The Phrase You’ll Hear From Me A Lot During The Next Ten Days

“When I get back from vacation…”

As the time until I fly across the pond dwindles I’ll be using that phrase a lot, especially as an excuse for getting out of things that I should be doing.
Get the backyard cleaned up? “When I get back from vacation…”
Renovate the ITP Estate? “When I get back from vacation…”
Start riding my bicycle again? “When I get back from vacation…”

You get the idea.

Nice Rack!
I have bought a coat rack… for my new office space at “XYZ Corp”. If you look at the photo I posted last wee you’ll notice that there is no place for me to hang up a jacket, or something along those lines. So I did something about this by ordering one via Amazon. I also ordered a USB charger for my desk as well.

Both of these arrived on Saturday, and will be taken with me when my time at “XYZ Corp” ends.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Breakfast And Blogging” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Breakfast And Blogging
This was the breakfast I treated myself to after working out on Friday morning. It’s a wonder why I don’t lose weight. πŸ™‚ To be fair to myself I did not eat lunch because I knew that I would be meeting up with friends for drinks and dinner on Friday night.

We three started the night at Eleventh Street Pub, which remarkably still allows smoking. After a few drinks we crossed the street and ate at Steamhouse Lounge as we consumed a few more beverages.

I Attended A Soccer Game Match?
Though I’ve started paying attention to the German Soccer League (Bundesliga) I have not had a yearning to go to an Atlanta United game. Earlier in the week I turned down a chance to go on Saturday night because I thought that I was going to have ridden 100km in Braseltion for Jackson Brevet and would either be too tired, or would rather be rewarding myself for my efforts with a big dinner and beer. When I woke up on Saturday morning I had no drive to ride, so I bailed.

Saturday was then going to be a day of chores, of which I did some, followed by going out for dinner. While executing this plan I received another offer to go to the soccer game and decided “Oh what the hell…”.

The offer came from ITP-Reader Bob, well technically Laura who doesn’t read this space. We made a plan to meet outside the stadium. I decided to park at the office and walk to Barrelhouse on 5th for a few pre-game beers and dinner, before walking to the stadium. A funny, not funny, thing happened as I was leaving Barrelhouse, the skies opened up with rain. WTF? Fortunately I was able to wait out most of the rain under a canopy.

The game was a lot of fun, but I doubt that I will be making and concerted efforts to return for more.

Yard Work Is Fatherfucking Hard Work
Yesterday was Fathers Day in the US. Unfortunately my father has been dead for twenty years now, and spawning a child has never been part of my life’s plan.

I woke really early and got out to beat the heat and do some yard work. I pulled volunteer growth in my “flower bed”, I took a weed whacked to the overgrowth of lawn on the front curb, I “pruned” a handful of trees/bushes which have gotten out of hand, and finally I ran the lawnmower over the grass. In all I was outside for about three hours and barely put a dent in the appearance of the ITP Estate.

When I get back from vacation I need to handle the maintenance of the ITP Estate.

It was good that I got out early, because not only did I beat the heat I beat the rain that arrived hours before it was forecasted.

The rest of my Sunday was spent indoors escaping the heat. Instead of celebrating Fathers Day with brunch or dinner out, I cobbled together meals for my expanding belly. Before I go on vacation I need to clear out the refrigerator and freezer as much as possible.

Waschsalon Night
Tonight after work I need to wash a bunch of clothes at the midtown Waschsalon. From now until I depart next week I’ll be handling tasks that I need to do prior to taking off.

Make it a great Monday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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16 Responses to The Phrase You’ll Hear From Me A Lot During The Next Ten Days

  1. Barb says:

    Saturday we were offered some free tickets to the Braves, Leslie (who had flown to Louisville, KY for a U2 concert Friday night) was getting back early afternoon & her brother, who is the GM of all the Sherlock’s stores, had some extra tickets & a parking pass. I had planned to go to PineLake, but thought it would be fun to hang with Leslie instead. Plus, she had some bottles of Rose wine for me, so this way I’d get them for sure.

    Well – we look at the parking pass & see its the Delta valet lot – and looking at the stadium map, we are RIGHT next to the stadium. Then we look at the tickets – they are for the Delta 360 club. We don’t really know what that means, but we know they are lower level tickets. We go to the Delta 360 special gate – about 50 yards from our parking lot, and they give us the scoop. All the free beer, wine & food (buffets & buffets of food) we want, sit inside in AC & watch the game on TVs, or go outside where we can have waiter service if we want. WHAT THE HELL??? I might like baseball if I could afford those seats. I was pissed I had eaten before we left, as I didn’t like the expensive food offerings in the rest of the stadium.

