Seeking Inspiration

It’s Tuesday, which means that I used up all of my “good” material yesterday. I’m sitting at my desk wondering about what I will be writing today…

A True Recovery Ride
Last night I drove to Peachtree Bikes for the Monday night recovery ride. What can I say, after riding fifty miles on Sunday I actually needed to recover.

For the first time this season I may have gotten a little more recovery that for which I asked. I was not the caboose on this ride. Unlike the handful of guys who couldn’t take the slower pace and broke off, I hung with the slower pack because I didn’t want to push myself again, and I knew exactly how it felt to be the guy holding up the group, so I wanted to show support to the guy who came out to ride a “no drop” ride.

Today being Tuesday means that I have a rest day, mostly because I have German class tonight so I can’t fit in any other post-work activity.

That’s Not A Spicy Meatball
Because I got home late last night, it was well after 9:00pm once I pulled into the driveway, I had little desire to make a production of dinner. I just needed something to put into my belly.

I settled on cooking up some frozen meatballs and smothering them with some of the sauce and cheese that I had leftover from Sunday night’s pizza.

Holy crap, I just realized that I could have heated up some of these meatballs and put them on the pizza as a topping! Next time. Next. Time.

Getting The A/C Checked?
Through an Angie’s List deal I am supposed to have someone come to the ITP Estate and check out its air conditioner. I say “supposed to” because I need to call the company back, I missed their call yesterday, and give them more information, they did not specify what information they needed in their message. I’m hoping that their visit is not contingent upon the information provided, because I am not sure if I can answer questions about my current air conditioner.

The nights during which I can open the bedroom window and suck in cool air are coming to an end so I’d like to ensure that the house has a fully-functional air conditioner as soon as possible.

If You’re Like Me
If you’re like me you notice things. These may not be important things, but they are things nonetheless.

On my many trips to Asheville / Black Mountain I pass a small store called Hamrick’s. It’s one of those storefronts that remind me of the small stores of my youth.

Little did I know that Hamrick’s has many locations, but I noticed on this trip that “my” Hamrick’s is closing.

Oh well, change is inevitable.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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12 Responses to Seeking Inspiration

  1. Steve says:

    How did I miss that you rode 50 on Sunday? Well done. The fact that you used the recovery ride properly is also well done. The most common thing coaches say is the hard isn’t hard enough and the easy isn’t easy enough.

    I got home to a missing Debbie and a back door standing open. Nothing nefarious going on, just didn’t push the door all the way closed. Unfortunately, the dogs found something quite dead and celebrated being dogs by rolling in it. Zelda, being in her box, was exempt. We then celebrated being dog owners by giving everyone baths! Debbie took Maggie and Izzie in the spare bath, while I took the Brown man to the spigot at the man cave. He’s such a smart dog. Once he realized what was happening, he just stood calmly. I even told him not to shake off, and he didn’t until I was done.

    My run at lunch yesterday was OK. I know I just need to make it a more regular occurrence.

    I know the car parking situation at Ponce City Market is bad- what about bike parking? We’re meeting our Stone Mountain rep there next Tuesday for happy hour and thought I’d just bike over.


  2. Just 50 at Silver Comet, nothing special. 🙂

    Ponce City Market has (complimentary?) bike valet.

  3. steve says:

    And this late report- Debbie awoke to the smell of a dead animal in the house! I left the door open as Zelda hadn’t returned from her morning jaunt when I was leaving. Debbie pointed out it was much easier to throw the carcass away than to bathe 3 dogs again

  4. Barb says:

    Steve – dead animals – yuck. But – if its a armadillo, we need a picture for Vern.

    We had the AC on for a while, but then have had it off for the past couple weeks. I’ve enjoyed having the windows open. But, I have a feeling today will be the day to turn it back on.

    Last night I attempted to cut the grass, but only got the backyard done. Allan’s new gravel walkway around the side of the house messed me up – its too soft to have the mower on to go up the hill. And – the mower is heavy, I couldn’t push it up with it turned off. I guess I could have drug it up backwards, but I didn’t feel like putting in that much effort – so, I just cut the back yard. He’s off all day today, he can do the front.

    Did you just make a cheese pizza this weekend?

  5. Yeah, my pizza was a cheese pizza because I was being cheap and didn’t want to spend any more money on it. With the amount of sauce and cheese I finally used I guess my home-made pie cost me about $5 ($2.50 for dough, $1.25 each for sauce and cheese used). Had I recalled having the frozen meatballs I could have cut them up and added them as a topping.

    Today I’m suffering from fan-induced sniffles, runny nose, and sneezing. I fell asleep with the ceiling fan on, which causes me to get ill, because I’m a delicate flower of a man.

  6. Barb says:

    Your cheese only cost $1.25? Or – are you figuring you just used part of the package?
    Our pizza was some left over chicken, some chopped red onion, some bacon bits, and a few pepperoni’s, and of course cheese & sauce.
    Meatballs as a topping sounds good.

    I guess our temporary storage of the Mavic car is over – TJ took it to Winston-Salem for something & I guess it isn’t coming back.

  7. Stacy says:

    Bike parking is indeed complementary at PCM – well, it’s “valet” anyway, whatever that means. So a couple bucks? Better than the $10-15 car fee. There’s zillions of spaces for bikes. Okay, like a few hundred, not zillions.

  8. In total I think the pie cost $5.00

    The dough was $2.50
    The jar of sauce was about $2.50, but I only used half so for this pie that’s $1.25
    The package of cheese was $2.50, but I only used half so for this pie that’s $1.25


    $2.50 + $1.25 + $1.25 = $5.00

    (had to update this comment because for some reason plus symbols still get stripped out)

  9. steve says:

    WS is hosting Nationals, now through the weekend. Some of the races formerly held in Chattanooga. 1st year of the contract.

  10. *Still* fighting the sneezing and runny nose, I dare say I may have caught a cold last night! If so I may wind up missing my first German class due to illness since I started nearly two years ago.

  11. steve says:

    Suck it up, buttercup.

  12. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I’m not being whiny (this time). I left the office early and took a 45-minute nap in my car. I am currently at Moe’s in Andley Mall sucking down sweet tea trying to figure out if I can hang tonight.

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