Lazy Days And Fridays

I was a complete bum this morning, oversleeping, and then deciding not to ride my trainer. And I wonder why I’m not losing weight…

My Time Is Money Too, You Know
After refusing to pay $15 for up-to-ten hours of parking, the alternative in that lot was paying $8 for four hours — and I wasn’t sure if the concert would be over in a four-hour window — I found street parking in Decatur. I know, I know, the courthouse parking is free but I hate parking there at night.

My street spot gave me the opportunity to eat somewhere other than Eddie’s Attic, so I did, choosing Twain’s instead.

There are so many restaurant options in Decatur that I should be more adventurous.

By the time I arrived at Eddie’s all of the bar seating was taken so I found a spot in the bleacher section. Eaglesmith’s standard opening band Tif Ginn took the stage late, about 8:15pm, and put on an unfortunately short set, no more than five songs. I heard Ginn’s band perform two years ago at Eddie’s and love the energy they produce, so I was bummed at the shortened set.

And then I waited.
And waited.
And waited.

After thirty five minutes of sitting on uncomfortable bleacher seating with nothing to do but look at my phone, I got fed up and left. For just about everyone else in the room who were there with others probably never realized how long the wait was, because they had the luxury of spending the entire night with others.

I was disappointed to not hear Eaglesmith play, but my time is worth something too. And if you are not going to take the stage until after 9:00pm why didn’t the opening band get more time on stage?

I pulled a muscle in my back drying off after showering this morning. Hello again, old age. 🙁

Partially-Scheduled Weekend Ahead!
I will be doing nothing scheduled tonight. Given the time I left for work this morning (see today’s title) and the fact that I have to produce a deliverable today I am certain that I will be working late. I may use this as an opportunity to eat out somewhere I’ve never eaten before, or not.

Tomorrow night I will be going downtown to Theatrical Outfit for their one-night performance of “Tom Key and Friends”. All I know about this play is that it celebrates Key’s twenty years of acting in Atlanta.

On Sunday I have a free expo pass for Imaging USA, which is also being held downtown. I’ve been in communique with ITP-Reader John (aka “Ham With Cam”, not a hasher) about possibly meeting up for the event; it’s currently looking unlikely, but I hope we can swing it. You know, as part of my 2016 theme of “Reconnecting”. Alternatively I could drive to the Black Sheep Hash, which sounds like it could be fun, but the weather forecast convinced me to go to Imaging USA instead.

Have a great weekend, friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Lazy Days And Fridays

  1. Steve says:

    It was a barn cleaning, TV watching, puppy training/punishing, chicken tacos making kind of night.

    Debbie let Zelda out about 1:30 and put her in her big box when she came in and she Would. Not. Shut. Up. Easily crying and barking for over an hour. She started to settle and I coughed and it started all over again!!! I guess at some point Debbie took her out again and brought her to her bedroom box and she was quiet until about 4:30 when I got up with her. She trotted out, did her thing and went right back in the box and was quiet. She didn’t make a sound as I left. Ugh.

    CX Nats is still looming, but Debbie has a friend whose family does “Fire Ball Throwing”.

    It has finally been scheduled for tomorrow night, but Debbie is hunting in the morning and may be too whipped to make it.

    Good weekend all.


  2. Oh wow, thanks lurker. Every time I whined about parking in Decatur people have responded “park in the parking deck, it’s free”. I guess that I won’t be hearing that any longer.

  3. Barb says:

    If traffic doesn’t totally suck – you can always swing by our house for dinner – we are cooking 2 whole chickens on the Egg. Allan’s mom might be joining us, since TJ is out of town.
    The rest of the menu is up in the air – probably rice & broccoli.

    I went to yoga again last night – twice in 1 week. Maybe I’ll get back in the routine of going.

    I need to make a breakfast casserole for a ‘wedding shower’ for a co-worker Monday morning, so I’ve been searching the internets & I found a recipe with tator tots (instead of hash browns) – and a biscuits & gravy casserole. And yes, I’m not very busy this time of year.

  4. Thanks Barb! I will let you know later this afternoon. If I can make it I’ll also bring a bottle of wine.

  5. Barb says:

    Wine is never a bad thing……..

  6. Pulled muscle is really annoying. I should remember this in order to be more careful in the future.

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