Anyone else remember the (now thirty-five year old) “I Want My MTV” ads?

The finale of The Amazing Race aired on Friday night but I have still not seen it arrive in iTunes. This sucks because I am steadfastly trying not to find out who won before I can watch it. I do have a copy of the episode on my iPad at home that I downloaded from my Hopper at work (using that great transfer functionality that I wrote!) but that’s filled with commercials and I’d rather watch without them. Pooh! This is like getting a lump of coal in my stocking.

Bah Humbug
Saturday night’s performance of “A Christmas Carol” was a thrilling as ever. Rumor had it that the man playing Scrooge would not be performing this year, but that was not the case. Perhaps they were confusing him with the man who retired from the same role at the Alliance Theatre after last year’s run?

I alway wonder what that area would become if it were cleaned up. Hell, I’ve been in Atlanta long enough to remember eating at the Mick’s down that way, the one that was near the Pleasant Pheasant (if memory serves me right).

Juck The Fets
More coal came in the form of that lousy Patriots v. Jets game yesterday. I watched the game at Taco Mac Perimeter (after working for three hours) with my boss, our friend Amy who is a Pats fan, and some dude (that she likes) named Brian, whose Boston accent was so thick you’d think he’d just walked out of Central Casting.

If ITP-Reader Jenka, or my long-lost friends Dave and Mel read this: 😛 to you!

After my twelfth disappointment of this year I wandered over to Target to buy some necessities (I considered sleeping at the office, but it wasn’t in the cards). When I returned to the Jackmobile, which I have been driving again increasingly even with its Check Engine light on, one of the frontrunners for its replacement was parked next to me.
Future-Past, And Future?
As an aside: if you ever feel ignored and want email, just request a car price quote using TrueCar. Within minutes after requesting one I received fifteen emails from dealers.

I will be making time this week to test-drive vehicles, I’m thinking my purchase will occur either Friday or Saturday.

Will I Be In Tune Tonight?
I’m considering “running” the Tacky Lights Tour Moonlight Hash this evening. You know, the one in which hashers wander the streets (not unusual), singing (not unusual), the clean versions of Christmas carols (unusual)? The hash will be hared by my old friends BWanA and Supersuck, so it should be fun. It’s been a long time since I did this hash, I only hope the weather holds out and that there is not much shiggy (since I didn’t pack any real hashing clothes). Shit, I just realized that I might have to by (ANOTHER) headlamp because I no longer have one in the Jackmobile (a hazard of cleaning out one’s car in preparation for selling it).

Time to make some code!

Paulie [eat/ga]

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  1. Barb says:

    We did watch Amazing Race, it was an interesting ending. No spoiler, but the final challenge took place at a shipping container yard – look for the Matson containers (they had nothing to do with anything, it just was funny to see our contianers.)

    I think ignoring Falcons football worked yesterday, they managed to beat the Saints. Went to Wheelhopper down at Dauset Trails – it was good to get back on the bike. Had a nice little crash on some wet leaves/roots – banged the top of my knee cap, its fine, but dang it still hurts.

    Our beef stroganoff cookoff dinner party went well Saturday night, had 3 completely different stroganoffs. all were good, just very different. Lots of wine was consumed of course.

  2. If possible I will be watching the finale tonight.

    Speaking of finales, I had no idea that “The Colbert Report” was ending, nor was I aware that David Letterman will be retiring next year.

    I will be making a last-second push to get some Christmas spirit on Tuesday and Wednesday nights by watching “Elf”, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, “A Christmas Story”, and various other Christmas related media. Watch us have power outages now…. JINX!

  3. Steve says:

    There were many chores this weekend. Debbie had a migrain Saturday, which kept her indoors and quiet all day. We still cleaned and cooked in preparation for the onslought of kinfolk Sunday for Christmas. (too) Many kids but they were mostly well behaved. I still need to pick up a couple things for Christmas, and was expecting to do that Saturday while Debbie went to a girls party, but she bailed, so I had to reschedule as well.

    Sadly, the Shakespear Tavern is a bit too close to the Pine St. homeless shelter and that affects the whole neighborhood. You were very close on that restaurant- it was called the Pleasant Peasant.

    I haven’t run TLT in a very long time. A fun time, for sure. Enjoy some Hot Damn for me!


  4. Barb says:

    Where ya been Paulie? Steven Colbert is leaving cable & taking over for the retiring David Letterman. That is old news. Craig Ferguson is quitting too, some new Brit or Scot will be taking over that show.

    Trying to come up with something new for dinner Christmas Eve – thinking maybe Beef Wellington? Anyone ever made that?

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    You all should know that I am completely out of the loop.

    Ferguson is quitting too? Jebus! Has anyone been watching Fallon? After seeing him in “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” I have interest.

    I’ve never cooked Beef Wellington but have seen Ramsey yell at many “Hell’s Kitchen” contestants because of it.

  6. Steve says:

    It will be curious to see how much of his Colbert’ character/schtick he keeps when he moves to the non-political satire of Latenight. Craig Ferguson never did anything for me.

    Is Wellington in the puff pastry? Doesn’t sound simple.

  7. Barb says:

    yes – it has a puff pasrty on the outside. it might be too tough, but I might feel the need for the challenge.

  8. Well, there appears to be a 100% chance of rain at hash time. Since I didn’t pack clothes for getting wet it appears that I will be skipping tonight’s hash. 🙁

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Crap, I think I just saw who won The Amazing Race on Twitter. I’m pissed at CBS and Apple for not giving me the final episode (for which I paid!) already.

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