$22 was the amount I paid for parking at Colony Square yesterday. Had I budgeted a little more time I would have left their parking lot immediately and parked at a lot that was considerably more reasonably priced. The reason that I didn’t know the exorbitant amount that Colony Square charges for a full day of parking is because when I go there for German class I am able to validate my parking for up to four hours, so I usually get out of paying for parking. In total I was parked at Colony Square for 9.5 hours, so the validation option was moot since the other 5.5 hours of parking would have brought my cost up to the maximum amount charged. Needless to say, I shall never again pay for parking at Colony Square.

Other Than The $22, How Was My Day?
I had a nice lunch with ITP-Reader Steve, even if Tin Drum‘s lunch offering was less than stellar when compared to the dinner offerings I’ve had at this location.

When lunch ended I hopped across Peachtree (oh man, I should have literally hopped across Peachtree — what a missed opportunity!), beating the rain, and went to the High Museum of Art where I wandered around the exhibits for a few hours. I was thoroughly impressed with the works of Vik Muniz, and a little less impressed with the photographs of Walker Evans. Given the equipment Evans had in the 1930s I should cut him a little more slack. As I always do when i am there, I also perused the High’s permanent collection of American and European art and appreciated the presence of some of the other patrons of the art who also chose to be there.

Yesterday I became weirdly inspired, actually wishing I had brought my camera along with me. I felt unusually alive, for lack of a better term, experiencing a rollercoaster between the extreme highs and lows of my emotions. For many people this might have been troublesome, but for me it was oddly exhilarating, at least for the short time it lasted.

I had heard that Octane has opened a new location inside Woodruff Arts Center, so I stopped in an had a couple of cups of coffee; their liquor license is supposedly “in the mail” and they will begin selling beer once it has arrived.

Charged up on coffee I returned to Colony Square and studied for my German class which began at 6:30pm.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Midtown” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
One of the interesting things about shooting panoramas with an iPhone is the way that it distorts the image. In reality these letters are straight across, not curved. Of course this probably means that I am doing it “wrong” but I don’t care because I liked the way this looks.

A Return To Castleberry Hill
Tonight I will be returning to Castleberry Hill for the first time in what feels like an eternity. Castleberry Hill is one Atlanta’s many distinct neighborhoods, tucked just south of downtown and just east of where the Falcons play their home games.

I first learned of Castleberry Hill when I attended the very first Atlanta Photographers Guild meetup (ITP-Reader John, aka “Ham with Cam”, did I get the name correct?) which convened at Elliott Street Deli and Pub. This was back in the “glory days” of digital photography, when people did photowalks and posted photos on a site known as “Flickr”, perhaps ten years ago. Think “Pokémon GO” with cameras instead of phones. πŸ˜‰

Here’s a shot I took at a meeting in 2008:

Anyway, tonight I’ll be going to The Smoke Ring where I will be catching up with another friend, and then perhaps to Elliott Street afterward for a beer.

It May Be Time To Find A Dermatologist
For the past couple of weeks I’ve been suffering some from my adult-lifetime dermatological affliction; I don’t know the name of what ails me so that’s the best way I can describe it. Normally this affliction is mildly inconvenient and has produced lasting scarring, but in this instance it is also painful.

I determined last week that in addition to the pain this affliction can cause, the scarring also one of the reasons that I have struggled with meeting women. In effect I have a hidden shame, like a shitty tattoos that I did not choose to get, that I am afraid will scare away women at the worst possible time.

Perhaps with my final two months of health benefits I should seek a dermatologist’s opinion. Have you one that you recommend?

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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14 Responses to $22

  1. Stacy says:

    It’s interesting to me that we’re always doing the same things, but just a week or two apart (but that you never see, not being on the Books of Face)! I too went to the High a couple of weekends ago and talked about how much I REALLY enjoyed the Muniz exhibit. I had gone for the Carle one, having loved his books as a child, and stumbling upon Muniz was a treasure! I was also in Castleberry Hill this past weekend. When you get there, look out over the Nelson Street bridge and notice the pretty bright blue/teal guard rails on either side there now. They were all rusty before: a group of us went out to paint them last weekend to make the neighborhood more beautiful. πŸ™‚ Pictures of both events on my Instagram if you have access to that.

