Busting At The Seams

Today is another day to try and do better.

Weekend Was Okay
I failed miserably at being social on Friday afternoon, leaving the Trees Atlanta soirée after one beer and King of Pops, and being unable to muster the strength to talk to anyone. The positive spin on this night was that I returned home and cooked up a pot of my improvised jambalaya.

Saturday was a drunken mess. I saw a lot of friends at EAV Strut, heard of others who were there that I did not see, and hung out with some getting trashed. The positive spin on this day is that I did not lose my wallet, nor did I drive anywhere. I think I was passed out in bed by 8:00pm.

Yesterday was spend working on a coding tutorial before spending far too many hours watching football, both European and American. The positive spin on yesterday was that I cooked up in a crockpot some chicken with frozen vegetables and a bottle of some sort of red curry sauce I bought at Trader Joe’s; all of these were in my pantry/freezer so I used up things that I had already purchased.

Sleep Late, Start Late
I brought my dirty laundry with me this morning, but traffic was so bad that I decided to put off the task of washing it to either tonight or tomorrow.

I Need To Make Time To Exercise
I probably should have tried riding my trainer while watching sports yesterday. Huh, wish I had thought of that then. Maybe I can make time to do something, anything, in the name of losing weight by exercising.

Hope yours was a good one.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Busting At The Seams

  1. Barb says:

    my weekend was pretty busy.
    Allan worked a TV shoot Friday from 6pm-6am, so he slept Saturday while I went & met JoAnna & the pups for a hike.
    Went to Cirque de Soliel Sat. night, those people are quite talented gymnasts. The contortionist was disturbing, no one should be able to bend their body like that.
    Sunday Allan & I both went for a hike at Kennesaw (need to get a little training in before Interam), and watched some football.
    He then had to go to a private event at the Fox to be Fire Marshall – I guess they were doing something with smoke for their presentation.
    I started watching season 3 of American Crime on Netflix, weird, interesting series that each season has the same actors with totally different storylines.

    • I think that I have seen Cirque three times? Maybe just twice — once with ITP-Reader Steve and the Cheese Sisters, and once with Jeannie. Obviously, it’s been many years since I have.

      • Barb says:

        its way too expensive, our tickets were $90/each – I went with Allan’s mom & a friend, since he was being fire marshall there as well. But – it was fun show, but I certainly wouldn’t go every time they come to town.

  2. I forgot to mention that I found the perfect metaphor for my current life! It was the 0-0 soccer game between Werder Bremen and Freiburg that I watched on Saturday morning, a lot of running around with not much to show for the effort.

  3. ITP Lurker says:

    Self-improvement progress often proceeds at a glacial pace. Periodically there’ll be a lightning strike that will propel you forward, but mostly it’s just glacial. But glaciers are always moving forward. We’ll disregard the climate change that’s causing them to melt for purposes of this metaphor.

    You’re doing some good with with setting intentions. If you keep at it, you’ll get better at making the intentions become reality. The adage from your car’s rear view mirror comes to play here: “Objects are closer than they appear.” Your self-improvement goals are closer than they appear.

    At least you made it to the Trees Atlanta event. You were in the room for a minute. That’s a huge step. You can’t connect with others if you’re not the room. Next time maybe you’ll be able to set an intention to acknowledge someone’s presence by smiling or nodding. Not planning to say anything. A couple rounds of that makes it easier to bite the bullet and try saying something. Repeat exposure is the only way through here. Avoidance simply bolsters and prolongs the unwanted thought processes you’re trying to rewire.

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