Attention To Deetails

Yes, the spelling error was intentional.

Today I Am A Little Less Modest
Because of going out every night for six nights in a row I knew that I would run out of clean underwear before I had the opportunity to visit the lavanderia again. I used to own enough underwear to last a few weeks, but I’ve been weeding out the threadbare pairs over the past few months.

And then I found myself in Target! So, I bought a new packet of underwear.

When I opened the package I immediately knew that I hadn’t been paying attention to details, for I bought the correct size — Large — but failed to buy boxer briefs, getting fashion briefs (aka “tighty whiteys” even though the were not white) instead. DANGEN!

So today I am in a pair of fashion briefs, at least until I can’t stand it any longer and change into a pair of boxer briefs that I purchased at Target on my way into work today.

Sink O’Demayo
I had a tough day at work and decided to have a few pints and some nearly-heart-stopping chow at Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub in Brookhaven on my way home. An Irish Bar on Cinco de Mayo? Naturally.

Apparently a lot of people have caught onto my Opposite Day tactics, or they too had hard days at their respective offices, for the Olde Blind Dog was rather crowded for a day normally celebrated at a Mexican bar/restaurant.

The Giro de Italia Has Started!
The first of cycling’s grand tours is underway. This year it has started in Norway.

I know that I am strange because I am a staunch traditionalist and believe that the Giro de Italia should be ridden entirely in Italy, the Tour de France entirely in France, and the Vuelta de España entirely in Spain.

I also feel the same way about NFL games being played in Europe and Mexico.

As I said, I know that I am strange. NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!

Speaking Of Lawns
I will have to spend one of this Mother’s Day Weekend days mowing the lawn of the ITP Estate. I also need to figure out what I am going to do about my lawn when I am on vacations later this summer.

I’d also like to watch stages two and three of the Giro de Italia this week, as well as get in a couple of my own rides. As I’ve said before I need to get more miles on my legs and regions that are barely covered by fashion briefs, and as I get older I really need to start paying more attention to my heart and lungs too.

It could possibly be a fantastic weekend to accomplish all of these tasks!

Oh, and I need to start taking photos with my Nikon V1 as well.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to Attention To Deetails

  1. Stacy says:

    Tighty Whities are called “FASHION briefs”? Oh egads. No. Just no. Now, I’m not slamming on the TWs, mind you: just pretty much questioning the use of the word fashion.

    I don’t know much of what my weekend has in store, and I’m really OK with that. Saturday’s wide open. Sunday I’m going to the early service at church because a friend is performing music before it (and throughout) and then having brunch with Aron as we typically do on Mother’s Day. Weird tradition that became a tradition on accident. He’s sans car which means — gasp! — I’m going OTP for it. Luckily, I’m low on gas anyway so it works out well that I can visit the cheap stations on the way.

  2. Barb says:

    I’m with you Stacy – FASHION briefs?

    What happened to Aron’s car? Sunday morning brunch – where are you going?
    If I don’t end up with plans, I may join you guys. (if that’s ok of course). Right now I have 2 tentative things (Allan is working), but I’m just not sure.

    Old Blind Dog Pub – you keep hanging there, you can maybe camp inside the “special roped off area” at STU next year.

    My insane hubby is now getting a truckload of gravel delivered. That’s even less fun than the mulch to shovel & spread.

  3. Hey, I didn’t think about asking about their cycling “club”. Dangen!

  4. Barb says:

    I’m sure you will be there again, I have faith in you.

  5. Stacy says:

    Good question, Barb! We haven’t formulated a plan yet. The original was that he was going to come down into the city and we’d stomp around some, then find some low-key place to brunch. But his transmission died so he’s car-less for a few days waiting on a replacement. I’m a little nervous about the restaurant scene up there, especially on Mother’s Day. I feel like everything is going to be packed with families and kids running around all over the place!

  6. Barb says:

    DO NOT GO TO THE MARIETTA DINER!!!! hahahahaha.
    That place will be a mad house for sure.

    Are you waiting for cocktail hour? Let me see about what I’ve seen or heard.

  7. Stacy says:

    Hahaha yeah. Marietta Diner’s a big NO. Don’t worry about it – I’m making him figure it out. 🙂 I always have to plan the stuff around my area of town (fair enough!) so he can do it for there!

  8. Jenka says:

    Do you want the name of our mower guy? He’s not fancy and super cheap. Mows, blows leaves, done.

    We’re headed to the Grant Park Pickin’ in the Park festival tomorrow. It’s also tonight but we have dinner plans.

  9. I would love the name of your mower guy! Thanks.

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