    Sunday was Wheelhopper (down in SE Dekalb, sort of Paulie’s neck of the woods)- a lovely downpour not too long before the hash made it an pretty impossible trail to follow. Red Eye had gotten a mtn bike, so it was his virgin ride, so I stuck with him & we tried to follow trail, but eventually just found out where the end was, and made our way there eventually.

    • Bob and I looked at the start of Wheelhopper while we were at the United game. I considered going yesterday, but decided the potential for injury and/or poison ivy the week before vacation changed my mind.

    • Stacy says:

      Wow, Barb! What an experience! I think I would even make the trek to see a Braves game for THAT. πŸ™‚

      • Barb says:

        and – the brush with fame at the game – Becky & I met Pano (or Pano’s & Paul’s) at the bar. He is a crazy old man (telling bad blond jokes) and I didn’t believe he was who he said he was, so he gave me his business card. We were like -…. WOW! If only he had given is some gift cards, I can’t afford his restaurants.

  2. Stacy says:

    So how many days until vacation now?

    I, too, was at the game Saturday night and wow! Did I ever have a blast. By the way, it is OK to call it a game instead of a match, the field a “field” instead of the pitch, soccer instead of futbal, etc. etc. I never understand the snooty people who have to correct it to the international terms. Oh? When I said I wanted to buy a soccer jersey, you didn’t automatically know it was the team “kit” I wanted? MY BAD, you idiot.

    I. Had. A. BLAST! Well, first: I love soccer to begin with and this was my first ATL UTD game. Our seats were perfect: we were 24 rows up in the second section, but being on an angle in the corner, there was no one behind us and we were on an aisle to boot. Near concessions + easy in/easy out + cool people in our section really helped to make the experience. I’ve had experiences destroyed by poor seating locations before.

    Saturday was my one play day though. Friday I was not feeling too well and opted to stay in. Got lots of good sleep. Sunday I was feeling just fine but opted to stay in as well to just catch up on some TV and be a bum. It was lovely.

    • I fly out next Wednesday.

      The experience of going to the game was a blast, helped by the fact that the rain stopped and Atlanta won.

      I remembered too late that you too were at the game. I think that it would be more fun in the section of lunatics in the end zone (or whatever it’s called in soccer). The experience may not be as fun a few years in, or when it’s in the new Georgia Dome. I hope that the support is maintained as time goes on.

      Did you notice that ITP-Reader Terri is on the Jumbotron in The opening montage? Laura tipped me off so I was paying close attention and saw her.

      • Stacy says:

        Yeah, were right off the corner instead of directly behind the net (Instagram shows my seat view), and that was also kind of nice since it was easy to see down the whole length of the field.

        And HA! I did not know Terri was in the montage. I’ve seen other friends in a lot of the promo materials off and on since they’re part of the whole supporters group thing. But I hadn’t realized that! I guess I’ll just need to go back to another game. πŸ™‚

  3. Barb says:

    I think I got bit by more than a few mosquitos, but I don’t think I got any poison ivy.
    Interesting little park of single track right at the start, Red Eye & I didn’t realize there was white PAINT on some of the trees, not flour, so we rode I think all the trails both directions. It was humid after the rain in those woods.

  4. steve says:

    Friday was spent prepping the kitchen at the Ben Hilton. That evening we had dinner with an old high school friend of Debbies and his wife. They have 160 acres between Greenville and Lagrange. Nice spot.

    Saturday, tried to get parts for the tractor… no joy.

    Sunday spent painting at the BH.

    Now off to Pittsburg. Cue the Peter, Paul and Mary.


  5. Wow, if you are thinking about going for a walk outside after lunch, don’t. I just did and can attest that it is (getting) hot and feeling pretty humid too.

  6. Steve says:

    Terminal F? Seriously? If you had told me I was departing from the International terminal, I could have been dropped off here! Pretty, but it’s a long train ride to Hapeville! And I was Pre Check again!! Score. The TSA dweeb was “mumbling” and I asked him to speak up- he got offended. Not everybody hears well MF!

    • Oh you meant Pittsburgh as in Pennsylvania? I thought you meant Pittsburg the neighborhood south of Atlanta.

      Going to work with all of the miners Trump believes he is putting back to work? Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€š

    • Barb says:

      Why the hell would Pittsburgh be going out of F? Gotta wonder about our airport.
      I really liked checking in at the International Terminal, they look at you funny when you don’t have a passport, but then laugh when you say its less crowded over here.

      • Stacy says:

        HA! I thought he meant the Atlanta neighborhood at first too (until the Peter Paul & Mary tip). Yeah, they make no sense there sometimes. I remember having to leave out of E once for an Atlanta-Newark flight back when E was international. Like, whaaa? No sense.

  7. steve says:

    Wireshark conference. Geeks talking geek
    . You should understand.

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