Busy, Rainy, Weekend

Hi, I’m still in Raleigh and as busy as ever. I’m also still hanging with the Raleigh Royalty until later today.

This weekend has been fun as always.

On Friday night the adults went out for dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant of mine. And yesterday we watched the boys do a kids triathlon. I thought herding hashers was hard, but getting kids as young as five years old to do a triathlon? Holy crap. Oh, it was also ITP-Reader Randy’s birthday yesterday as well; post-race donuts and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake after dinner, oh boy!

It was a great weekend for those of us rooting for orange and blue, notsomuch for the green and white. The Gators managed to pull one out of their collective asses on Saturday night, beating Tennessee for the eleventh year in a row. Woot! And even more amazingly than that, the Mets clinched their division with a win on Saturday; this from a team I predicted to finish no higher than fourth.

The weather here has been hu-mid. I’m currently sweating after taking a shower. Meh.

And finally, I had a funny run-in on Friday’s flight to Raleigh; on board the plane was one of my German classmates. It’s always strange to see people out of context.

Okay, I have to do work. 🙁

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Steve says:

    I watched a bit of football Saturday after we got back from the 2nd party to celebrate Debbie’s birthday! The first was after she rode and her riding buddies got together at Bear Creek and had snacks and cake (OMG! from Alon’s Bakery) then we went to a party that evening of more horse friends where we were not the prime birthday, but a secondary. Still fun.

    The crappy weather all weekend prevented me from finishing the roof of the barn, but I managed to get all the doors hung and the support posts for the stalls completed. I learned if you put enough weight in the bucket of the tractor, it doesn’t want to turn very well when sitting still. Stall mats are not light, and 6 of them on the ends of the forks had plenty of leverage.

    Worlds were great- great races and a fitting winner on the mens side in Sagan. There was even a little online blurb about what the officials do-



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