Returning ITP (For A Couple Of Days)

The Kids Today

After doing all the hard work of getting her two,kids to school, then returning home th exercise, Lisa and I went out for lunch and then over to the new(ish) Hunt Library on NC State‘s campus.

The library is located in a part of campus I have visited a few times during my recruiting trips, a fact that proved only marginally useful to my navigating skills used to get us there. Truthfully if not for Google Maps we would have never found it.

We entered the library and immediately saw their robotic book-retrieval robot named “Robert”. We attempted, perhaps successfully, to retrieve a book; somewhere there is a librarian waiting for a person named “Jones” to pick up his/her book.

We then moved over to an interactive information portal and within minutes crashed the app through normal usage.

College libraries today are immensely different than they were thirty years ago, with media labs, game rooms, group study rooms (with glass doors to prevent makeout sessions), and scads of students using laptops and smartphones when not sleeping with their bare feet plopped upon a table.

It was an overwhelming experience.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Education” (Raleigh, North Carolina, United States)
Not the computer Lisa and I crashed…

Sometimes Plan B Is Better
With their boys at swim practice Lisa, Randy, and I had time to walk to get a beer. The place we had intended to go is apparently closed on Mondays so we wound up at a new-to-us and incredibly-named small bar, “Drink, Drank, Drunk”. It was as if they knew that I was coming…
It's As If They Knew I Was Coming

The three of us sat at the small back bar, I played a game of Mario Cart (and would have finished in first if not for hitting the banana peel, spinning me out, just prior to the finish line), and consumed a lovely adult beverage.

After swim practice the clan returned home, the boys went to bed and the adults ordered in some Indian food for dinner. I’m uncertain but I may have fallen asleep while watching tv.

Killed By Confidence
In my Yahoo! Pick’em pool there are three teams ahead of me who picked fewer winning teams correctly than I did, but did a better job of distributing their confidence points. Because of the I sit middle of the pack after week one, even though I picked eleven of sixteen games correctly. You’d think with all of this time off that I would have been a better study of NFL teams.

Paulie [raleigh/nc]

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3 Responses to Returning ITP (For A Couple Of Days)

  1. steve says:

    Oh no, the BSoD! We had a lot of that around here last week after a few patches were pushed down.

    The Direct TV tech came out yesterday and tuned the dish, after some sorry mower driver (me) bumped into the dish a while back. He also suggested we move the dish, as he could tell the trees were in the way. We rescheduled for tomorrow and I was going to fire up the tractor and post hole digger and make quick work out of hard dirt. Just before I did that, I thought I might check on the missing channels- all present!! No holes. Cancelled appointment. Win!

    Games meeting tonight and no late start to the day tomorrow 🙁 Maybe I won’t have to stay late.

    Apparently, there were cyclists hit by a car in Athens last night. One fatality. Sad.


  2. Barb says:

    After spending time in Fort Collins, I realize how truly rude the drivers are here.
    Granted, they have bike lanes everywhere out there, but even at intersections, and streets that aren’t as bike friendly, everyone just is nice & waits if a bike is in the way. most students do not wear helmets, and I’m sure occasionally there are accidents, but in general, I don’t think so.
    Allan even said, he isn’t sure he could deal with that laid back way of driving……. hahahaha.
    I’m ready to go back.

    Nothing else to exciting going on, trying to get some local things planned for the fall, no more trips, except a quick weekend in Iowa to see the parents. (Allan gets out of that one)

  3. ITP Lurker says:

    I have to say, Drink Drank Drunk is the best bar name ever. As well as a potential hash name.

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