Ah Georgia, the mention of snow strikes fear into the hearts of anyone in authority. Can’t have another 2014-esque fiasco, can we? Close the schools. Close the government offices. However, companies that are based in Denver keep their Atlanta offices open…

Here I am.
Reporting for duty.

I’m not so secretly hoping that someone in this office panics a bit today and sends us home early. Fingers crossed….

All Is Quiet On The German Front
Week seven of German A1.3 is in the books, three more lessons to go in this session.

Last night I changed things up a bit by eating a delicious faux-Asian meal before class at Tin Drum Asiacafé™; as I always do I had the Tin Drum Curry Chicken. Perhaps the only downside of the meal was being greeted with a loud Moe’s-esque “Welcome to Tin Drum” shout, the biggest reason I dislike eating at that faux-Mexican fast food establishment.

Surprisingly class was attended by all fifteen enrolled students; this may be only the third time this session that this has happened.

Class was good, but as I have lamented previously I don’t feel as if I am progressing at the pace I desire. I’ll keep plugging away however.

I was feeling energized upon my return home last night and somehow managed to stay awake until nearly 1:00am. Of course I didn’t do anything that I was supposed to do, instead I watch television shows and podcasts that I had downloaded to my iPad.

Tonight I will return to the land of Deutsch.

Must See TV For Me
There’s been much ado about tonight’s Modern Family. From what I understand it was shot entirely using iPhones and iPads, and will be presented from the view of looking at a MacBook. As an Apple geek (and shareholder) I love seeing this sort of product placement for the company.

Speaking of Apple, I received an invitation to interview with them. It’s legit. However, even if I felt qualified to work for the Mother Company I have absolutely no interest in moving to California. Even though I spent three years in the Central Time Zone I am an East Coaster through and through.

Tonight also brings the start of The Amazing Race, Season 26. I’m not too thrilled with the gimmick this go ’round, eight dating couples and eight never-before-met couples, but I’ll watch nonetheless.

Must run, have to get some things done if I’m going to leave early… 😉

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to Snow?

  1. Steve says:

    The bank sent out a notice yesterday afternoon to take your laptops home (I schelp mine every day) and then last night pulled the trigger on “essential staff” only. That means Law Enforcement, Cash, and a couple of facilities guys and everyone else is working from home. Or not.

    Seems a little silly, but if it hits as predicted, a good call.

    We had a visit from the buyers of JEFDSDR last evening, wanting to make some measurements of the dog room. Nice folks. I hope they are as happy here as we have been. The packing continues…


  2. Barb says:

    Last night was designated “girls night” by JoAnna, she wanted to sit in the hottub & theirs has something wrong, and Mike is too busy to fix it. So, we got Sal to come over too, and caught up. It was very nice sitting outside in the hottub on a cold night.

    I’m still not buying into the hype of this storm, whenever we have all this warning, it always seems to not be anywhere as bad as they are saying. I haven’t even gone to the grocery store. I’m such a rebel.

  3. Steve says:

    But you could walk to the store if you needed to. I’m not really believing it either, but it’s much more likely to hit the Northside then us.

  4. Those of you living south of the Gold Dome should be safe since all of the hot air that emanates from there heads southward, keeping things above freezing.

  5. Martha says:

    CDC is closed, pretty silly if you ask me. It doesn’t look like intown temps will be low enough for anything but rain today. There might be snow up north and some ice on the roads tomorrow.

    An interview with Apple, that is very cool. You have to go, if just for the experience and you never know what could happen.

  6. Steve says:

    Yeah, what Martha said. Who knows, maybe it doesn’t have to be based on the left coast…

  7. It’s definitely Cupertino-based, most of Apple’s software positions are. I should follow up, even if to find out how much I don’t know. 😉

  8. Barb says:

    People are starting to leave the office, even though it isn’t really even raining. I’m trying to decide if I should go home…… just to do it. I do need to do my taxes, I can monitor my emails here at work & act like I’m working.

  9. Starting to snow flurry here. I’d like to leave but we’ve not been set free.

  10. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Huh, starting to come down now. Weather is too warm to accumulate much, at least for now…

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