Watch Out

I was going to come to the blog today and announce to the world that I pre-ordered an Apple Watch. Especially because few people would expect me to have done so.

I set an alarm for 2:45am because pre-order sales started at 3:00am and I knew that if I waited until later that I wouldn’t get mine as a part of the first shipment.

Twice I was one click away from making the purchase. Twice! Each time I reared back and then canceled. By the time I had hemmed and hawed before making a third run at it the availability date shifted to June, essentially squashing my chances.

Because of this I will wait. If the people who get their’s first report that the love them then I will order one as part of my fiftieth birthday gift package. It’s hard for me to spend $450 on a watch, especially one as unproven as this first Apple Watch. I waited until the second release of iPhone (3G) to get my first iPhone, and was thrilled with the first iPad that I purchased, but this just seems different, harder to justify.

With the exception of perhaps a twenty-minute nap I have been awake since 3:00am. I was in the office by 6:00am and will be using this as an excuse to beat traffic to East Atlanta tonight, especially since rain is predicted.

We Were Guaranteed To Finish In The Top Three
Last night a mere three teams competed at the trivia held at Midtown Tavern. Three!

At the end of the first half of play we had a perfect score and were comfortably in the lead. And then we jinxed ourselves by talking about it… Thankfully we only missed a couple of questions, including not knowing which shoe company coined the term “sneaker” in 1917 — it’s not who you think because that’s what we answered incorrectly, and easily finished in first place.

A Pleasant Surprise
Just the other day I was thinking how long it has been since I’ve seen Betsy. And then on my drive home last night I received a text from her inviting me to her house for a Tasty China night. Wunderbar!

It’ll be nice to catch up with people I’ve not seen in some time.

Big Weekend Ahead
Tomorrow is already jam-packed with activities.

I’m hoping to get a good bike ride in during the morning, one of my last rides before next weekend’s BRAG Spring Tune Up rides. (ITP-Reader Barb, I will be sending you a “What should I pack” email sometime this week since I have no previous experience with this ride.)

After recovering from my bike ride I plan to get out and mow the lawn, assuming that it has sufficiently dried after today’s rain.

And tomorrow evening I will be headed to Horizon Theatre for their performance of “Grand Concourse”.

After getting some exercise on Sunday I will be spending the rest of the day making a final push to get my Monday deliverable done. I’ve not been highly productive this week so I once again will give away my time in order to deliver on schedule. Unfortunately it sounds as if there will be no air conditioning in the building on Sunday, so it might be a tad uncomfortable. All the more reason I need to start getting more work done during the week.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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13 Responses to Watch Out

  1. Steve says:

    Your decisiveness is again amazing. A $450 watch better come up with some sort of guarantee.

    I finally rode from the new house last night. The quality of the roads made it necessary to just my rearview mirror every few moments.

    We finally celebrated our anniversary last night with a delicious sushi dinner.

    A reminder for you in town folks that the Dogwood Festival is happening this weekend at Piedmont Park.

    Off to do chores and stop in and make our weekly donation at the Huddle House.


  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I wholly admit that I am a waffler when it comes to making decisions, which makes my love of pancakes that much more confusing. 🙂

  3. Barb says:

    Well – the inspector said something wasn’t deep enough for the cement pad to be poured (needs to be a minimum of 12″ for something somewhere) so the guys came back at 7pm last night with a backhoe to dig. They were out there past dark to get it right. Allan calls the inspector back & he comes back again Monday. Hopefully we don’t get too much rain & it all dries up before Monday. (can’t have any water sitting to pass inspection)

    I see no reason for an Apple Watch. but that’s me.

    Also got more tomatoes & a few other things planted last night. Hopefully this year everything will grow well & maybe I can finally attempt to can tomato sauce.
    I still need 1 Sweet 100 (or some sort of grape/cherry tomato), and I need to plant some squash, zucchini & cucumbers, but I do those from seed & didn’t feel like doing it all last night.

    Weekend – hope to get a bike ride in tomorrow morning, then maybe go to Pine Lake (its in our ‘hood).
    Sunday Red Eye & I may go ride Arabia Mtn Path & then go visit MC, she is having some surgery today & will be recovering at home.

  4. Stacy says:

    I swear to heavens that last night’s news is still on my mind because I thought you wrote that you “got more tornadoes” planted last night, Barb.

    Though trivia was fun last night (great company, lots of laughs), I’m always a little bummed when it’s SO one-sided like that. Going into the finale, we didn’t need a single answer right out of 10 in order to still win (and still got 9/10, damn Sabrina!). I prefer the 7-10 teams playing nights. I’m hoping maybe as the weather gets nicer people will play more. If not, we could maybe find a busier location. Looks like Cameli’s in L5P has it Thursdays as well.

    Everyone in the office is talking about the Apple watch; I don’t think anyone I know has pre-purchased it though. I’m with Barb on this one. But then, I’m still annoyed with Apple because I’m too stupid enough to figure out my iTunes library. 😉

  5. If I still had my LLC I suppose I could have written off the cost as a business expense, but alas I have shut it down. NOTE TO SELF: Call the City of Atlanta on Monday to see if they have acknowledged that I have killed Sharpened Stone, LLC.

    Good luck with the inspection on Monday Barb. As of now they are predicting rain for Monday, but you know how (in)accurate weather forecasts can be.

  6. steve says:

    Don’t call the CoA Monday, call them today!

  7. Barb says:

    And as for what to bring to STU, the usual.
    Bike, bike clothes including helmet & shoes, tent, sleeping stuff for said tent, chair, other clothes to wear, beer, snacks, a sense of humor. money.
    Its Madison, there are stores nearby if you forgot anything.

  8. Jeez, you people are so demanding. 😉

    If I have my Sharpened Stone paperwork here I’ll call CoA today. Not sure I do, however.

    And if I have the time and capabilities to put the hitch on I will. Next week is SUPER busy for me… If I can’t I’ll transport the bike the same way I did on Easter. It’s not a hardship since I’ll only be bringing a single bike. I was reading the BRAG Spring Tune Up Ride’s website and they suggested not bringing some of those things… which is why I asked you, the real expert, Barb. I’ll be prepared by Friday.

  9. Barb says:

    we are demanding, why buy the shit if you aren’t going to use it?
    Bring the hitch over to our house, Allan will install it for you. It really doesn’t take much time at all. Just a couple bolts if I remember correctly from doing mine (& my friend Annette’s). We should be home for the most part all week, Allan works Sunday & Wed.

  10. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I plan to use it, but I have not had the need until last Sunday. Four bolts, that’s all. I am busy all nights except Wednesday and I am hoping to get a ride in on that night. Not sure that I can fit both the hitch and my bike into the trunk at the same time. With a simple workaround I don’t see this as a critical need by next week.

  11. Barb says:

    from BRAG FB post –
    The Spring Tune-Up Ride is optional Kiwanis Club sausage and biscuit with Cafe Campesino Coffee all three mornings, Philly Cheese Steak food truck on site for lunch or supper, King of Pops for dessert, S’Mores while listening to 2 bands on site. Oh, and Happy Hour Friday and Saturday downtown at the Brady Inn. Plus lots of restaurants and ice cream shop in downtown Madison. Antique car show cruise in Friday afternoon downtown. Last but not least, the best cycling roads in Georgia and great rest stops – official and one unofficial!

  12. Steve says:

    Yes we’re a demanding lot. Since you don’t have an S O, we have to pick up the slack. You’re welcome.

  13. Barb says:

    its just like being married, with out being married.

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