Not Exactly

Things are not going exactly as hoped. However I do remain optimistic that I will continue along the job-hunt path that I’ve started to wander.

Be Careful What You Say
Not wanting to represent myself as an employee for a company which has closed its Atlanta office I updated my LinkedIn profile yesterday. Identifying myself as “Unemployed” seemed sad, so I changed my current status to “Software Developer at Sharpened Stone, LLC”. Longtime ITP Readers probably remember Sharpened Stone as my failed LLC, the one I still need to ensure is completely out of business in the eyes of the State of Georgia before year’s end.

And then a flood of congratulatory messages started to arrive from friends and former coworkers. Clearly my attempt to not appear unemployed sent a message that I was indeed employed, the only problem being that none of these people know that Sharpened Stone is merely a placeholder. Oops.

It appears that I have inadvertently put my foot into a bucket again by saying the wrong things. This happens a lot to me, or should I properly say that I do this too often.

Just Call Me “Asthmatic Kitten”
(my homage to Asthmatic Kitty Records)

I tried running again yesterday; “tried” is the best way to describe my effort. Within a mile I was wheezing steadily, with my heart rate skyrocketing. I made it an entire mile, and then pulled the reins and walked for a little while.

I tried running again when the road descended to flatness and struggled to make it another mile. And then I pulled the reins again and walked, this time up the very steep hill that is Atlanta Avenue between Confederate and Boulevard toward Grant Park.

A third mile attempt was made, but with foot pain and disinterest I only made it three-quarters of a mile before seeing the hills on Berne Street ahead of me and returned to walking.

All in all the Wahoo Fitness app recorded a journey of 4.4 miles in about an hour.

Maybe I’ll mount a bicycle today, at least when my heart rate shoots through the roof I can coast for a little while.

ITP Flickr Pic
Coffers are empty, not seeing anything that pleases me.

It’s Never What They Say It Will Be
I thought I was being clever last night by ordering my Tin Drum dinner online so that it would be ready when I walked into Colony Square. Their app assured me that my order would be ready at 5:57pm.

When I arrived at 6:00pm my order was still not ready, and I’d have to wait almost another ten minutes before I received my food. Seeing that the kitchen was overwhelmed I politely took my bag and left the shop.

With a 6:30pm German class start time I had to eat faster than I wanted, I’ve been trying to learn to slow down, so that I could get into class on time.

You Win Some, You Lose Some
Feeling like a huge loser at the moment.

Yesterday I brewed a pot of coffee to near perfection. I ground just enough beans to use and poured the appropriate amount of water into Mr. Coffee. My morning was blessed with smooth, dark coffee.

So I could do it again today, right? Well, I’ve a history in fucking up things I want, you know.

Beans were ground and scooped into the filter.
Water was added to the reservoir.

I added more of each in order to get a full third cup of delicious java today.

The power switch was flipped on and I was ready for another success.

And then my morning went to shit. I looked in horror as darkened water and grounds started overflowing from the basket area. A clog had occurred, from which there would be no recovery. The only next step was to unplug Mr. Coffee and dump the contents of his basket.

Knowing I had to give Mr. Coffee a thorough cleaning, a second effort was made using a french press.

Get Me Back to Düsseldorf!
The course for the 2017 Tour de France has been announced and Düsseldorf will indeed host Stage 1 on July 1st, as well as be the departure for Stage 2 on July 2nd. I’d love to be there for these stages, especially since they occur a week before the 2017 EuroHash in Vienna, Austria for which I have already registered and secured a hotel room.

Of course who knows what life will bring me in the time between now and then…

May the roads rise to meet your feet, just not so steeply that they force you to stop running as well.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Not Exactly

  1. You know it’s funny, when I woke up this morning I didn’t think that I had anything to put into a blog post today. I only wish that I had better, more positive, things about which to write.

  2. HamWithCam says:

    “I only wish that I had better, more positive, things about which to write.”


    “Have a nice day…” versus “Make it a nice day…”
    It’s up to you really.

    Regarding Linkedin, I’ve received nothing. //runs off to check Paulie’s Linkedin…


  3. Stacy says:

    Oooh I have been there with the coffee maker: it sucks! I’ve also done the “prep the night before” thing only to forget I had and poured double the water into the reservoir (a tip: it won’t all fit). On the bright side? I had a nice clean kitchen floor after cleaning it up.

    Weird. I didn’t get a notification about your LinkedIn change either.

  4. Stacy says:

    Ha! No wonder: we weren’t connected.
    Congratulations on your new job, Paulie! (a-yuk a-yuk a-yuk)

  5. Barb says:

    I need to be better about checking LinkedIn – especially since I really do thinkk I need a new job.

    its Sal’s 60th birthday today.
    new age group to win all the races I guess.

    you make a coffee mishap seem so major……….

    Interesting thing I read about last night on the FB – Marietta Square is doing something today called Petal It Forward at noon. They have a whole bunch of flower bouquets – everyone gets 2 – 1 to keep & 1 to give away to someone.
    I have a work lunch planned, or I’d go over there. What a nice idea.

  6. Steve says:

    Yeah, not like you spilled beer of something…

    HWC, you have a great eye. Love the pics. Could that be your daughter at USAFA?

    A pretty lazy day yesterday which I think I earned. While Debbie went to get a saddle fitted, I took off on the CX bike for 20. Towards the end of my ride, I go past a cell tower and the gate was open so I went in to talk to the crew. Apparently they were adding some additional guy wires to handle more load (antennas). I asked who was on the tower and they said AT&T and Verizon. I think I may have to adjust my little house booster antenna, as I don’t think it’s pointing towards that one.

    The trailers are back in place for their hibernation, the golf carts are gone and the tables and chairs picked up. Another Games is in the books.

    I believe the Fed has plans for me on the FDR Campout weekend. Stay tuned.

    Hard to believe Sal is 60.


  7. HamWithCam says:

    Many thanks Steve – Paulie “taught me everything I know”. 🙂 We’ve been shooting together for 10 years.

    Yes, that was “Elizabeth leaping” at the Air Force Academy. She did some work for USA Triathlon in Colorado Springs, and that was during a visit.


  8. I better not start believing in curses and omens because my Wahoo Fitness heart rate monitor appears to have stopped working. Replaced battery, no luck. Need to get multimeter out and check battery before declaring the monitor kaputt.

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