Back To Reality

If you are a tech nerd as I am you couldn’t help but know that yesterday was “Back to the Future” day, the day in the future to which Marty and Doc Brown travel. In the movie Back the the Future II it is revealed that the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series. Last night my beloved Mew York Mets put an end to that plot line. Now if I could only figure out how to travel back to the preseason so that I could place a large bet on the Mets winning the World Series…

I should admit here that if it were any other team playing the Cubs for the National League pennant I would have been rooting for the Cubbies.

Last night I traveled in real time to Terminal West to hear Tobias Jesso Jr and Duck play. For the second Wednesday in as many weeks I was pleased by music that I would normally not hear when going to concerts. Jesso is a keyboard player and was backed by the band Duck, which is comprised of guitar, bass, drums, and a horns section. The band played songs, including some humorous covers, until Terminal West shut them down at midnight.

Tonight I’ll be pulling a Thursday night double by getting my hair cut prior to joining the trivia nerds at Cameli’s. I am considering spending my entire share of last week’s winnings on food tonight. That’s right, I might attempt to play trivia without drinking beer. Tune in again tomorrow to see how successful I was.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Steve says:

    While I’m happy for you and your Mets, I too, was pulling for the Cubs. An interesting piece on NPR about the curse of the goat and the Cubs.

    Debbie and I met horse friends at Goin’ Coastal for dinner last night. Had I known that was the plan when I left the house yesterday, I would have been prepared to run after work. Instead, I walked over and did some shopping (bought a cool tape measure at Highland Hardware for left handers (now that the barn is almost completed.) Try reading a tape measure upside down all the time!). I also stopped in a quaint tavern called Georges, where I quenched my thirst with a delicious malt beverage. It was strange that apparently, I’m famous, as everyone knew my name!!

    Friday for me, barn building commences in earnest tomorrow!

    And the Red Bull Soapbox Derby is Saturday on North Ave behind PCM. Might have to look that up.


  2. I’d be going to the Soapbox Derby on Saturday if not for another plan that I have in place — that I’ll reveal tomorrow…

  3. Stacy says:

    George’s? Where’s that? I may have to try it sometime! 😉

    I went to the Soapbox Derby a few years ago when it was over on 10th. Was fun! Really crowded though so if you really want to see anything, definitely go early to get a spot up against the rails (er, hay barrels). The move to North Ave. is brilliant as I imagine there will be many who view from the Beltline overpass (and talk about directing foot traffic for food and drink into PCM!)….let alone the fact that the hill’s a bit steeper there. I’m hoping to make that part of a nice long walk on Saturday morning myself. If you end up being around, give a shout, FP!

    Last night I went to Center for Pupperty Arts to see an adults-only (yay!) Halloween-themed show called “The Ghastly Dreadfuls”. Ohmygosh, people. If you can still get tickets, go, Go GO!!!! It was super much fun, I laughed my head off, you’re supporting local arts (win!) and I honestly can say this will become an annual tradition now. Puppets, but also singing, dancing, acting, great live music, crazy funny… cannot recommend enough. Wed-Sat, now through Halloween.

  4. Steve says:

    And the report on Goin Coastal- I was somewhat underwhelmed. Service was a bit slow. Perhaps I ordered poorly, going for the “Low country shrimp plate”- not sure what I was expecting, but out came a plate with shrimp, a nice piece of Andouille, some red potatoes and a corn cob. Perhaps because this was a “nice” restaurant, I felt odd eating half my meal with my hands. Debbie’s shrimp and grits were pretty good.

  5. Barb says:

    You all had nuch more interesting evenings that we did. Got home from work, made some dinner (a not very healthy chicken noodle cheesy casserole) for Allan, he’s feeling a little better, but not 100% by far. Watched some TV, went to bed early.

    Tonight we are having a few people over for JoAnna’s pre-birthday dinner (actual birthday is Monday I think) – found out that Tasty China isn’t allowing BYOB anymore, so we are doing it at my house, so I get to go pick it all up. Guess I better work on the menu.
    Glad the weather is supposed to be nice, so we can sit out on the deck.

  6. Damn, did Tasty China get a liquor license? That’s too bad (for us) if they have.

  7. Barb says:

    no, I don’t think they did, but rumor has it Cobb County is cracking down on them -& they might not kknow how to charge a corkage fee. I’ll ask about it when I go in there today.

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