4am? Oh my!

I’ve awoken in the middle of the night again and decided that that blogging at 4am was a great idea. Why not, right?

Laundry, Library, And Riding? Oh My!
Apparently my Spanish is worse than my German as I ordered my usual “1/4 pollo norteño, pechuga y ala” and the waitress seemed to understand my order, even repeating it back to me. However, I did not get the breast and wing as ordered and instead received a thigh and drumstick. Had I recognized this prior to thanking her for my meal, never to see her again, I would have rectified this situation toot-sweet. Related: the thigh and drumstick were tasty, but no breast and wing.

After my meal I returned to doing laundry. There were nervous moments during yesterday’s routine exercise:

  1. I discovered that I had forgotten to take a neon green napkin from the rear pocket in one of my jeans. I discovered this by finding bits or neon green paper on many of my clothes.
  2. Thought I had lost one of my expensive wool cycling socks, at least until I found it wedged in the dryer upon looking into it for the third time.

From laundry in Chamblee I transitioned to a library in Sandy Springs. While sitting in the library I inexplicably received two phone calls that I could not answer because I’m not one of those uncouth animals who performs this sort of thing within the sacred halls of a library! Ignoring modern technology as much as I could I managed to do a few hours of German studying in preparation for tonight’s final B1.1 class, which reminds me that eight weeks have summer have passed in a blink of an eye.

The night’s last task was to get some exercise in the form of the Monday Night Recovery ride which was being led by ITP-Reader Al for the first time. It appeared as the Cycling Gods were against him as during our ride two riders experienced chain loss, and one did an imitation of Arte Johnson in the form of a low-speed topple. We collectively managed to finish before dark set in, exactly at the group’s target average speed of 14mph. The night’s ride only covered 19 miles so my three-day total is 105 miles, still not bad.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Dubya” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
While I was inside Colony Square last Friday the symmetry of the hotel-end of the plaza struck me and I just had to take this shot. I’ve long-since questioned why the W hotel sealed off the second-floor entrance to the hotel space when they took occupancy, but it helped me as that area darkened itself nicely for this photo.

You’ve probably heard the news that Gene Wilder passed away yesterday. Forever I have had the image of him with Gilda Radner, who passed away in 1989, together etched in my mind.

Did you know that Wilder is survived by a wife, Karen Boyer, to whom he had been married to for the past twenty-five years? I had no idea.

Lunch, Library, Haircut, And German Class? Oh My!
It’s a rest day for the Vuelta, it shall be a rest day for me as well, at least in terms of exercise. As you can see from this section’s title there are many items on my agenda today.

Bookending some more time in a library studying German, I will be having lunch out and getting a haircut. In addition to it being time for a haircut I want to ensure that I look my best just in case I am recognized as “The man with his finger on the pulse of Atlanta, Inside The Perimeter” whilst I wander throughout Hartsfield tomorrow.

While at Colony Square tonight I shall also be plunking down my Euros for next quarter’s B1.2 class which won’t start until October. Looks as if I’ll have some Tuesday nights available for awhile.

And now it’s 5am. I think I’ll try to get an hour’s sleep before starting my day again. Have a great day friends!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to 4am? Oh my!

  1. I just reawakened and it’s nearly 7am. Bonus hour!

  2. steve says:

    I know I was awakened about that hour by Zelda’s barking… that child. Brownie was also out, but when I left this morning, there was no sign of battle or casualties. When I arrived home last night, the previous nights’ victim was still lying in state in the carport. The children wondered why I took him away, as he smelled so sweet!

    Debbie’s dad fell yesterday, either getting onto or off his scooter. He apparently did no serious damage, except a whack on the head, which the doctor was not concerned about. Still, the whole episode was disconcerting.

    The lawn at the Ben Hilton looks as good as I can remember. I need to put down some weed treatment, but the zoysia is hardy enough to overcome just about any weed that dares to settle in.

    I hope to get a ride in tonight, but noticed last night my front wheel on the CX bike is flat. Ugh.


  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Glad to hear no serious injuries were incurred.

    My lawn looks good, if you ignore the curb line that requires attention from my new string trimmer.

    Your gravel roads are beating your bike tires…

  4. steve says:

    I think some of that bushwhacking on Friday was the cause. Lord only knows what kind of crap I was going through. I was pleased my sidewall patch held for our ride Sunday. Both tires seemed to be holding air as of last night.

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Already have interesting content for tomorrow’s blog. Now I need to take a photo that I can post.

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