I Could Write A Book

It would be called “How to Ruin Productivity with Beer”. Well, it’d be more like a pamphlet.

Yesterday I attempted to go into the office and work, but was stymied by the lack of desire to do so. After doing some things that I’ll mention below, I met up with the boss at Smith’s Olde Bar at 4pm and then proceeded to drink a few beers and eat dinner. After waiting out the rain I arrived at home and proceeded to get nothing else accomplished.

Go Gators!
At 9:15am Saturday morning I finally hit the road for my ride. As is normal when I am riding I headed to Stone Mountain. I’m pleased to say that, even though I only did the interior loop again, I made a complete journey in 2:30. Admittedly I was breaking no speed records, in fact I am a rather slow rider these days, but I did it. The two things I need to improve are my pedal stroke, and my ability to increase my oxygen intake — for the latter caused me to huff-and-puff as if I were trying to blow down the houses of the three little pigs.

My ride had some interesting turns of events along the way. I had no idea that there would be a “color walk” occurring in Stone Mountain Village, so my route was detoured a few times both heading into, as well as coming out of, the park. During part of my return route I was forced to sloooooooow ride amongst the participants who were be-speckled in multi-color chalk. After returning to riding after having to stop to pick up the water bottle that I failed to put back into its cage while riding I was passed by a guy wearing a Florida Gators jersey. Having just purchased one of these for myself last weekend but not wearing it I gave out an obligatory “Go Gators” as he rode away. When he turned right a little later I assumed that I’d never see him again, but I was wrong as I was once again passed by him as I turned onto Church Street in Scottdale.

I celebrated my good ride with an hour-long nap, followed by lunch, followed by reading, followed by another nap, followed by dinner. You can safely say that I allowed myself to enjoy a Saturday night home alone — an occurrence that has become routine over the last year.

But It Was On Sale!
After failing to convince myself to dedicate my life to work yesterday I drove from the office over to the REI in the Perimeter Mall area. While there I proceeded to purchase new cleats for my cycling shoes, a new lightweight towel for camping, and a new tent with a footprint. Wait, what?!?!

Yep, I’m now a proud owner of a REI Base Camp 4 tent. I thought about getting the smaller, Half Dome 4, but realized that I will be turning fifty this year and have never gone backpacking, so I doubt that I will start now; hence it wasn’t foolish to buy the taller, heavier tent. It may sound frivolous to entirely replace my old tent just because I broke one of its tent poles. However there were other circumstances which swayed my decision.

  1. I bought the old tent seven years ago. I got good use out of it, but have noticed that its seams are starting to split.
  2. I never owned a proper footprint for the old tent, therefore I always had to lug around an extra tarp to use as its footprint.
  3. I don’t have to worry about finding the proper pole segment, or sending off the broken pole to be repaired, or anything of that sort.
  4. The new tent has aluminum poles, therefore I shouldn’t be able to snap them.
  5. The tent was on sale!
  6. I had $34 in REI dividend money to spend.
  7. I wanted to do this. Sometimes being the only one making decisions about how money is spent is fun.

The old tent will most likely be given to Goodwill, containing a note identifying the broken pole so that the buy can be aware of what they are purchasing.

I Am “The Amazing Race” and “Mad Men” Current
I have watched the finales of each show and am will to discuss here in the comments. I will say that the ending of one of these shows pleased me, the other, well, not so much. I’ll let you try to figure out which did which.

I’m Playing The Role Of The Optimist

While typing this from home, I am planning to pack the bicycle into the M6 in hopes that it doesn’t rain tonight. If I luck out I plan to ride the route that I messed up last Wednesday night.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to I Could Write A Book

  1. Stacy says:

    That was quite a fun little downpour yesterday afternoon, wasn’t it? I was a mere few blocks from you at the time. Naturally, the skies opened madly right at the end of our tasting hours. Waited it out a bit (not a bad place to wait out a rainstorm, if I’m going to be honest) but then just really wanted to get home so made a break for it. Learned the back parking lot turns into a pond when this happens. Who knew? Also learned that running through parking-lots-turned-ponds is not very easy in Birkenstocks without biffing it. Weeeee! Well at least I was already wet. 🙂

    I am an Amazing Race watcher, but not Mad Men (whaaaa? I know! Am I the only one?) so I cannot discuss the later. SPOILER ALERT for the former.

    Of the last three teams (okay, I guess four — but we all knew the truckers weren’t going to make it), I’m glad these folks were the ones who won. I kinda feel bad for Blair (dang that guy was patient with that nag this season!) but not enough to wish they had won.

  2. Steve says:

    What a busy weekend!

    Saturday, I wasted an hour in the office when I couldn’t get some newly installed fiber optic cable to connect. We left the office and had a delicious breakfast at the OHOP on Chesire Bridge. A bike ride in the afternoon, followed by a bareback height jumping competition at Chatt. Hills. This poussant was a little bit different, in that it was for fun, and if you dropped a rail or had a refusal and then wanted to continue, you had to lose an article of clothing. The height started at 3’10 and the winner was able to jump 5’6″. Lots of laughs, and everyone was prepared not to show too much skin- one rider said she was wearing 6 bra’s and managed to get down to 2.

    Sunday was chore day. I finally got the blades replaced on the mower. I am now the proud owner of a BF 18″ crescent wrench! I also considered repairing the leaking hose faucet, but bought lots of parts, of which none will work. You expect a washer to be held on by a screw, but these cheap bastards used a rivet, requiring the complete faucet replacement.

    Debbie has finally mastered mind reading. I listened to one of the cooking shows on NPR and they mentioned fried chicken. I got a hankering and thought about calling Debbie to pick up some KFC on her way home, but didn’t call. She arrives home with a lovely bucket of KFC on her own!!! freaky.


  3. The show you were listening to was “The Splendid Table”. This was a rerun from last year. The reason I know this is that one of the people who wrote that book said her favorite recipe was from an Atlantan restaurant called “Cardamom Hill”. After I first heard the show I wanted to go to this restaurant, but after seeing much they charge for their fried chicken I changed my mind.

    You are correct, Stacy. MORE SPOILERS
    – I was glad Laura and Tyler won. Though they didn’t make a love connection they seemed to enjoy each other’s company and were civil to one another.
    – I bet that Blair has no trouble finding dates now.
    – The fact that Hayley was the one who cost them dearly made my night. All season long she was a total PITA.

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