My Richie Porte Moment

I was having a pretty good day yesterday. After spending a long time in Danville, Vermont, where the group gathered for a picnic lunch, we headed out in a ten-mile decline stretch of rail-to-trail. It was a blast.

Through Portland, Vermont we wound our way to a three-mile stretch of hard-pack dirt and some gravel. Still pedaling well I powers over this stretch. At this point we were on mile 51 of the ride. As soon as I returned to asphalt I knew there was a problem, my rear tire was mushy. I stopped, and felt that I was able to press the tire half way. DANGEN! With no support nearby, and me without a way to do a tube change because this isn’t my gear, I slow-rolled a couple of miles before stopping to wait for support.

In all I lost about fifteen minutes waiting for someone to show, and then to change the rear tube.

Here is yesterday’s map:
Vermont Day #3
58 miles

ITP Flickr Pic

“Somewhere In Vermont” (?, Vermont, United States)
Somewhere In Vermont
This was a stopping point during yesterday’s route. I have no idea where we were.

“The Inn At Mountain View Farm” (East Burke, Vermont, United States)
The Inn At Mountain View Farm
This was our overnight stay last night. It was as quaint as you would imagine.

Feeling A Little Ill
Woke up this morning with a bit of a hangover. We stopped into a bar after the ride, and then had a beer tasting followed by a meal of food/beer pairings.

More concerning to me is the feeling that I have a cold coming on. I’m tire, have a bit of a sore throat, and a runny nose. This feels much like what happened to m in Germany. I don’t think my body appreciates the clean air…

Paulie [east burke/vt]

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5 Responses to My Richie Porte Moment

  1. Steve says:

    So where was the team car? Glad you had just a bit of a wait.

    A good games meeting last night. We’re changing up the traffic plan, and if you do the same thing year after year, these kinds of changes can be disconcerting.

    Home enjoying the TT. SPOILlER ALERT Kristen takes it and Brent Bookwalter is an idiot. Conditions for the women sucked big time and appear to be improving for the men, thought the wind is still up.

    Hope you feel better!


  2. Barb says:

    Glad USA could take it – but Kristin is NOT one of Katrina’s favorite people, so this could make an interesting discussion later.

    Sounds like this has been an awesomwe trip. We might ahve to look into something like it some day.

    All the gang was at my house for dinner last night, luckily it was TJ & MAry bring Williamson Brothers BBQ. I’m tired……..

    Not to self -never go visit anyone for 2 weeks……. its just so much making decisions about what to do, etc. did I tell you all I’m tired?

    and work is SUCKING, Megan is out on vacation in Europe, and another co-worker has been in the hospital. It all started with stomach pains, and after some testing, its colon cancer. She’s 30, with a 1 year old baby. Its heartbreaking. Hopefully chemo & whatever can do what its supposed to do.

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    There is one wagon that we see occasionally, but the tour owner was passing by and I flagged her down.

    We are at mile 29 today, stopping for lunch at the Farm Hill Brewery.

  4. steve says:

    Oh Barb, that stinks. Hope they caught it early. I was watching the men’s TT and Debbie dragged me to lunch and horse pickup. Got on FB and saw the result. Damnit.

    Kristen seems like she’s wraaped.a little tight….

  5. Barb says:

    Allan said it is something about why she made the team, when someone else really deserved it more………

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