Not Always As Planned

You would think that at the advanced age of 51 I would realize that things do not always go as planned. The jury is still out on this…

Well, That Was Different
On Saturday I felt fine and rode like shit.
Last night I didn’t want to ride, but then wound up riding fairly well.
It makes no sense at all.

Last night I drove the bicycle up to Peachtree Bikes in North Buckhead for their Monday night recovery ride. Forgetting that I needed to be at a location sixteen miles from home, at a time when Atlanta traffic is usually a mess, I let Google navigate me to the shop. I’ll be damned if I didn’t arrive within one minute of my predicted arrival time!

Last night’s ride was well-attended, and included my (former) co-worker Al, and Catherine (aka “Saddle Sores”). The ride is short, ~20 miles, and slow, ~14 mph, and the group stayed together fairly well. At one point I (selfishly) put the hammer down on Mount Vernon, a multi-mile 1% downhill because I was feeling my oats.

I noodled with the idea of going for a Stone Mountain ride this morning, but didn’t do it. The cooler, drier air would have been great to ride in, but I have other things on today’s agenda (like writing this blog post!).

Flickr Pics Of ITP
In a twist of theme today’s photos will be shots of me, rather than shots by me. These photos were taken during the Vermont trip. Longtime readers of this space will have little difficulty picking out yours truly in the mix.

This is me and Bob, my roommate for the week. I could tell you that we had ridden over that mountain pictured behind us, but I’d be lying.

“Which Way To The Pub?”
Which Way To The Pub?
This was the day I experienced my flat and finished alone. To be fair, I was looking for a specific pub, the one that is pictured next.

“Oh No Your Didn’t!”
Oh No Your Didn't!
This was at Mike’s Tiki Bar. I have no recollection about to what we were reacting. I’ll blame the beer.

btw – you can tell from my Team Wimpy jersey that these three photos were taken on the same day.

“When I Ride I Take My Beer Seriously”
When I Ride I Take My Beer Seriously
Taken at the Hill Farmstead Brewery. Why I am never included in People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive” list still puzzles me.

I’m Reading A Book, That I’ve Electronically Checked Out From The Library!
Without doubt 2016 will go down as a monumental year in my life. Hell, how many times does a person get to quit a company with which he/she has toiled for nearly twenty years?

At the suggestion of a friend I am currently reading Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything (pssst, that’s an Amazon Affiliate link, so if you happen to click on it and then buy something from Amazon I’ll get a few pennies. Come on, I’m unemployed! 🙂 )

Younger, employed Paulie would have spent the $12.99 for a Kindle version of this book. Older, unemployed Paulie found that he was able to borrow a Kindle version of the book from the Dekalb County Public Library system and read it on his iPad. Future Paulie will download the Kindle version to his Kindle so that he can read it on that device instead; the iPad is great for reading books, the Kindle is better.

Look at me saving money and using public resources for which he has previously, and continues, to pay taxes to support!

I’m on target to complete at least five books this year. For many of you this is a pittance, but for me who all-but gave up recreational reading a young age, this is a revolution.

Binge Watching “Silicon Valley”
One reason I haven’t read more books is because I love watching videos. In this age of mobile electronics this is so easy to do…

I am currently binge watching my way through Silicon Valley. A few days ago I managed to finish up Season 2. Yesterday I bought Season 3 on iTunes (it’s not available for checkout from a library) and have watched the first four episodes — thanks, insomnia!

It’s A German Study Day
I’ve managed to avoid doing any real studying of German since last Tuesday’s class. Bad Paulie, very bad Paulie. So I am planning to spend the remainder of today, that which occurs between the completion of this blog post and class time at 18:30, sans the time needed for hygiene and nutrition, studying for tonight’s class. I will also wait until the last possible minute to park at Colony Square to avoid incurring another ridiculous parking fee.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Not Always As Planned

  1. Stacy says:

    Love all the pictures! Keep ’em coming. And now I want to go sample new breweries too!

    Re: Colony Square: have you thought about maybe just parking on the road behind it? What is that — 15th? I remember being able to park free there back in the day when we’d meet for Painful Member Hash. Not sure if it’s turned into permit parking with all the new development, but worth a look see. There’s a path from 15th right into Colony Square.

  2. I am often confused by the parking restrictions in that area, and fear the wrath of Park Atlanta. Tonight I will be set since I can get four hours of validated parking after 5pm. Class is from 6:30pm-9:15pm, so as long as I enter the parking garage after 5:30pm I am fine.

  3. Geez! I completely forgot to write about going to Warby Parker yesterday, after a great lunch at El Mariachi in Kirkwood.

    I went to Warby Parker to place an order for glasses to replace the pair on which one of the lenses is experiencing spotting. The salesperson looked at my glasses, deemed that it was a defect in their coating, and even though I was outside the one-year warrantee (by about six months) told me that they would replace the lenses for free. SWEET! That’s a case of things not going as planned in a good way.

  4. Barb says:

    1 more week until my co-worker comes back – and then 2.5 days later – I leave for vacation in CO. I’m sooooo ready for vacation.

    BTW Paulie – Michelle is planning to reach out to you to invite you to Ft Collins – they have plenty of room. Enema is supposed to be there Tuesday 9/6, so we are hoping to have a big get together with Head Eunuch & Can’t Say No.

    Back to the craziness……..

  5. Also forgot to mention that in a section I was going to title “I Love It When A Plan Comes Together”. Michelle sent me email last night and I happily accepted her invitation once I found out that there is public transportation that will take me from Fort Collins to Denver International. I just need to ensure that I make a reservation that will get me to the airport on time.

    Stick with it!

  6. steve says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be a big time in CO.

    And please don’t blame the blog for not getting out on your bike- we just can’t be responsible for that!

    Zelda is still a problem child. Debbie was still at the ‘rents when I got home last night and I walked Zelda (no success) and then changed clothes. I left the gate to the bedroom open and she found her way to the closet to leave us a surprise! Sadly, it isn’t much of a surprise anymore!! We later went for a good walk and she did nothing but walk, and I got chiggers!

    Off to the Games meeting tonight while Debbie flies to Orlando for a presentation tomorrow.


  7. But you are all so g*ddamn demanding! 🙂 The blog, as well as the German studying that I should be doing right now were merely factors in my decision. Other factors were completely shitty sleep and some tired legs.

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