Taking Care Of (Some) Business

If you are reading this early on Monday morning there is a good possibility that I am still sitting at Hennessy Mazda awaiting the completion of an oil change for the M6. Of course it is also possibile that I am sitting at the Waffle House across the road from Hennessy eating breakfast, or driving from Jonesboro to Midtown to go to work.

A week from Friday I will be driving up to Raleigh and want to ensure that the M6 is in tip-top shape. I also want to get the work done early enough to handle any unforeseen problems before it’s too late.

I forgot that I was going to attempt to replace the broken pull cord of my lawnmower this weekend. Dangen! Looking at my calendar it appears as if Wednesday evening after work will be the earliest time for me to make the attempt to repair this. I need to get this done soon, or find an alternate solution, before my lawn gets too high again.

Making Progress, Slow Progress
Yesterday I spent more time getting an app written in Swift up and running. I can’t tell you how important it is for me to get on the Swift bandwagon, unless of course all of my stocks go through the roof and I cash out and retire.

My goal is to have the app written, complete with unit tests, and being built and distributed via Jenkins and Fastlane by October. I know, you all hate the technical mumbo-jumbo, but it’s kinda necessary here.

When completed I can safely add all of this to my resume juuust in case I need to be distributing that again in the near future.

Bad Luck Charm?
Last night I took a break from my coding efforts to become a soccer watcher. On Friday I mentioned buying a Fox Soccer Match Pass to watch Bundesliga, but as an added bonus I can also watch some MLS games using the service. Last night the Atlanta United played some team in Kansas City, I’m not even sure which Kansas City, and I watched the game by AirPlaying video from my iPad to my Apple TV. Unfortunately Atlanta lost, making me 0-1 as a fan. I just found out that I gave up too early, and that Atlanta tied the game! Maybe Atlanta was able to score because I turned the game off? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Mystery Solved!
A few weeks ago I noticed that my left shoe had a few scratched lines on the top, near the toe; the right shoe has no such lines. I finally figured out what is causing these lines, apparently I don’t open the M6’s driver-side door wide enough, and when swinging my left foot into the car I am scraping it against the bottom of the door. Given the number of lines, as well as the fact that I am just noticing this, my leg movement may have been altered by my bicycle wreck in April. Elementary my dear ITP-Reader, elementary.

Hope your weekend was eventful.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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12 Responses to Taking Care Of (Some) Business

  1. Fattening Waffle House breakfast consumed. I am early for my 8:00am EDT appointment, now in Hennessy’s waiting room.

  2. Steve says:

    Such a good time in Cali. Good class taught by a friend from MN. Good interaction and some learning. As part of the class, watched the racing Friday night where several things we discussed in class happened! More class Saturday until lunch, which was Gen-u-ine Mexican (think Buford Highway on steroids). Back to the track for the evening session, with more great racing.

    Uneventful flight home, then dinner at Corner Tavern- Hapeville and a random hasher sighting of Hand Tossed and his GF (?). He’s living in Sylvain Hills and she lives in EP. I told him to tell his “dad” hello.

    We’ve decided to get my Mazda repaired and maybe it will become Debbie’s runabout and I’ll get something else after the Ben Hilton sells. Seems like a plan.


    • “GF” was an attractive, dark-skinned Indian woman? Not a hasher? If so, that’s an old-time friend of his, they were friends at Emory. News Flash: Hand Tossed is an Emory grad.

      Good Mexican in California? Will miracles never cease? 🙂

      I’m in the office of “XYZ Corp”. Oil change complete, everything else on the M6 checked out, at least according to Hennessy. Midtown construction is continue to frustrate me; it’s now caused the closure 12th between Piedmont and Juniper, my cuttrough street to get to the office. 🙁

  3. Steve says:

    Indeed. Quite lovely. Hand Tossed keeps his education well hidden, at least I would have never guessed that. 13th could also work and you could cut through the parking lot to get back to Cypress. Just sayin’.

    • 13th is one-way in the wrong way when I travel to work. I normally try to avoid the CF that is 14th in the morning. I guess that I’ll have to start turning on 10th, or “break the law” and ignore the no-through-traffic sign on 11th.

  4. Barb, I think that I do want to sell my InterAmericas Hash rego. Should I post something on the AtlantaHash site?

  5. Holy crap, Atlanta scored to tie the game yesterday? One game in and I am already a “fair weather” fan as I turned the game off with a couple of minutes remaining.

  6. I’m winning the comments game today! 🙂

    After having a large breakfast I decided I should be somewhat good at lunch. I just finished a sandwich, no chips, at Jimmy Johns. I am not a confident orderer at JJs and need to step up my game.

  7. Steve says:

    I don’t use those idiots because their delivery people give the rest of the cycling world a bad name. Rant off.

    • I’m not a fan of their delivery service, but I like their sandwiches more than Subway’s. If I didn’t want the walk I probably would’ve eaten food from the building’s cafe.

      One of the other reasons I didn’t want to eat a lot for lunch is that I am hoping to be hungry later when I am near Eats. I will be going to Home Depot on Ponce, which I forgot existed (!), after work.

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