That’s the best grade that I can give myself for this past weekend. And my poor attention to detail has dragged the weekend into Monday, but not in a good way.

The weekend started off fine meeting my friend Bill and his buddies for a few beers at their meeting place, BenchWarmers on Clairmont. Given that I had gotten into the office at 6:30am on Friday I had no problem leaving early enough to bypass some Friday afternoon traffic. The weekend started its downward slide when I chose to eat Chinese buffet for dinner (BAD Paulie. BAD!)

I awoke on Saturday morning feeling fine, but in no mood to trudge down to the basement to set up the bike trainer. Instead I made it as far as the den where I clicked on the television and watched professionals in action. Saturday from 8:00am to 5:00pm is a bit of a blur. I know that I did a few good things during that time frame that I will discuss briefly.

Last week I mentioned buying the ingredients for a vegetarian jambalaya (and the entire state of Louisiana rolls their eyes…). This concoction was for a Atlanta Urban Explorers dinner party for which I enrolled, the theme this month was “vegetarian”. Considering that I burned the fuck out of the bottom layer of rice, serious it was pitch black, I was fortunate to salvage most of the dish by scooping from above the burn. All things considered my jambalaya was good and appreciated, but I prefer the version with real meat. Because I knew there would be alcohol drinking, and that the party was not far from the ITP Estate, I bundled up my food and wine and took a Lyft — apparently I was the oddball for this too.

On Saturday I will be 52, once again catching up to ITP-Reader Barb whose birthday is today! One of the reasons I am woefully single is my inability to chit-chat, this is also why I am terrible at parties. You’d think that at this point in life I’d finally given up, though I may finally understand why my parents made so few friends after we moved to Florida. After feeling alone in a loft with fifteen others, I decided to stop trying and was the first to leave at 9:00pm. I’d have pulled an “Irish Exit” if not for the fact that I had to pack up my casserole dish, and pass right by the host prior to leaving.

Yesterday was a dark day, in which I had no desire to do anything or be around anyone. If not for the fact that I had a haircut appointment I may have never left the house. After my haircut I drove over to Taco Mac in Decatur. I haven’t been to this location since they renovated, and for my money I think the other configuration was better. I drank one beer and ate an entire platter of chicken nachos before pulling the plug on my interfacings with others, the very good waitress that served me in this case. The remainder of Sunday was spend in the ITP Estate, trying but failing to be productive.

There was some good this weekend. I have started working through some technologies that could help me the next time I have to interview for a job — whenever that may be.

ITP Flickr Pic

And Today?
You’ll notice in my weekend recap there was no exercise mentioned, because none happened. I decided that I need to stem the tide of ebbing fat by working out in the office workout room today. When I arrived at the office and pulled out my gymbag, that has been in the M6 since before my Germany trip, I discovered that I never reloaded it with workout clothes. DANGEN! My workouts will resume tomorrow.

And so you have it. If not for the work efforts this would have been a completely wasted weekend. Hope yours was better. Barb, hope your trail went well and that your birthday is fantastic.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Stacy says:

    We all have bad days like this. Good on you for just taking the time for yourself.

    Happy birthday, ITP-Reader Barb! 🙂

    And, huh. I really don’t have anything else to say. Not a lot of thrills going on here in Stacy world either.

    • I hate when I feel like I did this weekend but it’s all part of my personality. I wanted to “buck up” and go to Wheelhopper, I obviously like being around hashers, but I could never motivate myself to do so.

      • Barb says:

        and – it was plenty of hashers you actually would have known…….. a very laid back group. All sitting in chairs for circle.

  2. Steve says:

    Let’s see… I took advantage of Debbie blowing off the hound walk Saturday morning and brought her with me to help hang the repainted doors at the Ben Hilton. All but one passed muster (a hinge problem). And we were in and out pretty quickly. Yesterday, the first coat of paint on the door fronts for the remainder happened and I’d like to get them up and done in the next week.

    Saturday evening, after a poll of FB friends by another, looking for the best fish and chips, we drove to Pine Mountain (via Warm Springs due to a mis-calculation) to “The Oyster Bar” (original name?) where we had really good baked and fried oysters and a piece of fish as big as my forearm! All really good.

    Sunday started early with a crack of thunder at 0700 and after a quick check of the radar, we hopped up and brought the horses in before the bottom fell out- and it did.
    My plan to wheelhop was thwarted by a painful ankle and a still slightly spinning head. I don’t know why my ankle is sore but it takes a while to stretch it out and get it flexible. Growing old ain’t for sissies.

    A very happy birthday Barb! Maybe we can do lunch this week?


    • Good luck with recovery for both.

      I can do lunch this week, just not on Friday because I will be attending a going away lunch for the two mobile developers — one Android, one iOS — who resigned while I was on vacation.

  3. I just paid my quarterly auto insurance bill — Happy Future Birthday Present to me! Ouch.

    Yesterday I went to buy myself a “new” computer, a refurbished Mac Mini, that I intend to set up as a development and media server. I plan to use this to further my knowledge for future employment. However, by the time I convinced myself that I could afford to buy it, and that I would actually use it, Apple’s stock had disappeared. I’m sure that some will return later, I guess it’s good that I have to wait especially since I just turned over $410 to State Farm.

  4. Steve says:

    Stacy, where was the cemetery your were exploring? Is that Westview? The picture was great.

    • Stacy says:

      Thanks, Steve! Yes, that is Westview. 🙂 Which, incidentally, is really pretty hilly and so it ended up being a great workout too! My newest FB cover photo is a shot from stones left on the top of a Jewish headstone that I randomly came across too. Lots of lovely little finds in that cemetery.

      • Steve says:

        My good friends mom passed away and was buried there. It was a “good day” for a burial- foggy and drizzly. A friend brought her pipes and played off in the distance during the service. It was really something.

  5. Barb says:

    thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Lunch this week could happen, and, as long as it is in the City of Atlanta, Allan could join us. tomorrow or Wed would be the best.

    Wheelhopper went good, it never rained, at all, so all the extra effort to put marks where they wouldn’t be washed away, was for nothing. Trail was somewhere around 14 miles for the long, I don’t think anyone took the short. Wasn’t a huge crowd, but a good size one. Ended up at Tasty China after, thanks to some urging by Stan. (Lawn Cut Dong). While at dinner, got a call from Fresh Fish, she was wondering if her bike was still at my house. Stan & I watched Aw Burned Out put it in the rack. I guess it somehow disappeared on the drive home, we drove all around to see if had fallen off near our house, to no avail. It must have come loose on the interstate. I feel so bad for her (and Brint, who put it on the rack). John & Kat, and Stan & Zoltan looked for it on their way home too.

  6. Barb says:

    oh, and trying to donate my CRV has hit a snag, my title says Barbara Blank, and I wasn’t thinking, I had signed the title Barbara Grove. Now I need to go get a form notorized & send it & a copy of my marriage license. Duh………

  7. Barb says:

    one more Wheelhopper comment- the small park near Lockheed isn’t public land. We were very careful with our marks, but the security just wasn’t sure what to do about people actually using the little park. Allan had a nice chat with them, and they basically said ok, get out of here & don’t come back.

  8. Barb says:

    Allan says lunch Wednesday would be good. He is guessing he could met us 1135-1145? Willie’s? OK Café? Goldberg’s? What else is right there?

  9. Steve says:

    Wednesday it is!

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