the bar, the boss and me included, two shots — a peppermint moonshine, and a blackberry whiskey — both of which were lost on my beer/wine palate.
  3. As the Packers were destroying the Vikings a strange kinship occurred between some people who were also sitting at the bar; causing me to stay out much later than I had anticipated. I was home around 11:00pm.

All in all it was an unusual and entertaining evening, but it made for a shorter-than-desired night for sleeping.

Ich Muss Deutsch Studieren!
Tonight I must remind myself that I am enrolled in the second German course at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta. The course started last Tuesday, so I am already behind, therefore this weekend I must make time to review the information that I learned in the first course as well as read ahead into what the class would have discussed on Tuesday night.

That’s all for today.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to If It’s Friday

  1. Barb says:

    Where is Lucky’s located?

    I went on a 4.4 mile hike with JoAnna & the beagles at Kennesaw last night. Then ruined all the exercise with beer & mexican food.

    Not sure what we will be doing tonight & Saturday. maybe Pine Lake, maybe mountain biking. (but the way it is raining this morning, I’m thinking mtn biking will not happen)

  2. The Lucky’s I frequent is on Peachtree Rd (the one that goes from Buckhead and becomes Peachtree Industrial), in the mega shopping center with Publix, Costco, etc. about a mile up from the Brookhaven MARTA station.

    The original location is in Roswell.

  3. Barb says:

    I was just wondering if there was another one closer to the office.

  4. martha says:

    “…peppermint moonshine, and a blackberry whiskey”

    Either one of these on their own would probably make me puke, I know trying both would have sent me directly to the bathroom…gross!

    No big plans this weekend, the plan is to get one more run in before the race next weekend, but I’m pretty sure we are screwed. There has been so little training for this race, I think we’ve finally accepted the fact it is just going to be a 12 mile hike.

    Sometime this month we are going to check out The Sleepy Hollow Experience @ the Serenbe Playhouse. Once again my bootcamp coach is preforming, it looks like fun.

  5. Steve says:

    Met with the Park lady at Red Pepper- they had tables with their own beer taps!! You didn’t even have to get up to get another beer- what a country!! We should have had dinner there, but only had chips and salsa, and maybe the margarita wasn’t the best way to start. I think I crashed by 9PM.

    House cleaning tonight, followed by getting out of the house tomorrow while the lookers look. And the sound of the gurgling pool woke me last night and when I got up to look at the pumps, there was water around! F Me.

    Have a great weekend!!


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