Merry Christmas Eve, Friends

I’ve started my day with an amazing breakfast at Buttermilk Kitchen; I had the fried chicken breast on a buttermilk biscuit served with a side of potatoes; I’ve probably already consumed a day’s worth of calories, but that won’t stop me from eating again today.

But I digress…

Last night I took the night off from work and went home via MARTA. My body was giving me fits, no need to go into details, so I raced up the stairs and escalator in order to catch the arriving southbound train — I just made it. Upon getting back to the Jackmobile I drove straight home. I treated myself by watching Elf, which I find to be delightfully charming; have I mentioned that I love Zooey Deschanel? I know, get in line. I had forgotten that she was a blonde in that film, hell, I probably didn’t know who she was in 2003.

As I saw the weather that was rolling into the Atlanta area I decided to grab a flashlight and head upstairs in case we lost power (which we shockingly did not). While in bed I finished reading Super-Powered Revenge Christmas, an entertaining graphic novel (aka “comic book”) I purchased a week’s start.

Today I hope to leave work early enough, and healthy enough, to test drive a few automobiles.

And finally, tonight I’ll be eating dinner at Gunshow. I hope I’m hungry again by then…

Have a Merry Christmas tomorrow, friends. And if Christmas ain’t your thing have a Happy Thursday. I hope that Tasty China is open tomorrow as well as an invitation to join some of you there for a traditional Szechwan Christmas meal.

Oh, I’m taking tomorrow and Friday off from blogging, type at you all again Monday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Merry Christmas Eve, Friends

  1. Barb says:

    And finally, tonight I’ll be eating dinner at .
    Is it is Mystery? You haven’t decided yet?

    We watched the Gordon Ramsey video on how to make Beef Wellington. And, since I don’t watch his shows, I’m guessing he’s always that way, but he seemed to be way too hyper and I’d say coked up. I will report back on how this dinner goes, it does look a little on the difficult side.

    Steve & Debbie – just text, FB, whatever about tomorrow. I just need to be done by 3pm.

  2. Thanks. Ten years of blogging you’d think that I’d learn to proofread. 🙂

  3. Crap, I once again forgot to mention that I officially turned old on Monday — I received an application for AARP in the mail. Ugh.

  4. Steve says:

    I hope the monsoon has ended. The ponies were glad to come in last night, that’s for sure.

    Hopefully we get out of here at a reasonable hour. The place is damn near deserted. Driving in, despite the rain, there really wasn’t much traffic.

    TC will be open tomorrow and we are planning for a 1PM arrival. I think the plan is for us to pick up Meg, so hopefully she won’t be too late!

    Hope to see y’all tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Barb says:

    I’ll be there at 1pm tomorrow! I’m at work this morning too, hopefully getting out of here at noon.

  6. Expect to see me tomorrow at 1pm as well. Any alcohol requests?

    Yeesh, I wish I were getting out at noon; I will probably leave at 2pm.

  7. bob says:

    Have fun at TC tomorrow, we have a busy day. I’m sure Travis will be up early to see what Santa brings, then we go to Laura’s sisters for breakfast, then back down to Laura’s parents for dinner. Good times will be had but it will be a long day.

    Barb-I don’t think Gordon is on drugs, just way over hyper. I heard he is a huge runner now, even did the Hawaii Iron Man.

    I’m off today, not sure why but we have 3 days off for Christmas this year and only one for new years. I’m hoping the weather drys out so I can ride Friday or Saturday (or both).

    The party is on for the 2nd, but still not sure about the time. I guess I need to decide that 🙂

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