My Neighborhood Is Growing Again

This morning I solved the mystery of the house across the street that had a “SOLD” sign on it and is now for sale by owner; like the one directly across the street from it, it’s being flipped. When I exited my house this morning I saw that the house in question now has two dumpsters in front of it, and is now missing its roof. I suppose it was very dark last night when I drove past it, which is why I missed this development.

As a weirdo-American I hate to see houses continue to grow in size. Perhaps it’s because that I am terminally single with no children and living in a house that is too large for me. Or perhaps it’s my hippy belief that we Americans own too much shit (myself included) and need to scale back.

I know. I’m an outlier.

Today She Had No Kindle
Today I rode the train with the same woman for a third day in a row. Because she is beautiful it’s easy for me to spot her in a crowd. If she weren’t also too young and married I may have asked her where her Kindle was today, you know, as a shitty opening line.

MARTA was a little less than smooth this morning. I saw two westbound trains arrive and leave at my station within a five minute span (I obviously missed both) and then had to wait about ten minutes for another to arrive. The northbound Doraville train I hopped on at Five Points had a delay at Midtown as well. Of course, this meant that I didn’t have to wait very long at the Arts Center station for my North Springs train to arrive. Pro Tip: When it’s cold outside it’s usually more bearable to switch trains in an underground station, which is why I switch at Arts Center instead of Lindbergh.

And I nearly drive to work today, but decided against it…

I’ll be risking driving to places twice tomorrow — once to do laundry and car shop, and once to go to Shakespeare’s Tavern for “A Christmas Carol”. I’m thrilled to be returning to Shakespeare’s Tavern, even though I never lost the weight I wanted to in order to fit into my “nicer” clothes. In the past few years I’ve missed out on some of my Christmas traditions due to working extra hours; I’ve vowed not to let this happen again starting in 2015.

I’m saddened to miss out on seeing the final year of “The Gifts of the Magi” performed at Theatrical Outfit this year, not because of work directly but because I’ve been swamped and the play finishes up its run this Sunday.

Time to work before I start getting hounded.

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7 Responses to My Neighborhood Is Growing Again

  1. Barb says:

    I think we are going to go see Merry Wives of Windsor in January at the Tavern. Wish we could have made the show Saturday, but just too much going on.

    Maybe they are just putting on a new roof? I can’t imagine having a huge house like people are getting these days. All it does is give you more places to put stuff, and I’ve got plenty of stuff that I don’t use.

  2. I think it’s definitely getting a second floor since the entire roof structure was missing, not just the shingles and plywood.

  3. bob says:

    At least it is not a tear down, there is a lot of that going on in Laura’s parents neighborhood. Tear down a normal size house and build a McMansion monstrosity. Totally does not fit in with the neighborhood.

    So officially mark January 2nd on your calendars for a small house warming party. Not exactly sure what time yet, will get that information out next week.

  4. “a small house warming party” — I see what you did there. 🙂

    Calendar marked!

  5. steve says:

    We’re up “early” after a call from the neighbor saying the horses are running up and down the driveway. Off to get boards…

    Met the new nephew last night in Decatur. Very cute. Tried to have dinner at The Family Dog but it was closed for a private party (rule 6)

    Ended up at Manuels… interesting crowd. A full spectrum of folks.


  6. Steve says:

    And January 2 is marked for a housewarming party in the wilds of Roswell. I had made the above comment about two hours ago but it was still hanging on my phone- glad it wasn’t lost.

  7. Barb says:

    no way, a house warming party? we should be able to attend.

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