“Sick” Day 2: Let’s Do This!

Yesterday was a very good day. I don’t get to say that very often…

I started the morning off by going to Octane, drinking a coffee, eating a delicious everything bagel, and observing the amazingly attractive young women that go to Octane.

I left Octane, and remembered that there is a Target near IKEA, headed there first. It was my goal to use the “5% off an entire day of shopping” coupon that Target sent out as a severance package for selling their pharmacies to CVS. Let’s just say that Target has a different way of doing math than I do. First, I bought two iTunes gift cards because they were “buy one, get the second for 20% off”, they both rang up at full price. Second, on the $205 total my 5% discount coupon saved me $5.00; wait, what? A trip to the Customer Service desk got me the $10 I was supposed to save on the two $50 iTunes gift cards I bought, however no amount of chatter could convince the clerk that 5% of $200 is $10, and not $5. Seeing how I was only going to lose $5 I gave in and left.

From Target I drove over to IKEA. My first step was to get my IKEA Family membership card so that I could save 15% on the TV media center I was planning to purchase. Having been to this IKEA numerous times I attempted cheat the system and walk backward to the entertainment center section; I got lost. With the help of a nice IKEA employee I was directed to the section I wanted to visit. In the entertainment system section I finally found the item I wanted to buy, which turned out to be a collection of eight individual items. The “packing slip” available was for the components that made up the white version, which was not what I wanted to buy. After figuring out how to map the white pieces to the black-brown ones I rolled my cart around to get all of the components — except for one that I could not find. After much deliberation I decided to create my own IKEA hack by buying a similarly-sized component to the one I could not find.

Upon returning home I unloaded the M6 and then walked up to Midway Pub for lunch. My mind was set on drinking beer and ordering the huge plate of fried chicken tenders and fries. The beer was easy to choose, but the menu had changed; the change turned out to be for my waist’s betterment because the chicken tenders were only available in basket form, reducing the serving size from four to two.

After two beers and lunch I returned home to piece together my IKEA purchase. Success! Well, 75% success! I still have doors to attach, and then figure out whether or not I want to use the legs I purchased.

Around 4:30pm I decided that my lunchtime buzz had worn off enough to get my fat ass on the trainer for an hour. And I did. And there was an individual’s worth of rejoicing. While riding I watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

A funny thing happened after my hour of exercise, I decided that I did not want to go out to dinner, that I did not want to go to the Tacky Light Tour, and that I was going to stay at home and cook, Well, prepare a boxed meal. And I proceeded to do just that.

My night consisted of eating my creation, writing this blog post, and studying Swift and German. Natch!

Tuesday’s Chores
My goals for today are the following:

  • Eat doughnuts for breakfast, perhaps from Revolution Doughnuts
  • Go to the bank and wire my $275 for EuroHash 2017 in Vienna (Europe, not Georgia)
  • Spend two hours studying Swift
  • Spend one hour studying German
  • Ride the trainer for an hour
  • Go to the High Museum of Art
  • Get my hairs cut so I look my best for Santa Claus on Thursday night
  • Eat dinner out

T-Minus three days until Christmas, don’t blow it now…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to “Sick” Day 2: Let’s Do This!

  1. Barb says:

    Much more fun for you yesterday than me.

    Just work & a trip to the airport – it wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be, found a parking place in the hourly lot very close, Delta flight from Cedar Rapids was right on time, found Mom & Dad coming off the escalator, bag was there, $2 to pay for 20 minutes of parking, and traffic back to Marietta was speed limit the whole way.

    Should be an interesting week – we are going to A christmas Carol tonight!

    I’m here at work until 10 or 11 – that gives them time to get up & get moving.

  2. Steve says:

    Sounds like a pretty good day.

    As I was still feeling puny last night, there wasn’t much to do but clean the barn and bring everyone in before the rain got cranking. There is a report of someone stealing horses in our area… I believe the horses will be in the barn at night for the foreseeable future.

    I still have some shopping to do, but just a couple of stops- sadly, I’m not really in the mood, but I don’t think I have much choice at this point.

    Barb, I hope you and the ‘rents survive the week.


  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    First attempt to wire money for EuroHash failed. Delta Community Credit Union required a personal address, even though I had all the bank information. Now sitting outside Wells Farfo, awaiting its opening. Hopefully I can get this done here.

  4. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Wire transfer “complete”, upon the recipient receiving my money I will be registered for EuroHash 2017!

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