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Yesterday I mentioned practicing my mobile photography routine, today I am practicing my mobile blogging routine. In case it hasn’t become evident I am not bringing a “computer” with me to Europe next month. So, if you want to read about, and see photos from, my travels I have to refine my skills. Man I wish Apple had announced a new iPad Pro last month that I could buy and to which I could pair a keyboard.

Laundry, No Burger
I spent nine hours in the office yesterday so I arrived at the Waschsalon a little later than I would have liked. Upon my arrival I was fortunate to get all of the machines I needed for my two large loads, but by the time I was done all I wanted to do was head home.

The idea of going home instead of going out to eat had two benefits going for it — I would save money, I wouldn’t consume as many calories — one of which actually happened. Had I not convinced myself that I was still “hungry” after eating my ham and cheese sandwich I never would have eaten the Tupperware’s worth of leftover jambalaya. Too. Much. Food! I will say that I enjoyed each however.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Cartersville On A Saturday Morning” (Cartersville, Georgia, United States)
Cartersville On A Saturday Morning

After finishing my breakfast on Saturday morning I walked around Cartersville, snapping some photos.

A Late Night Of German Studies
After stuffing my face and belly, putting away all of my clean clothes, goofing off for a while, and then talking to my mother on the phone for thirty minutes, I had to buckle down and get my German homework done. I tried multiple times over the weekend to do it, but the subject matter we have been discussing in the past six months have not interested me. Last week we started a chapter on the European Union. In theory this could be an interesting topic, but the way our book presents it is dry and I don’t see how memorizing EU-related vocabulary is going to be very helpful to me at this stage of my German language learning.

I Need To Start Exercising Again
Even if I can convince myself to eat less food I need to find a way to exercise in order to burn calories. Exercise could also be beneficial for the strength/stability of my hips/legs/knees as well.

Have a great Tuesday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to Blogging From iPad

  1. steve says:

    We left Lola loose in the house while we ran an errand last night. When we arrived home, she had knocked the new phone to the floor as it was in the way of the bag of beef jerkey, which was her ultimate target. Counter surfing has not been a problem for our other Danes, but clearly this one has a different idea.

    I’m not sure lunch is going to work out today, as our staff meeting has an agenda through NOON!! Kill me now.


    • And people wonder why I haven’t had pets… 🙂

      Let’s postpone lunch until tomorrow. Maybe the rain will decide to let up by then too.

      I have training until 5:30pm today. That’s the thanks I get for getting here be 6:35am this morning. 🙁

  2. Barb says:

    Work just sucks – doesn’t it?
    I keep thinking it will get better, but it doesn’t here.
    I guess I should actually buy some lottery tickets- you can’t win if you don’t play.
    9-10 hour days have become my norm, it doesn’t make me happy.

    We did nothing besides eat some spaghetti last night (Allan did a good job with the sauce) and watch the Blacklist season finale. I really like that show, but I think it has run its course, I’d guess next season will be the last (or at least it should be the last.)
    I feel the same way about Scandal – this season just got a little ridiculous, it would have been a perfect season to end the entire show.

    • Stacy says:

      Barb, I used to really like that show but I stopped watching when Elizabeth “died”. I gave it a chance the next week but it was a stupid weird episode about Red that I couldn’t grasp. And I was kind of annoyed with her “death.” First, I didn’t want her to die so if she was actually dead, that would suck. But second, if her death was faked, I would be even more annoyed because what a stupid overused plot line – UGH. So I stopped altogether. My sister watched it when she was here though….she says she still likes it a lot.

      Next Monday is Memorial Day so I’m assuming no Wash Salon in the hood then, but if you want to pencil in June 5, I’m down for a burger then! You don’t even necessarily have to wash. Just burger with me. 🙂 (FYI, TH does have free parking in the Camden Apts. parking garage.) Will touch base when closer.

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