If I Could Have Traded

If I could have yesterday’s afternoon weather for Monday’s I would have been thrilled. Yesterday was a beautiful day to go out for a bike ride, but instead I went indoors to my German class.

Stability = Boring
With the exception of my revelation that I am still fat and that I can’t rid myself of a dry scalp, I am living a fairly “stable” life.

Sure my plumbing still doesn’t work well, but it’s not gotten any worse.

I’ve managed to park the M6 without hitting the carport.

I’m falling asleep early, while annoying this isn’t a horrible thing.

And I believe that I’ve satisfied all of my financial requirements regarding taxes with all authorities.


But nice for a change.

Ugh, The New Guy
Last night we had a new student join our German A2.4 class. A2.4 is the eighth class in the series classes that I started attending in September of 2014. This guy joined our class and admitted to us that he had never taken any previous German classes, and that he “tested into” this level. WTF!?! He also admitted that he speaks Spanish and Portuguese, neither of which are much help for learning German, and that he’s visited German six times since last November! Double WTF!?!

He struggled at first but is not far off from the rest of us in the class, which didn’t do a whole lot for my confidence…

The Return Of Chatham County Line
If all goes to plan I will be fighting traffic down to Eddie’s Attic in Decatur tonight where I will once again see/hear Raleigh North Carolina’s Chatham County Line perform. I think that I’ve seen them perform once per year on average over the past dozen years. I’m looking forward to seeing them perform yet again.

Happy Humpday all!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to If I Could Have Traded

  1. Steve says:

    If you had been to Germany 6 times in the last 6 months, as well as spoke 2 other languages, your German would be much better. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Our friends Gordon and Brenda have closed on the sale of their house in Lilburn and are probably right now driving to their newly purchased home on Wilmington Island near Savannah. They reported 2 offers on the day the house hit Zillow, even before it was added to the MLS. Nice if you can get it.

    Games meeting was uneventful. Debbie reported last night the Perri was 3 legged lame and the vet was coming out for a look today. Poor boy. Hopefully, we’ll be bringing them back home today, as they seem to be supplementing their diet by chewing on the fence!! Not nice when people are letting you hang out for free.

    Maybe some lumberjacking this afternoon.


  2. Barb says:

    If your house is priced right & is move in ready -you can sell it quick these days. There just isn’t much inventory out there from what I’ve been told – so when you put it on the market – be ready to be out within a month or so.

    We had dinner with TJ & Mary for TJ’s 48th birthday (per FB) – I told him he needs to change that, I really don’t like him being younger than me.

    Allan talked to the electrical inspector that failed us on the rough inspection, but it isn’t that big of a deal to fix it, so Allan is much happier now that he actually talked to the guy.

    Trying to plan for camping – I’ll go the grocery store to get some snacks, drinks, etc.
    looking at the cue sheets – thinking the 27 mile route on Friday (the next option is 69, no way!)- 40 on Saturday, and who knows on Sunday – 27 or 44.

  3. Not sure what I will ride Friday, probably 27 and add more if I feel giddy. Saturday I’ll ride 60, and Sunday will be determined on Sunday morning.

    Going to try and get to Costco tomorrow to buy whatever snacks/drinks I need. Jeez, I’ve known about this ride for months, you’d think I would’ve prepared ahead of time!

  4. Barb says:

    if we want to gain weight on Saturday’s ride – it looks very possible.
    Breakfast or rest stop in Madison at mile 11 or so
    rest stop in Rutledge at mile 20 & 39 – and/or eat at the Caboose
    beer stop at the Oreo cow farm at mile 21 or 41
    rest stop in NEwborm at mile 30 or 49

  5. Stacy says:

    OMG “Oreo cow farm” sounds like someplace I want to go! 😀

  6. Barb says:

    Stacy – its a guy’s farm that raises Belted Galloway cows. They really are black on both ends, with a white stripe across the belly. I’ll see if I can find a picture from a few years ago & FB it to you.

  7. Barb says:

    and – if you go to the BRAG.org website Spring Tune up, you can see where it is. On Saturday – its at mile 21 on the 40 mile route. Just south of Rutledge, GA – (about a mile south of The Caboose – a place that makes an excellent pimento cheese sandwich)

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