I love that word.

Okay, what snarled traffic yesterday? Was it the handcuffed man jumping to his death from a building downtown? Were there multiple wrecks on the Connector? Was it a combination of these? It took me over fifteen minutes to drive from Piedmont Park to Colony Square (about two city blocks) on 14th Street. It’s a damn good thing that I am so anal retentive about getting places on time, so I had a decent time buffer before my German class. I can’t imagine the amount of frustration I would have encountered if I’d had to drive from work leaving at 5pm instead of 4:15pm. Some of my classmates were late because they got stuck in that mess worse that I did. Because I eat quickly I was able to wolf down my Tin Drum dinner with fifteen minutes to spare.

German class was fine, but as expected I am behind. Something about not putting in the work, yadda, yadda, yadda. “Intensive” studies begin this week. The next two classes will be interesting because our teacher will be in Hamburg, Germany for work, thus we’ll have a substitute teacher.

Yesterday I also realized that I need to start learning Swift, the programming language that Apple introduced last year. But when will I find the time? I’ve tried to learn it twice already, each time being interrupted by work, travel, or indifference. This is a skill that will prove to be useful given that I still have a decade-and-a-half in which I must earn income.

I continue to fantasize about taking a long hiatus from work. However, there are the lack of income and health insurance things to consider… And who’s going to hire a fifty-year-old programmer that decided to leave his job? Well, at least I think I could overcome the latter of these two concerns; I might need that hiatus in order to do better than I have done this year when it comes to that.

Yesterday I wore these things called “sunglasses” (die Sonnebrille in German) for the first time in what seems like forever. Today I plan to wear my cycling sunglasses. I toted the bicycle on the M6 into work and, if all goes well, will get out of work in time to ride 25 miles before it gets too dark. Hooray for October warm fronts!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Steve says:

    If you had to leave your office at 5, MARTA would be the only reasonable alternative to sucking traffic.

    I plan on going on permanent sabbatical in about 5 years and I’m so ready. I like my job, I really do. I enjoy the people, the work is mostly fun and not too stressful and I stay just busy enough. I’m over the commute. If I could figure out a way to phone it in, I would.

    I finally got down to EP and mowed yesterday afternoon. My sister brings her grandkids over sometime to play soccer in the backyard and as I cut, I thought to myself this grass is as nice if not nicer than any soccer pitch anywhere. It really is just that pretty. The mower managed to handle having a screwed up front end- as long as I was going straight, not too bad. Turns are a bit challenging.

    Enjoy your ride- and you put your bike on the rack?


  2. Yes. I. Did.

    (I had shit in the trunk I didn’t want to deal with this morning)

  3. Jenka says:

    The third sentence needs a period.

    Paulie, you’re not on FB so I wanted to let you know that we’re having a Before ‘n’ After party for the L5P Halloween Parade on 17 October. If you’re around, stop by any time after 2:00 pm for some shitty beer (PBR) and snacks. Feel free to bring good beer if you don’t like PBR. We’ll walk over to the parade around 3:30, then come back afterwards. Very casual. Hope to see you!

    469 Sterling St NE, 30307.

  4. Thanks!

    Unfortunately I cannot attend because, fortunately, I will be at LEAF in Black Mountain, NC that weekend. Thanks for the invite, though.

  5. Barb says:

    Hi Jenka!

    I told Allan I want to come to your party, we will see if we can make it into town that day.

    Steve – have you talked to any of the family about doing something like EM did for renters for the house?

    I went to East Cobb to meet a friend for dinner- traffic was terrible for a couple miles, then it actually moved along quite well. I really do LOVE my 10 minute commute – even on a bad day its never more than 15-20.

    Mom in law reminded me I owe them some painting from way back when we bought our house – so I offered to go over tonight & she just laughed, like she was kidding. So, I’m not sure if I’m painting tonight or not. Cabinets are done & being installed next week -that house might start looking like a house again soon. MY guess is they will offically move in this winter & sell the East Cobb house this spring.

  6. Steve says:

    Jenka, that is the weekend of the Highland Games, so we’re a no.

    Barb, I have not mentioned it, but that reminds me I need to touch base with my sister.

    So Mary didn’t want you painting?

  7. Barb says:

    I have no idea about Mary – she wanted me to feel guilty about helping, but doesn’t really want any help? who knows…….

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