Springing Forward Some More

In an effort to improve my attitude toward driving to work I have shifted my morning weekday alarm from 6:00am to 5:30am. As I mentioned yesterday this is my time of year and as we get warmer weather it is easier for me to spring out of bed in the morning. Of course I’d also be a little happier if my office building’s climate control was smarter and didn’t force me to wear a jacket inside now…

Looking To Help Someone See
A handful of years ago I was able to donate old prescription eyeglasses at the nearby LensCrafters store. That store is now history so I am seeking another location to which I’d like to donate two pairs of my old eyeglasses. Yesterday I hiked over to Target hoping that their Optical Center would take them, but I was denied.

Do you know of a place that accepts old prescription eyeglasses? I want nothing in return but the belief that the organization that accepts them does more than just throw them into the trash.

A Night Of Fail
I didn’t plan to go out and drink after work, but I did anyway. A group us got together to drink with our collogue who will be moving on Saturday. Three beers and very little food later I walked back to my car and drove home, I was legal by then. Upon arriving home all I wanted to do was eat, but it was nearly 10:30pm so I decided to go to sleep instead. I awoke with my first hangover headache in some time and I must have had a fitful night of sleep because I am currently very tired.

A Night Of Success?
As I mentioned yesterday tonight I will be meeting ITP-Reader Stacy for some trivia. Since I made it in to work by 6:30am today I am going to try and leave at a reasonable hour. If possible I will be making a quick stop at IKEA on my journey from Perimeter to Midtown.

I just went to Outspoken Entertainment‘s website, which looks sooo late 1990s, for tonight’s free answer but couldn’t find it. Turns out that I was supposed to go to their Facebook page, which thankfully doesn’t require me to log in, but that has yet to be updated as of this writing.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Springing Forward Some More

  1. Barb says:

    here’s what it says on the Onesight website FAQs

    What happens to the eyewear I donate?

    Donated eyewear is disassembled and sent to a third party recycler that utilizes the raw materials. OneSight receives modest funds based on weight that supports charitable programs.

    I collected eyewear for OneSight. Where should I send them?

    Small quantities of eyewear can be dropped off at your local LensCrafters, Sears Optical or Target Optical locations. Large quantities should be shipped at the donor’s expense directly to the eyewear processing center:

    Optical Village OneSight Center
    9924 International Blvd., Dock 22
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

  2. Steve says:

    Lions clubs are the ones who recycle eyeglasses. I’m guessing if you look them up, they may have a list of locations. And if all else fails, we collect them here at work, along with old cellphones, and donate them appropriately.

    I’m trying to purchase a cell phone booster amp from Best Buy. Their website says the store in Newnan has them, but we’ve been once and spoke to a manager, and he couldn’t find them. They also have them (supposedly) at the Cumberland Mall store. Barb, are you up for a little errand at lunch, if I can verify these actually exist?

    We again tried to meet up with Mr Ruff, the neighbor with the pasture. We met his lovely wife and got the blessing from her, so began the prep by mowing the pasture and scoping out where to run the fence (electric tape). Still need some corner posts and a gate, so there will be some construction, very soon. Debbie also marked a path from the house to the pasture, which a cleared a bit of the bigger trees (2-3 inch) that the tractor wouldn’t push over. Probably didn’t leave enough stump to get good leverage on, but we’ll see.

    Wish I could take another week to do all this work, but I guess the weekends and evenings will have to do.


  3. I had read that OneSight page, which is why I thought that I could drop the eyeglasses off at Target. When I queried Target on Twitter they responded tell me that it was up to each individual location, which I though weird since I figured that they’d have a corporate policy.

  4. Barb says:

    Steve – send me all the info to go ask at Best Buy – if I can’t get there at lunch, I can run down there after work. It is not far at all from me.
    I will buy it if they have it – then we can work out the difference with the Masters tix.

  5. Stacy says:

    Today, March 26, is “Make Your Own Holiday!” day and so I declared it on my Facebook early this morning that it’s “Buy a Stacy a Beer Day” so make sure you bring your wallet tonight, Paulie. Hahaha. I jest! Only slightly. *grin*

    Yeah, that website leaves a LOT to be desired. I actually know the guy who owns the company (met through Yassar, who of course had worked for him for many years)… I honestly think he doesn’t know how to update the website! The answer usually hits FB around 2pm or so.

  6. Steve says:

    I ordered the cell phone booster from BestBuy for in store pickup in Newnan. After trying to actually purchase it there last weekend, I figured they would have to ship it in- nope, got an email half an hour after placing the order that it was ready for pickup. WTF,O- and we were dealing with someone whose nametack at least “said” manager.

    We may have cell service soon…

  7. Barb says:

    cool – & now I don’t have to go to Best Buy tonight!

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