Home Again, For A Day

Back from Colorado, for today, because tomorrow I will be driving to North Carolina. I have made unemployment such a busy time.

A Long Day Of Travel
The GreenRide bus arrived at the house at 9:35am Mountain. We shuttled from the house to a park-and-ride where I got into a larger bus that took twenty of us to Denver International Airport. Overall the service was well worth the $49 ($44 fare, $5 tip) that I paid.

By the time I turned in my bag and got through security (still loving TSA PreCheck) I had plenty of time to load up with a pre-flight meal. You can now shake your head at me as I admit that I pigged out on Panda Express.

We took off around 1:15pm Mountain. The best was I can describe yesterday’s flight is “uneventful”. My choice to pay extra for Delta’s ComfortPlus was again a good move, and I consumed one bottle of lousy merlot on the flight. We landed around 5:45pm Eastern.

From the airport I MARTA’d to Edgewood/Candler Park. Initially I was going to Uber home, but had difficulties getting a car. I then turned to the Lyft app, and somehow managed to send the car toward the ITP Estate instead of the MARTA station; I cancelled the ride as quickly as I could. I returned to Uber’s app and had a car within two minutes; the three-mile ride cost me $6.75.

I was back at the ITP Estate around 7:00pm.

Last night I caught up on Apple’s iPhone event, made a batch of basmati rice for dinner, leafed through the held mail, and spoke on the phone. I have no idea at what time I finally fell asleep.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Woodspur Lodge” (Winter Park, Colorado, United States)
Woodspur Lodge
Here is another of ITP-Reader Barb’s photos. This is the lodge in which the hash was held. Also included is Allan as he waits for us to get into the car.

“Brussels Sprouts Done Right” (Fort Collins, Colorado, United States)
Brussels Sprouts Done Right
I mentioned the fried Brussels Sprouts I ordered at Mainline in Fort Collins. The balsamic vinegar was a bit overkill for me, but everything else about them was delicious.

Big Day Today
Today I am going to the movies for the first time in many years. I’ve heard good things about “Hell or High Water” and will be seeing it today at Atlantic Station.

At some time this afternoon I will drive over to Warby Parker in the westside to pick up the replacement glasses that have been delivered there as requested.

I have many options for entertainment tonight — the NFL season starts, there are two different iOS developer meet ups, and Car Seat Headrest is playing at Terminal West. Initially I was going to watch tonight’s NFL game at Elliott Street Pub, but the person with whom I was going to watch has too much going on. So, my evening is now unplanned. Of course, I could always stay at home and sleep given that I am going to be on the road early tomorrow to avoid Atlanta’s and Charlotte’s rush hours on my drive to Raleigh.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Home Again, For A Day

  1. steve says:

    Glad the ride home was uneventful. $6.75 seems like a bargain for the short trek home from MARTA.

    On my MARTA ride in this morning, I always get in the front car and normally greet the operator as he/she hangs their head out the window to operate the doors. This morning, there was a problem with the doors and the operator was having to put the train into “park” to get the doors to open. A tech boarded at some point, flipped a breaker in the closet behind the cab, and things were working a bit better. I mentioned to the operator as I left I thought the train had to have 2 conditions to open the doors: the train had to be stopped and it had to be in the station. He pointed out that the first was correct but the second was not- HE had to know the train was in the station! So much for safety.

    About 60% done on the horse trailer. There will be pictures posted on social media once completed. I have to say there is much satisfaction seeing it get all shiny and new looking. Hope to be completed by next week.


  2. Catching up with la Vuelta España. Sounds like there has been some interesting bike racing going during the last week’s of racing.

  3. steve says:

    Holy crap!! There’s been a ton of great racing. Last Saturday was amazing, and so hard 93 riders didn’t make the time cut! Commissaires had to let them ride, otherwise there would have been about 75 into Madrid Sunday. Yesterday was like climbing Brasstown Bald, only harder!

  4. Barb says:

    So, no ride from Enema home I guess?

    And, Shasta is still being Shasta, watching me from across the room.

    Hike up to Arthur’s Rock was fun, 1.7 miles almost all uphill, but at least it was at 6000 feet & not 9000 . We took a longer trail down, (a Mtn bike-able trail, if you had some skills, I would have had to walk a decent amount of it) so we ended up with almost 5 miles.

    Today is up in the air, Allan is still sleeping, just not sure what we want to do.

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Enema took MARTA to Dunwoody where Saddle Sores picked him up.

  6. Jenka says:

    Uber did that to me the last time I used them last Friday! I put in my pick-up location and destination, the car is confirmed, and somehow the app switched my destination to the pick-up location! I tried to fix it but ended up having to cancel. So annoying.

  7. Stacy says:

    Those Brussels sprouts look grilled, not fried. Huh. I don’t think I’ve ever had them fried.

    I guess it’s the weekend to head to North Carolina! Headed there myself, though my destination is the Great Smoky Mountains Nat’l Park for a little bit of hiking and sight seeing, then some cheesy gambling over at Cherokee. Oh, and throw in some micro-breweries to boot…of COURSE.

    Too bad you’re headed out though: your beloved Mets are in town this weekend!

    (Baseball?!?! Bah! It’s FOOTBALL season now!)

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