When You Are Hot, You Are Hot

No, not me silly, East Atlanta.


As numerous people pointed out to me yesterday, here are the top ten neighborhoods in the United States for 2015 according to the real estate company Redfin‘s “Hottest Neighborhoods” report that ranked neighborhoods in 27 cities:

  1. El Cerrito (San Diego)
  2. Dickinson Narrows (Philadelphia)
  3. East Atlanta (Atlanta)
  4. Little Neck (Queens, N.Y.)
  5. Bohemia (Long Island, N.Y.)
  6. Curtis Park (Sacramento, Calif.)
  7. Andersonville (Chicago)
  8. Woodridge (Seattle)
  9. Crocker (San Francisco)
  10. Woodridge (Washington D.C.)

Almost more astonishing than East Atlanta being a part of this list is that there are two neighborhoods named “Woodridge” on it.

Interesting to me note: I also know where Little Neck, NY is.

Of course compared to some other neighborhoods in town East Atlanta is a real estate bargain.

Neighborhood (median sale price):

  • East Atlanta ($211,000)
  • Morningside-Virginia Highland ($610,000)
  • East Lake ($264,000)
  • Dunwoody Club Forest ($440,000)
  • Towne Lake ($289,000)

So, I can’t move now! I finally live in a “good” neighborhood!

Stay tuned.

A Whole Lotta Fun
I left work shortly after 6pm and fought the lighter-than-expect traffic down to midtown to attend Orpheus Brewing‘s tasting night for which ITP-Reader Stacy was a volunteer.

When I arrived I was stunned how few people were there, normally beer nights are jam-packed with twenty-somethings swilling tastings as of they were going out of style. Last night there were relatively few people there. However for me, fewer people is a good thing because I was easily able to get a refill any time my glass emptied.

Upon entering I received my first benefit for being a Peach State Ale Trail Passport member, a $2 discount on the tasting glass.

Cost of Membership: $65/annual (though I only paid $60 since I was a Georgia Craft Brewers Guild member previously)
Benefits Redeemed: $2

After the tasting was over Stacy, Aaron, and I walked down to HOBNOB to eat some dinner (had to put something into the gut to counteract the alcohol, you know). We three split the “Tower of Onion Rings”, which was served in tower fashion on a small metal serving tray (there’s another word I am seeking to describe this, but can’t come up with it) shaped like a sailboat; the mast provided the structure around which the rings were stacked. I followed the onion rings with a fantastic plate of fried chicken fingers and french fries (hey, I ate much better a lunch so I was treating myself). And since I’d already consumed enough beer for one evening I drank water with my meal.

It was a really fun night hanging out with friends, and I’m grateful that Stacy mentioned it in yesterday’s comments.

The New Phone Books Are Here! The New Phone Books Are Here!
And were promptly deposited in the recycling bin.

Seriously, when was the last time you used a physical phone book to find information about something?

The New License Plate Is Here!
The M6 is about to get a new accessory, an official (and ugly) Georgia license plate (or “tag” as is said here in the South).

In my mailbox last night was a new, multicolored Georgia license plate. What surprised me was that the state made no effort to disguise the contents of the package, mailing the plate in clear plastic for all to see. I guess they figure hot and upcoming neighborhoods like East Atlanta need not worry about mail theft.

I’ll affix the plate to the back, removing the adversing license plate surround that’s been on the M6 since Day 1 this weekend, right after I am done giving it its first bath. Washing my car? I don’t know who I am any more!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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12 Responses to When You Are Hot, You Are Hot

  1. Stacy says:

    Yaaaay! I made the ITP blog! I love when I make the ITP blog. 😀 Plus, I had the bonus pleasure of getting a little ride in the brand spankin’ new M(I)6 which has that amazing new car smell. Sweet ride you have there, Paulie.

    Last night’s turnout at Orpheus was seriously the smallest I’ve ever seen: only 30 people (compare that to 315 we had last Saturday)! Hoping tonight, what with it being cold and wet and a good night for drinking as well as a Friday, will be a little busier.

  2. Steve says:

    Stacy, sometimes you make the blog and sometime you “MAKE” the blog!! I think I’ll have to try and come down for one of your tasting evenings or Saturdays. Maybe we need to have a blog evening?

    In catching up with yesterdays’TdU stage, Lawson Craddock (American rider from the Houston area followed by some official buddies of mine) broke his sternum!?! He also broke a rib and his wrist. I’ve never heard of breaking your sternum, but that has to smart.

    Dinner tonight celebrating friends 20th Anniversary, packing and exercise this weekend, lunch with Debbie’s family on Sunday. The blizzard warning seems to have expired for Monday- drat.

    And the good news from yesterday- I can still fit into my tuxedo!! A formal event on Valentines Day requires it. Yippee!


  3. bob says:

    With EAV being one of the hottest neighborhoods to live in I’ll bet you can put your house up for sale “as is” and sell it in a week at the price you want. This is a great opportunity to get out from under that house that has been stressing you out for way too long.
    New car, new condo, could be a start to a real good 2015 for you. Just sayin 🙂

    Steve, I wish my tux still fit. I was an idiot and bought a tux and 2 suits at the height of my racing shape. They have not fit for a long long time.

  4. Steve says:

    I’m happy to say I’m almost as slim as ever (almost!). I told Debbie the good news was the tux fit, the bad news was I couldn’t eat anything between now and then.

  5. Debbie says:

    Don’t buy that Bob. The tux isn’t that old. We bought it to replace one that shrunk. 🙂 Great thing for women is that we get to buy something new and don’t get any pesky reminders of what used to fit.

    I agree, now that the neighborhood is hot drop that house like a hot rock and move on.

  6. Steve says:

    Thanks for ratting me out- my first tux was purchased used for $10 (!!) at “Bargainata” which was the Jewish Womens organization fundraiser and was always worth the trip. I think those pants were 32 and the current ones are 34. And it was “Hickey Freeman” or another top end manufacturer.

  7. Jenka says:

    Time to call Melissa Wakamo! 404-729-1133. Not only is EAV hot right now, but January is the beginning of house-buying season.

    I know this because we’re currently in the thick of looking for a house in Morningside/Va-Hi. Therefore that list of median house sale prices makes me shudder. Blerg.

    Off to Ellijay for the weekend. It’s supposed to rain/snow/something. Yay for SNRAIN!

  8. Damn, Jenka I didn’t know you and Kevin were the 1%. 😛

  9. Barb says:

    Spent a couple hours on the beach, it’s breezy but not too breezy. Allan got in the water, too cold for me.

    Finally going to lunch, this vacation schedule is a little behind….

  10. Jenka says:

    Ha! Not hardly. 🙂

  11. Steve says:

    C’mon Barb, what’s a trip to Florida without getting in the water.

  12. Barb says:

    I did get my feet wet…. That was enough. Lol

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