Not All About Me

Yesterday was not a great day, but it had good parts.

I ate a good lunch at Aviva with ITP-Readers Stacy and Steve. I ate a chicken schwarma platter with lentils and sweet potatoes. Amusingly, I confused the heck out of the woman dishing out food when I declined putting some sort of tomato/cucumber mixture on top of my lentils, I can’t handle the lingering aftertaste of cucumbers, and instead asked for some red cabbage. “On top of your lentils?” she asked. “Yes, please. I know, it’s weird.” I replied.

After lunch I skipped riding MARTA back to my car and walked from downtown to Inman Park instead. The weather was perfect for walking and I spent the near-hour journey listening to an audio book about the English language called Words and Rules: The Ingredients Of Language

ITP Flickr Pic
“Jesus Saves” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Jesus Saves
I walked along Auburn Avenue, for the first time ever, yesterday and saw this church up close and personal.

Yesterday afternoon I also made a trip to Krobar and discussed what’s going on with my mother with a friend whose father is a doctor.

Today I’m trying to focus less on the wrongs of my life and more on the health and recovery of my mother. She has graciously sent me a bunch of links to read about what my mother will be going through and how to help her.

Even though I am currently not employed I also plan to make some charitable donations today because it is Georgia Gives Day. Not only does it feel good for me to donate to my favorite Georgia charities, in some cases they may win additional funding based on donations received today.

Finally, tonight I will be going to Masquerade, for the last time ever (?), to see She Wants Revenge perform. Yesterday I won two free tickets to the concert from Criminal Records! According to what has been published She Wants Revenge will be playing the entirety of their record “She Wants Revenge”, which is the record they were supporting when I last saw them at The EARL ten years ago. Ten years. Wow.

Have a great day friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Not All About Me

  1. Steve says:

    Lovely to see you both yesterday. Mediterranean isn’t high on my list of choices normally, but I’m OK getting out of my comfort zone occasionally. I hope the surgery is successful and mom is up dancing and playing BINGO soon.

    Friday for me!! I think we will be in pie baking mode tomorrow for the Saturday T’day get together with my family. Saturday is also the hunt in the morning, followed by T’day in Decatur in the afternoon, followed by a 60th birthday for one of our fox hunting friends. Sunday will be a day of rest.


  2. Stacy says:

    And we almost saw another of your friends, Steve! How fun would that have been?

    I am still a little smirky over the look on that guy’s face when he asked us to give up our hard-to-come-by table for his party of six and we were all: hells no. Nope nope. Tables were hot commodities yesterday. By the look on his face though, you’d seriously have thought we shot his puppy or something.

    Pie! What a great idea Steve. I might bake a pie this weekend. I think it was last Thanksgiving the last time I made one.

    First time on Auburn, Paulie? I was actually going to suggest you walk down Edgewood, but nice you found the Jesus Saves church. 🙂 Speaking of Edgewood though, I should have mentioned this yesterday. Did you know a Georgia Beer Garden opened there? It’s an establishment that only carries Georgia craft beers. I went a couple of weeks ago, so I kind of expected you to go the week after, haha. Check it out sometime and let me know so I can come back with you.

  3. Yeah, I sorta felt badly about claiming the table because he said that they had six people, but there was nowhere else for us to go. We had searched high and low for a table to no avail…

    Pie indeed! I failed to mention the delicious blueberry pie sample to which you led me. Also, turns out that I am quite out of touch with my former work area as according to what I read on the internet this morning That Pie Place in Sandy Springs closed in July of 2015!

    What’s funny is that I thought I was turning onto Edgewood, and not Auburn. LOL. I was fooled by the appearance of the streetcar track. So much for me being clued into my own city. Had I recalled that the Georgia Beer Garden was in that area I might have been a bit more attentive.

  4. Barb says:

    Nothing exciting going on up here in Marietta, my co-worker called is sort of sick (working from home 2nd day in a row) so I’m not sure yet if I can take the afternoon off to lay the rest of the tile. Maybe I’ll just leave early. I’m so annoyed – I know yesterday she had to meet with a contractor about her kitchen remodel.

    I really need to start thinking about Thanksgiving – we are having I’m not sure how many people over, not sure what everyone is bringing, etc……..
    At least I bought the turkeys already. We still ened oil for hte fryer & who knows what else.

  5. Stacy says:

    Easy mistake Paulie: the streetcar track actually runs the length of both Edgewood AND Auburn. 🙂 You know, because that makes a lot of sense, since those two streets are a whole whopping block apart from each other and all.

  6. Steve says:

    You have to get the streetcar back!

    I see that church and think of the old hockey joke, “Jesus saves, and Esposito scores on the rebound”.

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:


    And I think “Jesus saves, Buddha invests.”

  8. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    And I just stepped outside for the first time today and OMG is it nice. If you can get outside for lunch today I highly recommend doing so.

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