Under The Wire

It’s the end of the first month of 2017. Even though I’ve not lost (much) weight, I’ve had a good month by working out every day for the past three weeks, and hope that I am marching toward being employed again. I have eleven months remaining in this year to fix the ITP Estate (yes Virginia, this is still a thing) and finding a special woman with whom I wish to spend time (yes Virginia, I’m bad at this and may be giving up again).

Under The Wire
Yesterday I mentioned becoming a member of Urban Explorers of Atlanta. This morning I actually went to use my discount code to become an “Epicurean” member, and when I did I noticed this had been added to their website overnight:

Effect(ive) on February 1, 2017…

All discount codes previously issued can only be applied to our Explorer Annual Membership.
After 1/31/17 they cannot be applied to Epicurean or Magellan Club memberships.
All 2-year and 3-year membership will no longer be available. Only annual memberships will be available.
All new memberships will automatically renew on the member’s anniversary date.
We will stop accepting Magellan Club members when we reach 75 (currently at 50)
We will stop accepting Epicurean members when we reach 200 (currently at 120)
These changes are being made to enhance to value of our memberships for existing member and to simplify our membership options. Please contact our community manager if you have any questions. Thank you.

I got in under the wire to use my discount code for an “Epicurean” membership as I have no interest in the “Explorer” level; the difference is that “Epicurean” membership also enables me to join dinner outings offered by the group.

Given that they are now getting rid of multi-year memberships I may be a “one and done” member. Ask me in a year…

Unpuppy Love
A few weeks ago I hung out with Betsy. When you hang out with Betsy you also hang out with her three dogs — Reese (pictured below), Bella, and Mabel.

Reese has had a good, long, life and makes for an easy portrait model by sleeping quite a bit these days.

Cheap Beer, Expensive Food, Good Time
I met my friend Darren last night for dinner at DBA Barbecue. You may know that I am a fan of barbecue, and DBA Barbecue (which is owned by a fellow UF Gator). On Monday nights DBA offers one local beer on draft for $2/pint; last night’s special beer was Jekyll Brewing’s “Big Creek Kolsch-Style Beer”.

Along with a couple of $2 beers I ordered an “Archie Bunker” sandwich ($11), a side order of french fries ($3), and an order of six smoked chicken wings ($8) to share. The wings were disappointing because they were small, the sandwich and fries were fine.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been unemployed and cooking at home, but I’m not sure how often I want to spend $28 (after tax, before tip) for a meal that doesn’t blow my socks off.

Hankook? 12:45?
We on?
If so I’m there.
If not, tell me where and when and I will see you there and then.

Have a great day friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Under The Wire

  1. Stacy says:

    *sigh*…. sh*t hit the fan this morning at work so it looks like I’m not going to be able to leave for lunch now. I’m sorry guys. Seriously, I love being employed and I love my job most days but daaaang vacation cannot come soon enough (8 days and counting!).

    That picture of Reese is super adorable.

  2. Barb says:

    I shouldn’t leave a tnoon today, but I am, I’m so over this place – so I have to bust my ass to get out of there around noon.

    I WANT to go to Hankook -Allan has never been there – so 1245 is still on.
    Sorry Stacy – we will miss you.

  3. Steve says:

    Reese looks happy in his old age.

    Exciting time at the farm yesterday. The horses escaped! Blew past a gate with a (now repaired) bad latch and down the road. Debbie wasn’t dressed, so they had a good head start on her. For some reason, they headed into town and damn near made it. Some good neighbors caught them at the baseball field and held them for a while. Debbie showed up after being flagged down and directed to them. Those children!!

    On my run last night, I tracked them for a mile- easy on the dirt but much harder on the pavement, but there were still several hundred yards of hoof scratches on the pavement before I lost the trail.

    Sunday night, 60 Minutes had a story on mechanical doping. Read the article about it in Velonews and you won’t miss much, except that doper Tyler Hamilton talking about how wonderful the mechanical doping bike is he is test riding. Once a doper…

    And we’re supposed to get a class on it next weekend. Should be interesting..


    • Barb says:

      I didnt’ see 60 Minutes, but I find the term mechanical doping funny.

      Speaking of bikes – Allan’s Dad is now trying to figure out what to do with all his “old/vintage/collector” bikes. They have 2 weeks or so. (they house if finally sold)
      Allan told him months ago he needed to work on that plan……… I love my in-laws.

  4. Steve says:

    Might be time for a little self storage. That’s the problem with bikes- you can’t really just hide them under the bed and they don’t stack well.

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