Greenville Is The New Asheville

In downtown Greenville I saw Barley’s Taproom, Tupelo Honey, and Mast General Store. It’s like being in Asheville without all of the Trustafarians.

I’ll be sequestered at [360|iDev min] today and tomorrow, hence the blog will be ignored as it has been for a while now.

Have I mentioned how far behind I am with my apps? How about how I spent many hours this weekend tearing them apart in the name of “improvement”, and not quite getting there yet?

Oh, and then there is my German studies…

Oh boy, I’m one busy feller.

In other news my NY Jets lost a-gain. Perhaps the only silver lining to their schedule so far is that they have yet to play an intra-division game — that won’t happen for another two weeks when they will most certainly lose to the New England Patriots.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Greenville Is The New Asheville

  1. Steve says:

    Trustafarians? I don’t know that one… Greenville is a neat town with a lot of things going for it. I enjoyed working races up there.

    The good news- the lookers may put an offer on our buyers 60 acres!! While they said they’d love our house on the 60 acres, at least we have the chance of a deal. I have to say the house looked great, so best foot forward and all that.

    30 miles yesterday and I feel it this morning. I should have come over and heckled the CX at Boundry Waters, but couldn’t get motivated.


  2. Martha says:

    The Patriots are not welcome in our house after last night, something to do with a game they played yesterday…I don’t know??

    I ran 11 miles yesterday with Sarah…oh, hell, was that a mistake. I could barely walk yesterday and I didn’t sleep much because my knee hurt so much. Next Sunday is going to be ugly. I skipped the gym this morning, I stretched and rolled out with the foam and the stick…I actually feel much better but I see a lot of ice in the near furture.

    I understand busy, I’ve ‘overcommited’ myself for October but by the first week of November the majority of tasks should be complete.

  3. Oh yeah, I am also fighting my “weather transition” cold of the season. Ugh. Better times ahead I’m sure.

  4. bob says:

    Trustafarians are the kids that hang around Asheville (usually in the drum circle) looking like drop out stoners but are actually wealthy trust fund kids. I’m sure their parents are so proud.

    CX race yesterday was rough. Flat course so no rest, just wide open for 45 minutes. This of course was after camping with the cub scouts over the weekend. Cold but fun as hell, we had close to 80 people with all the scouts and their parents. Good times. Is winter over yet?

  5. Barb says:

    We hashed with Pine Lake Saturday, it was fun, need to do it more often.

    Allan is in a class all this week & next, so the airport is weird, they had him come in yesterday for 12 hours, but then sent him home at 7pm so he is well rested for the class. Do they not realize that they tend to get plenty of sleep at the airport? The rest of the city wouldn’t have had him working at all Sunday.
    Good/bad thing about this class is, Allan will be home every night for 2 weeks. When will I watch the TV shows that he doesn’t like? LOL But, I’m heading to Iowa Thursday night until Tuesday morning, so he will have to fend for himself for a few days.

    We went to get new phones this weekend, of course they were out of the iphone6, so mine is on order. Allan now has a Galaxy S5, rumor has it it is somewhat waterproof. He is having the fun of trying to figure out his first smart phone, remember how fun the contact list was?

  6. I wanted to hash with Black Sheep yesterday but even if I didn’t have to go into the office there would be no way to hash, shower, and drive up to Greenville all in one day.

    So far I find downtown Greenville charming, though the (much cheaper than the conference hotel) in which I am staying is not all that great. My hotel is right next to a Taco Bell, no I am not kidding, and is in the midst of transitioning from one of the Choice Hotels chain brands to another so it’s a bit confusing (and was really hard to find in the dark since the banner that has the new brand covered the lit signage for the old brand).

    I ate dinner at Carolina Ale House last night. Of course they were out of the first beer I selected, as well as wings because apparently it was a “busy” Sunday. Once I moved to a table where my jacket wasn’t required (suffering this cold and sitting at a table that felt it was in a wind tunnel) my only disappointment was the outcome of last night’s American football game. I had much less fun than last Monday night when I watched the Patriots play. Sorry, Jenka. 😛

  7. Jenka says:

    HAH. I was pretty happy with the Pats game, they actually looked like the Pats instead of whoever was masquerading as them on Monday. We should really be saying sorry to Jerry.

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