Begin The Begin

I spent another night at the office last night. I was somewhat productive, at least until I went to Taco Mac for dinner/beer. I watched the first (and for me much better) half of last night’s football match between my Jets and the Dolphins before wandering over to Target for a little late-night shopping.

Target is pretty empty at 10:30pm, it reminded me of thirty years ago when I used to do some Christmas shopping after getting off from my Toys R Us shift at midnight.

I returned to the office, finished one of my two tasks for this week, inflated my Therm-A-Rest, and went to sleep. I arose some time around 5am after a fitful night of sleep.

Then things got weird.

around 5:30am I walked up to LA Fitness, rode a stationary bike for an hour, showered, and then walked back to work.

In the words of my old buddy BWanA, “I don’t know who I am any more!”.

Today I will be working hard again (whew, this stinks) before going to my German class for which I am woefully underprepared because I pissed away the two weeks of study time that I’ve had since the last class.

As of yesterday Lam still doesn’t know what’s wrong with the Jackmobile. If I don’t hear anything by lunch I may ask them to put it back together, turn off the Check Engine light, and then I’ll go and fetch it, paying them whatever charge they want for the investigative labor.

Come hell or high water I shan’t be sleeping in the office tonight. In the worst-case scenario I will MARTA to Colony Square, and then use a combination of MARTA/Uber to get home after class.

Due to scheduling tomorrow I will probably have to rent a car for the remainder of the week.

Merry Christmas To ME!
I was planning to subscribe to Lynda yesterday anyway, so when the “Cyber Monday” 20% Gift Membership email arrived I decided to gift myself a membership. For the next year I hope to use my unlimited access to their training courses to improve my skills to become more hirable.

Okay, now I must code…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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11 Responses to Begin The Begin

  1. Steve says:

    Hopefully, sleeping at the office is having some benefit on the productivity. Might be time to look into a MARTA bus schedule. Hopefully, Lam can give you some news on the Jmobile.

    One of my geek co-workers asked me if I Skype. Said I could get it to run on the company PC… so far, nuttin, but I’m still trying. Anyone else Skype-ing? Find me at jstevebrady. I’ve loaded it on my phone, too.

    45 minutes of trainer time watching videos from this years World Championships in Spain. The poor womens race- a big crash shipped 15 to the hospital-ugly.


  2. Barb says:

    Spent last night getting aggravated by Christmas lights. Some of the outside light strings are only partially lighting up – got some fixed, some I’m giving up on. Still have more to mess with, but my fingers were sore from pulling those lights in & out to try to find the bad one. Allan might work on the ones for hte trees tonight.

    Then the prelit tree has a couple sections not working. I decided to go to Big Lots to solve that problem by buying a couple strings……. Tree is finally decorated.

    Those damn lights really ruin my Christmas spirit.

  3. I have a Skype account — paulnuesslein (not InsideThePerimeter???). I don’t use it often but I try to keep it active.

  4. Stacy says:

    Have you tried Lyft yet, Paulie? I actually use it more than Uber. Same exact concept. I’m just mentioning it because if you haven’t, new people usually get a code for a free first ride or $20 credit or something like that. Not that you’re worried about moneys, but every little bit helps, especially during the holiday season and/or a major car fix season. 🙂

  5. I’ve not tried Lyft yet.

    Just heard from Peach. They’ve identified which transmission solenoid is flaky, it’s around a $400 repair (with labor). I’ve given the green light to try it, but if this doesn’t work I’m cashing in the Jackmobile for another car.

  6. Barb says:

    Glad they figured it out at least.
    Sucks its $400.

    I have a Skype account, not sure what my name is, as I’ve never actually used it.

  7. Steve says:

    $400 is about a payment and a half… and maybe that gives you a little more time to be selective and do your research. And while Lam may do a bang up job on the “old” ones, he probably isn’t factory certified, so you have to consider where the dealer is. A drawback of living in the country and after the resession, there isn’t a Mazda dealer close to us. Used to be one in LaGrange. Next closer one is Chamblee!!

  8. Barb says:

    Payment & a half? How many years did you finance your cars Steve? Mypayment is more than $400.

    there’s a Mazda dealer on Cobb Pkwy I’m sure.

  9. Steve says:

    I havent had a new car in almost 20 years.

  10. Martha says:

    I was thinking the same thing Barb, $400 isn’t even a payment. Speaking of, on Friday 12/5/2014, the Escape will be all mine, paid off, in full, 12 months early! Next is to pay off those stupid student loans, agh!!

    About an hour ago, Jerry became an uncle for the first time. I’m still waiting for a picture but Alana Lee was just 6 pounds, tiny baby!

    Barb, I didn’t even try to fix the lights, I just tossed the ones that didn’t work and bought new ones, best $20 I spent this week. The house decorations are starting to come together, we had to buy new stuff since we have so much more ‘house’ now. If I could just get rid of that awful Santa Mickey, it would be perfect.

  11. Barb says:

    Martha – I was wondering about the big blow up thing, thinking, that so isn’t you.

    I’m sure we are buying some new lights, but I hate to spend the money on it.

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