Gone But Not Forgotten

You can’t always get what you want.

Gone But Not Forgotten
I was bummed to fined that the “Camping Powers That Be” had decided to remove the rustic pit latrine and have replaced it with a plastic, modern-day Port-o-Let. Boo hiss.

This weekend’s camping excursion was fun, but I am no longer the late-night partier I once was and found myself going back to my tent early.

My sleep on Saturday night was a little less than ideal as I had to move my tent (by dragging it about eight feet) because I noticed that I had red ants crawling on the outside of my rain fly on Saturday afternoon. There was no indication that they had managed to get inside the tent, but I wasn’t going to chance it. Remember how long it took for me to recover from red ant bites a couple of months ago? I’ve not forgotten. The new location was not exactly flat and had a couple of small, exposed tree roots. I didn’t sleep well, but I survived.

With a belly full of breakfast and no desire to drink more than one morning beer I was in the M6 and on the road by 11:15am EST. I was home in time for the 1:00pm EST kickoffs.

Gone But Not Forgotten
For those who’ve yet to hear, my discouraged mood of late was triggered by the dissolution of a two-month relationship that I had with a wonderful woman. Sadly our ideas of what we want in our future were widely divergent so we ended it. On my doorstep yesterday was a small box of things that she returned to me, some of which actually made me shed a tear.

I hope that she gets all of the things she wants out of life, including a partner who is ideally suited to be there with her. Sadly for me, I am not him.

Those of you who have known me for some time realize that reciprocated interest rarely comes into my life. It sucks to have to turn it away.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Current Status: OTP” (Norcross, Georgia, United States)
Current Status: OTP
Well, that was my status when I took this photo a few weeks ago.

A Weekend Of Football I’d Like To Forget
With the decision to end our time together I also decided to drop out of the Yahoo! Pick’em Pool; she, and our side bet, were the only reasons I joined.

Not having a stake in this week’s games didn’t lessen my angst toward the Jets and Packers for losing again this weekend, and don’t get me started on the Gators apparent second year of late-season collapsing by getting pummeled by an unranked Arkansas team.

Go Away, I Don’t Want To Hear It Any Longer
Tomorrow is Election Day. Regardless of who wins I hope that we can move on and no longer be subjected to this political nonsense, at least for a little while.

Stay Out! I Hope This Is Not A Repetition
With the colder weather arriving I shrink in horror each time I hear the scurrying of squirrels across the roof of my house. I swear to Jeebus that if I have to pay someone to come back out and rodent-proof my attic that I will sell this goddamn house. I am not feeling very emotionally stable and really cannot deal with this bullshit any longer.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. Stacy says:

    Should we be hoping you have a squirrel problem? It seems you’ve been wanting to sell that “goddamn house” for quite some time now.

    Sorry about the relationship thing, sweetie. That really sucks. A box of things to give back after only 2 months kinda sounds like it had some seriousness potential too. But oh it’s so very smart of you to realize you’re going in different directions and nip it in the bud where you can. I went through something kind of similar this summer (no boxes of things though) and after a little time we figured out we could be friends at least. Maybe that’s there (if you want it). Either way, you feel like throwing back a beer and talking at all, say the word.

    I know exactly where that water fountain is but I swear I’ve never seen it on before. If you’re ever around there again, do go to The Market (meat and 2 sides!) – they’re only open at lunchtime I think. They’re fantastic.

  2. As you all know I have a love/hate relationship with the ITP Estate. The biggest hurdle for me is trying to figure out where to live, if I don’t live here.

    Thanks. 🙂 I may take you up on that, or perhaps a lunch, in the near future.

    I am normally out that way to eat at a place called Mi Pilon. However, if I find myself out that way around lunchtime without plans I will try The Market.

  3. steve says:

    Very sorry about the relationship. Never fun to end one.

    Camping seemed like a good time. From the emails exchanged, it seemed to be a good crowd.

    We went to a 50th birthday party for a HS friend of Debbies on Saturday afternoon. The poperty has been in the family since 1850- that’s one owner away from the Creek Indians! It was billed as “Party in the Woods” and it was. Basically a hunting camp complete with outhouse and outdoor kitchen. A good band played and there was much fun.

    Sunday, Debbie rode while I puttered around, then a visit to see her dad. Looking better and more comfortable in a hospital bed, instead of his recliner. Small steps.


  4. You all had very fortunate weather for a “Party in the Woods”, Steve.

  5. Barb says:

    My elbow is back to normal thanks to a doctor this morning.

    weekend was fun – I hate my job.

    that is all today

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