It Wasn’t In The Clouds

As yesterday afternoon progressed I decided that I was completely unprepared for the chilly, rainy weather if I were to go to the hash, so I skipped. Dangen! Mark my useless words, come 2015 I am returning to hashing. (psst: more of these “Come-2015isms” will be spouted next week)

The Jackmobile’s transmission was acting up again last night as I fought traffic home; I stopped by QT last night and filled its gas tank up for potentially the last time. Tomorrow I will have to sneak out of work in order to do some test driving of Mazas, Kias, Hyundais, and perhaps Subarus. Because of this I need to hope that all goes well at work today; things would be better if people would stop changing my requirements as I attempt to finish before Christmas.

I finally saw the The Amazing Race finale last night, on my big screen in the basement no less! Unfortunately the winners were spoiled for me via a tweet that I accidentally saw. I had not set up my Twitter mute filter to last long enough because I assumed that my purchased episode would have been in my iTunes long before yesterday. In case there is at least one of you out there who has yet to see the finale I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say that I was pleased by the outcome. Barb, I kept a lookout for your Matson shipping containers. I thought it was funny when the fireman recognized Bethany; come to think of it I have seen her in some print advertisements for something or other recently.

MARTA Today, But Not Tomorra
Since the Jackmobile was acting up yesterday I decided that I should ride MARTA today, so I have. Today is also the first day I’ve worn the rain jacket that I bought for my Europe trip this past Summer. Tomorrow will be a different story however as I have plans that are not near a MARTA rail line (imagine that) and I do not wish to even consider riding the MARTA busses.

Tomorrow I will be treating myself to two fantastic meals, putting aside my desire to lose weight for one day. In the morning I am going to eat breakfast at Buttermilk Kitchen, a restaurant on Roswell Road a couple of miles inside the perimeter (the way I like it) that I have eaten at and enjoyed twice before. Tomorrow night I will be eating at Gunshow in Glenwood Park for the first time; I’ve wanted to eat at at Gunshow since it opened, but it’s a tapas-style menu which doesn’t lend itself to solo dining and every time I’ve brought up going there with other people they balk at spending the money. This meal is supposed to be a special gathering of Chef Kevin Gillespie and forty ticketed diners, we’ll see if this holds up.

Time to make miracles happen…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to It Wasn’t In The Clouds

  1. Steve says:

    What. A. Miserable. Day. Yesterday.

    I went out at lunch for a brief moment, and not really having enough jacket, quickly retreated ino the office. Sadly, I’m actually having to work, even with most people out of the bank.

    After fighting Newnan traffic and making a couple shopping stops (Finished!) last night, I found my way home to a mostly relaxed evening- except when it was pony feeding time. I went to feed Micah and he was shiverring- already wet, you can’t put on a blanket, so we quickly cleaned out the 3rd stall and he was happy to come in and get dry.

    Tomorrow, since there won’t be a bus, I may drive all the way in. Tomorrow evening will be Christmas with my remaining nieces and nephews. Chrimma Day, we plan on meeting Debbie’s friend Meg for some TC!! I hope they are open.


  2. Barb says:

    Bethany’s life was made into a movie called Soul Surfer, the teenie boppers were all into it, so I’m guessing that fireman has a teenage daughter.

    I saw a Decatur Subaru dealer commercial last night, they have cars that HAVE TO GO by the end of the year! Those car commercials for the end of the year crack me up.

    hey Steve – what time are you going to TC on Christmas Day? Maybe I’ll crash your party. (I’d guess they are open, but I’m really not sure). Allan is working, & the only thing I have to do is take JoAnna & Mike to the airport so they can go to Iceland mid afternoon. I might even stop by Allan’s firehouse, since I’ve never been there to check out the place.

    Tomorrow night I’m going to attempt Beef Wellington for Christmas Eve dinner. I asked Condo how hard it is, his answer was, easy, for me, but for you, a little harder. He cracks me up. He said to watch a Gordon Ramsey video on YouTube. I guess I need to get around to that.

  3. I completely forgot that there is a Subaru dealership in Decatur. After Thanksgiving I drove all the way up to Gwinnett. Perhaps I’ll put in a TrueCar request for a Subaru and see what I can test drive on Friday.

  4. Steve says:

    Barb, I just laughed out loud. I expect it would be easy for Condo.

    I’m not sure of the time yet, but I’ll see what I can find out.

  5. And if you don’t mind another body I might be interested in TC as well. It may be the last time you see me in my Sled Red Jackmobile.

    If you do mind me joining then I guess I can go to IHOP because I just received an email from them telling me that they’ll be open on Christmas Day.

    And this reminds me that I saw a white man at the Five Points station wearing a flashing red nose this morning. From the way he was dressed and acted I’m not sure he was in possession of all of his mental capacities.

  6. Debbie says:

    Whooohooo Tasty China party! I guess I better call and make sure they are open. I was thinking 1:00 but earlier is fine if that is too late for your airport run Barb.

    I just cleaned the barn and it took more than twice as long as usual because Micah is a PIG! He’s sleeping outside tonight.

    I’m doing a new website for the fox hunt and lost all the sections I had written for the home page last night. There was much cursing. Guess I get to recreate it today.

    Barb, I hooked up with Jainie last week and rode with her. Thanks for connecting us.

  7. Steve says:

    And did y’all know Janie is certified to be a flight nurse with the Ebola patients? Wow. And she’s done it!! Cool.

  8. Barb says:

    We plan to leave for the airport about 3:30pm, so 1pm works.

    Debbie – I’m so glad you hooked up with Janie – did you get to go see the crazy house?
    and yes – Steve – she was trying to get Allan involved with that company, but there is no way, he really doesn’t have the time, ever PT. Hyox is too easy of a PT job, he won’t be giving that one up.

  9. Debbie says:

    I did. It is definitely crazy! Some really cool features and a whole lot of odd. The original color scheme must have been a sight.

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