It Feels Like Monday

I have to keep reminding myself that today is Wednesday because since this is the first time that I’ve been in the office this week it feels like Monday to me.

Busy, Busy, Busy
It’s also the first blog that I’ve written this week, some of you may have noticed this, because I’ve been super busy. Unfortunately this doesn’t appear as if this will change any time soon.

I drove to Lake Park, Georgia on Saturday afternoon and spent the night there before completing the journey to Florida on Sunday morning.

On Sunday evening I played bingo with my mother and two aunts. I was neither a winner that night, nor the youngest person in the room that night.

Monday morning I woke early and did a 32-mile bike ride. The central west coast of Florida is either wonderful or miserable depending on your view of flat-land riding. The biggest “hills” I encountered were the one overpass and one drawbridge I rode over. The majority of the rest of the ride was flat as the old railroad line that it used to be. I passed two really cute old train stations along the way; I kinda think that we blew it ripping up all the old tracks.

Monday afternoon and evening were spent with my mother, brother, and sister-in-law. We chatted for awhile before going out to an early dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

It was good to see my family, it doesn’t happen often.

I drove home pretty much straight through, stopping at the Georgia Welcome Center rest area to eat the liverwurst sandwich packed for me by my mother, and to fill the M6’s tank with gas about thirty miles south of Atlanta. I love the fact that I can drive to my mother’s house on one tank of gas. I must admit that the M6’s entertainment system still frustrates the hell out of me however.

Upon arriving home I unpacked my goods, and the immediately left the house to go to German class.

After work tonight I’ll be driving over to the westside for the Ben Sollee concert at Terminal West.

But for now I better start catching up on email and stuff, given that it’s Wednesday and all.

Paulie [eat/ga]

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4 Responses to It Feels Like Monday

  1. Barb says:

    Nothing too exciting going on around here. Allan ordered teh lumber 7 whtever to start building the shed – looks like it will be delivered Friday -so I guess I know what we will be starting Sunday.

    Went mountain biking Sunday to a new to us trail in East Paulding county – Mount Tabor Park. About 8 miles of trail & since it was still a little wet & I’m not a fan of wet roots & leaves – it wasn’t as fun as I’d have liked it to be. We will definitely go back out there – its a nice fairly technical twisty trail, without a lot of climbing.

  2. Debbie says:

    It’s Games week, so I’m living the single life. It sounds like things are going along well for set up. Steve was only a little grumpy and very tired last night. At least he won’t have to commute the rest of the week and I’ll join the fun for Friday night and Saturday.

    We have a spare dog that I’m trying to adopt out. Someone took him yesterday and then decided she wasn’t ready for a dog. What a flake. He’s a great dane/lab mix and a big rambunctious puppy. I’m sure I’ll find him a home, but I hope I don’t have to go thru a bunch more nonsense to do it.

    Happy Wednesday! You’re week is half over and you just started it!

  3. Stacy says:

    I miss it when you don’t blog! I don’t have anything meaningful to say today, but was just happy to see you actually blogged. 🙂

  4. Steve says:

    Glad to see you’re still alive and glad you had a good time with the fam.

    We are moving along with the Games… A good crew of volunteers and the rain has held off. Should be a great weekend to be Scottish.

    Off tonight to meet the guest of honor, if he can make it through Atlanta traffic. His flight landed T 5 and we’re meeting at 7.


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