    Oh, and if you didn’t know? There’s a Scout Mob at Smoke Ring right now too. Me and my Scout Mobs!

  2. Stacy, I’m just a really lousy stalker; I’m always a week or so behind. If not for the fact that we were both at the same place at the same time a few weeks ago we could have posited that we are the same person. πŸ™‚

    I will check out the Nelson Street bridge, and I will remember to use the Scoutmob deal at Smoke Ring. Thanks for both! Was the painting an organized group thing?

    I never joined Instagram because as I was about to Facebook acquired them. I may change my stance on Instagram since it appears that Facebook has been pretty hands-off.

    eBay has wished me a happy one-year anniversary today, which is odd since I swear I started buying things on eBay back in the early 2000s.

  3. Stacy says:

    Yeah, I enjoy Instagram because it’s all what everyone wants to see: photos. And it’s easy to follow your friends’ lives without having to participate or post anything yourself. I’m “staebird” there if you go.

    The bridge painting thing actually came from a social media call out for help. <– THIS is what I love about social media! πŸ™‚ A woman from the Castleberry Hill neighborhood association got authorization to paint the bridge and an organization to donate the paint and supplies, but needed hands to pitch in. She posted it on Facebook and Next Door. It ended up being really cool: people came out from East Atlanta, Summerhill, O4W, Midtown, etc. to help a neighborhood that wasn't even theirs.

    And funny coincidence: turns out that woman went to high school with Aron. Small world!

  4. Very cool. I applaud people who have an idea and follow through on it. Having once planted many trees around the Atlanta metro I understand wanting to improve neighborhoods, even those in which you do not live.

    A small world indeed!

  5. I’m now following you on Instagram. I’m “InsidePerimeter” since my preferred account name of “InsideThePerimeter” was already taken. Dangen!

  6. HamWithCam says:

    “Atlanta Photographers Guild” (Correct!)
    The “good old days…”:

  7. Stacy says:

    Whaaaaa? Blasphemy! Maybe I’ll go stalk that impostor!

    Oh, and you know you can lock down your account, right? Not that you ever plan to use it. But if you do, you can set it that you have to approve friends.

    On another aside – back to BBQ (with the Smoke Ring mention above). Have you tried Anna’s BBQ in Kirkwood yet? Not too far from the ITP Estate. I went there last night with a friend and it was DELICIOUS! Recommend. Oh, and they have a Scout Mob too. πŸ˜€

  8. Ah, the younger, hippier version of me. πŸ™‚

    No, I have not tried Anna’s yet. It’s now on my radar. Thanks!

  9. Chuck says:

    For dermatology, I’d recommend Lee Coulter, a PA at MetroDerm. It’s hard to get in to see the MDs there, but Lee is more easily bookable and is very knowledgeable.

  10. Thanks Chuck. Hope you are happily settling into your new gig.

  11. steve says:

    Actually, Stacy randomly decided to go out and paint a bridge!! I crack myself up.
    That really did sound like a lot of fun.

    Zelda is officially “on the list” as her favorite place to poop appears o be in our closet, right around bedtime!! As such, she was jailed for most of the evening and only permitted to leave the jail on a leash to go outside and take care of business. After many attempts with both Debbie and me, she got with the program. The evening “deposit in the closet” was avoided and she slept the night through, as far as I know.

    A half hour on the trainer last night, as it looked like rain, though never did until overnight sometime.


  12. steve says:

    I just followed this link, but it was apparently old. The 404 cracked me up.


  13. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Stacy could be a graffiti artist for all I know. Though now that I follow her on Instagram I am sure that I will know such things about her.

    That’s a funny 404. Was this a link in this blog? Note that there are many dead links in a blog that’s nearly twelve years old.

  14. steve says:

    No, I was looking for tips on adjusting canti brakes. My CX bike squeals like a pig.

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